Recent Speeches 33: You Will Advance by Uniting with True Mother

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, affectionately known as True Mother, spoke at the Family Church in Busan following the Heavenly Gyeongsang Subregion 3 rally “Special Assembly for the Victory of Vision 2020, July 25, 2019.

I am truly happy to meet you all. I have some good news. My autobiography will be published this November. A particular incident appears on the first page of that book. True Father once stated that God’s Only Begotten Daughter, the one who would become the True Mother, would appear from a family of three generations of Christians. In 1919, during the Independence Movement, my grandmother on my mother’s side, Grandmother Jo Won-mo, marched and shouted, “Mansei for Korea’s independence,” while carrying my mother, Hong Soon-ae, who is Dae-mo nim, on her back. I was born in 1943, and the country was liberated in 1945. At that time, Grandmother Jo Won-mo again marched and cheered for the independence of Korea, this time while carrying me, her granddaughter, on her back. Isn’t that remarkable? This is because ours was a family Heaven had prepared.

Christianity and God’s Only Begotten Daughter

Two thousand years ago, God sent His Only Son, Jesus Christ, to become the first victorious human ancestor and True Parent. However, neither Mary, who gave birth to him, nor Zechariah’s family nor Judaism recognized him. God finally had sent the long-awaited Messiah to the Israelites, whom He had worked so hard to guide and raise for 4,000 years, and yet those Israelites failed to recognize Jesus. What lessons should we take from this?

Though the Bible does not fully express it, several times during his thirty-three years of life Jesus brought up to his mother, Mary, the matter of his needing to get married. Mary did not fulfill her responsibilities. How could she have many children with Joseph and send them all off in marriage, yet not fulfill her responsibilities toward Jesus? Jesus lost the entire environment that God had prepared, and this left him with no way to advance. That is why he followed the path of the cross, by which he at least was able to open the way to spiritual salvation. And that is why, as he died on the cross, he promised to come again. He clearly taught that he would return to host the marriage supper of the Lamb.

In Christianity’s history, how was it that Mary came to be seen as the Holy Mother? It was the result of ignorance. The 2,000-year Christian history began in earnest after Jesus’ disciples were reborn through the Holy Spirit. It took some time for the Bible to come out, and this resulted in the many mistakes repeatedly made by Christianity. Protestantism, as well as communism, are some of the fruits born of such a history.

The Bible became available to the laity after it was translated from the original tongues into English in the 17th century. This gave rise to a religious freedom movement. A good representative of this movement is the United States of America. It was through the United States that God made preparations for the returning Messiah. The path Heaven took to find humanity, which had lost its way, was tremendously difficult. It was too painful. It was essential that God’s Only Begotten Daughter, the one who was to become the Messiah’s partner in marriage at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, be born on the foundation of the 2,000-year Christian providence. If God’s Only Begotten Daughter does not appear, then even if the Lord returns, he cannot advance to the position of the True Parents.

I was born in 1943, and Korea gained liberation in 1945. Back then, True Father was in South Korea. God, however, told True Father to go north. Do you know what that means? It meant that he had to have absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience. This was the process of firmly establishing the position of God’s Only Begotten Son.

God’s Only Begotten Daughter completes the Providence

Heaven had to give me a period of growth, a period to become mature. Back then, Korea was an environment that easily could have become communist. When Korea was liberated from Japan, our family stayed in the North, because we believed the Messiah would return in Pyongyang. We were members of a group that offered tremendous devotion, guided by the Holy Spirit and the truth. We were waiting for the returning Messiah and were well aware that he would return in the flesh and not on the clouds.

Many men were going to the South, because all men in the North had to join the North Korean People’s Army. Our family did not consider going to the South until we heard news from my uncle. He was studying pharmacology at a Japanese university. After Korea’s liberation, we thought he would return home. Instead, we received the news that he had joined the army in South Korea. Since we believed that the returning Messiah would return to Pyongyang, we were not even thinking of going south. However, upon hearing that my uncle, who was also the only son in the family, had entered the army in the South, all three in this family of women—my grandmother, Dae-mo nim, and I—made the journey southward, moving only at nighttime. Many dramatic incidents took place during the journey. Two years after I moved south, the Korean War broke out.

God’s Only Begotten Daughter, who can rise to the position of a True Parent and is to restore lost humanity, had been born after 6,000 years. Hence, she had to be protected. Heaven had to protect me until I became mature enough to speak according to my own will. Not many among you went through the Korean War. We experienced the miracle of having God with us amid those circumstances. Though I was young, I felt it was not right to make Heaven wait for much longer. I decided to take action, thinking, “I am the only one who can do it.” No person needed to educate me in that. The Bible says that Adam and Eve were able to speak with God, one on one. I did so too. No person taught me the Principle or educated me in any way. Even Father did not. I made those decisions.

The Divine Principle is not complete. The chapter on the Second Advent in its second part should include True Parents’ ideology. Don’t you think so? The Principle of Creation also must be made more accurate. The Bible says God conducted the Creation process for six days and rested on the seventh day. It also says that there was evening and there was morning, one day.

This, however, is not meant to explain the concept of time. As you all know, when a couple marry and conceive a child, the child is in the womb for a period of ten lunar months. The baby is born after those ten months. Likewise, God’s creation didn’t happen instantly based upon God’s verbal command. There was a process. And what’s more, life is not born from man alone. A man alone cannot give birth to life. That is why God created a man and a woman. However, the Bible doesn’t explain this clearly.

Following True Father’s Holy Ascension, I waited and waited before I declared in front of American pastors, “I am God’s Only Begotten Daughter.” The pastors all applauded upon hearing it, saying, “Why didn’t we know of something so reasonable and right?” Catholic priests aren’t brides of Christ. How can a man marry a man? God’s Only Begotten Daughter must emerge to stand before the returning Messiah. In other words, a woman must emerge. Sadly, women have been ignored. That is why the providence could not be completed. The completion of the providence begins from God’s Only Begotten Daughter.

May the Shin Gyeongsang nation advance

Before coming here today, you were able to offer devotions again at the Busan Holy Ground. It must now be revealed that here is where Father began his course and prepared to meet God’s Only Begotten Daughter. Did you know that, or not? In 1960, we emerged as the True Parents. The first thing we did after that was hold the Blessing ceremony. Heavenly Parent’s dream is for humanity to call Heavenly Parent our own parents and become beloved children who can enter His presence. The Fall blocked our path, and it is the True Parents alone who can reopen it.

It is embarrassing for us as the True Parents that the True Children do not understand how the True Parents came to emerge. God feels the same with respect to His creation. After Adam and Eve’s births, God gave them a period of growth. That was a period for education. If they had looked only to God and had absolutely united with Him and listened to His words alone, they would have matured and reached perfection in a position that was one with God. That place would have been one in which Heavenly Parent and True Parents are one.

Heavenly Parent, who had remained in spirit for such a long time, wanted to embrace and love His children as the true parents of this visible, physical world. However, that tremendous grace was lost through the Fall. And it is the True Parents who have restored that grace!

There are no second or third True Parents. There is only one couple, True Parents. Your second- and third-generation children also call us True Parents, True Mother. It is essential for longtime Unificationists to digest this well. True Parents were established for eternity.

Hence, do not be distracted, for if you become one with God’s Only Begotten Daughter, the True Mother, you will be victorious!

You have responsibilities as blessed children in front of True Parents, in front of Heavenly Parent. You must achieve national restoration. The heavenly Gyeongsang nation needs to move forward even faster. Will you do that? I put my trust in you. I love you.

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