Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 97

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 2: God’s Homeland and the Peace Kingdom
Speech 15: The Value and Significance of the Family Pledge, pg 329-333

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Completing the realm of liberation and complete freedom

The eighth verse reads, “Our family, the owner of Cheon Il Guk, pledges, having entered the Completed Testament Age, to achieve the ideal of God and human beings united in love through absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience, and to perfect the realm of liberation and complete freedom in the kingdom of God on earth and in heaven, by centering on true love.”

You have to make the royal family a reality in your family by becoming a couple where both of you are united in mind and body. This is God’s ideal for the creation, which is fulfilled in the Completed Testament Age. God’s kingship begins in the family where man and woman are united in true love. Originally, Adam’s family was to have been God’s royal family. From there, God’s kingship would have emerged in the tribe and expanded to the people and the nation. This kingship would have automatically continued on into the eternal spirit world. From its beginnings on earth, it would have connected with that kingdom for eternity.

The words “Completed Testament Age” refer to our having advanced into a new age. The Completed Testament Age is the time when the world will unite and create a peaceful world that begins with the family and progresses to the tribe, people, nation, world, and even to all of heaven and earth. It represents the whole; it is not confined to the family unit. We could only enter the Completed Testament Age once we had gone beyond the level of the world to embrace the whole cosmos. Through becoming new families that perfect the four great realms of heart and the three great kingships, we can go beyond the realm of the world and achieve the model required for the Completed Testament Age. When this happens, the world will become one unified world, the ideal heavenly kingdom of peace.

Ladies and gentlemen, the words “absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience” are essential for realizing God’s ideal of creation. Based on absolute faith, God began creating all things. He initiated creating for the sake of His object partners of absolute love. Absolute obedience means that there is no awareness of self. It is a state of absolute zero, complete nothingness. When God empties Himself and returns to nothingness, a natural circular motion begins. Having given everything out and with nothing more to give, everything will return to you. This principle—that everything returns to you after you invest completely—is the origin of interaction in the universe.

For this reason, do not insist on your own way. If you do, you will be giving yourself to the devil. Do not allow Satan to use anything that comes into you through your five physical senses. Use your eyes, nose, mouth, feet, and hands as if they were God’s. Live your life based on this standard of absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience. Then God will always have compassion for you and assist you. When you let go of yourself, God will be with you.

Ladies and gentlemen, when God created you as His absolute partners of love, He totally invested Himself. He created you because He needed you as His genuine object partners of love. As long as God did not have a substantial form, either in the physical world or in the spirit world, He was unable to relate to His children. That is why He needed to acquire a physical form. That form is that of perfected true parents.

God began His creation because He wanted beloved object partners on earth whom He could love. That is why God created human beings as His absolute object partners of love and granted us the ability to reproduce so that we might live for eternity through our descendants. This is the essence of God’s creation.

God is the root of love, life, and lineage and the root of the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven. Had Adam and Eve not fallen, God would have entered their hearts when they married and realized loving oneness with them. God would have become the vertical True Parent, and Adam and Eve would have become the horizontal True Parents. We would have been born with the flesh and blood of these two sets of parents. Our mind would have become the vertical self and our body the horizontal self, and that being, so we would have led lives based on one heart, one body, one outlook, and one harmony.

By perfecting the unity of our mind and body and achieving unity with God in love, we will become His sons and daughters. Once we are in this parent–child relationship, we will be God’s princes and princesses. In that parent–child relationship with God, we will inherit everything from Him. When we, His children, become husbands and wives and unite totally based on true love, we will become a family that lives in attendance to God. That family is the foundation for peace and the ideal. When a man and woman, each being one half, unite together, they become the base for fulfilling God’s ideal of love as His partners.

Men and women are beings of infinite value. When they perfect true love, God also perfects true love and completes the world of His ideal, where His eternal, ideal love dwells amid the creation.

