Recent Speeches 43: It’s Time to Expand

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, affectionately known as True Mother, gave the main address at the Victory Celebration for the Japan Summit and Blessing Festival held at Nagoya Hilton Hotel, Nagoya, Japan on October 7, 2019.

This is a good morning. I want to congratulate you on the work you did over these past three days, which led to successful events.

Yesterday at the Blessing Ceremony, I declared that blessed families are the chosen people. What do I mean by “chosen people”? Through True Parents, God has given birth to many blessed families globally over the past sixty years. And thanks to True Parents’ victory in 2013, Foundation Day was the beginning of a new story, a whole new era. It has been seven years. It is Cheon Il Guk. Do you understand? God’s dream, humanity’s hope.

We yearn to live in attendance to God, both on earth and in heaven. However, due to the Fall of humanity’s ancestors, the past six thousand years have been years of bitter pain.

Considering the fundamental principles of creation determined by God, only when our human ancestors are victorious and become the true parents, can God’s dream come true. For over six thousand years, God has been enduring a difficult course to restore humanity. With a heavy heart, He waited anxiously for the day when human ancestors appeared who could console His heart and live for humanity. How difficult must it have been for God to endure a four-thousand-year period of indemnity to be able to send Jesus Christ, His Only Son?

A foundation is first

I am saying this: True Parents, the Messiahs, need to start from a national foundation. Since humanity did not accept this national foundation, they repeated their failure by not accomplishing their responsibilities. It took four thousand years to establish that national foundation and be able to bring forth God’s Only Son. Thus, God saw a thread of hope. But what ultimately happened? Jesus was forced to go the way of the cross, but he left with the promise that he would return. However, true parents no longer could be born among the people of Israel.

So God searched for another nation that would be able to fulfill the providence and give birth to God’s only begotten daughter. He found the people of the Han Dynasty, who already existed four hundred years before Christ. They were migrants who loved peace, hated war and were experts in astronomy. Thus, to avoid conflict, they moved south to the Korean Peninsula.

I also have said before that Japan, which is located very close to the Korean Peninsula, comes from the same race of people. Is it acceptable for siblings to quarrel in front of their parents? It is not acceptable, right? Therefore, blessed families and leaders from Japan, what can you do? The only solution is to give the Blessing to your people, so they may belong to the chosen people. A chosen people governed only by God and True Parents! Do you understand? This is the path to becoming eternal citizens of Cheon Il Guk.

You must fulfill your responsibilities. Being in blessed families and being chosen people who strive to fulfill God’s dream, should you expand the environment God created or should you reduce it? Our mission did not end with yesterday’s event. You will have to go forth and continue to teach others, creating prestigious families that can register in the Cheonbowon Genealogy Center. Do you understand? You will do this, won’t you?

Nagoya young people (Youth and Students for Peace): Thanks to all of you, I have strength. You are in the eye of the tornado. You can help Korea, Japan and the United States go forth, spreading God’s message to the world! With your help may we fulfill, without failure, God’s dream and humanity’s hope. May we establish the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth! With the same heart as mine, I hope that you will care for humanity as if each person was your patient and you their doctor, and make every effort to save those still on the path toward spiritual death. Through those people, more people can be saved. I hope that you will study well and work with pride.

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