In the relationship between God and Adam’s family, God was to be the first generation, in the position of the grandparent. Adam and Eve, in the position of parents, would be the second generation, and Adam’s children, their sons and daughters, would be the third generation. In the same way, when three generations are firmly secured in your family, your grandparents stand in the position of God in His kingdom. They also are in the positions of the king and queen of the original physical world and spiritual world. As parents, you stand in the position of the central king and queen representing the present kingdom of Heaven on earth. Your children represent the future; they are in the position of princes and princesses who will inherit the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven.

Adam’s family and clan were to live as the royal clan with God as its center. After their life on earth, its members were meant to go to heaven and live in the eternal world.

We will be able to fulfill this purpose. When we live on earth and attend our grandparents, representing heaven, as if they were God, attend our parents as the king and queen of the present world, and love our children as the future princes and princesses, we will dwell together with them after we go to heaven. In heaven all our desires, hopes, and happiness will be fulfilled.

The eighth verse of the Family Pledge shows us the way to live in the kingdom of heaven on earth. It is a path that is possible only through a life of absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience. At the time of creation, God totally invested Himself with absolute faith and absolute love based on the standard of absolute obedience.

Ladies and gentlemen, your conscience comes first, preceding your parents, your teachers, and even God. Many people do not realize its value because the body has been dominating the conscience. That is how it is in this fallen, hedonistic world, a world in which most people focus on experiencing physical pleasure and having fun. Those who depend solely on money will be lost. Those who live for pleasure end up in reckless love relationships that lead to ruin.

We lost the true love that was supposed to be created by the unity of God and human beings in absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience.

The first human beings were supposed to become perfect, having nothing to do with the Fall. They were supposed to create that realm of unity with God. Yet, they lost everything.

That is why we have to establish the realm where heaven and earth are in unity. We need to dissolve all the sorrow that we caused God for not having done so. Without releasing that pain and suffering, neither God nor human beings can be liberated. I have been resolving all of this, internally and externally. That is why I call this the perfection of restoration. It is the completion of restoration. I am proclaiming this now so that I can bring restoration to a conclusion in the right way.

The constitution of your family is the tradition of heaven

Beloved blessed family members! The question now is how you will guard the pure and true lineage that you have received from God. Even though the garden of Eden was an undefiled place, still, the Fall occurred there. How much more difficult it will be to protect the pure lineage in this evil and corrupt world of sin. So, the people born in this sinful world, no matter how much they suffer, have to take responsibility such that the children of future generations receive and maintain the marriage Blessing. It is their responsibility to create a pure and pristine environment that will never again be defiled.

Consequently, your families must not engage in old worldly habits. What is the best way to live for the future? It is essential to live an exemplary life for the sake of your descendants. It is also necessary to thoroughly educate them. Despite difficulties during the wilderness course, the people of Israel overcame the seven tribes of Canaan. In the same way, you have to gain victory in your own battles, no matter what hardships you have to endure. As parents, you must establish the way of Heaven, even if you have to die doing so. If you live for the sake of Heavenly Parent and the True Parents, your children will be blessed with heavenly fortune and will naturally come to inherit the heavenly tradition.

The people of Israel entered the land of Canaan and later perished. Why? It is because they eventually succumbed to the prevailing environment and adopted its habits and customs. The Israelites were tempted by the extravagant lifestyle of the Canaanites, who ate better food and enjoyed a more comfortable life than theirs. The Israelites ended up coveting power and began to place their priorities on wealth and knowledge. They even began to marry Gentiles, as long as they were from rich families. In this way, they betrayed the spirit of the chosen nation and ended up losing the heavenly tradition.

The lessons we learn from the Family Pledge come from universal, cosmic principles, not from any form of individualism. We must face the various hardships that befall us in our lives. We need to boldly break through our circumstances and gain victory. To do this, we need to strengthen our families with the tradition of the Family Pledge.

It is not a task just for your family for a single generation. You have to establish a firm and solid heavenly tradition over at least three generations. Your mission is that of establishing a lineage that secures the tradition of the chosen people from generation to generation.

You have to broaden your base of true love and unite the hearts of all peoples. Light a candle, offer incense, and pray to become a family that will unite the hearts of all peoples. Live and die to create a bond of true love with all peoples and with heaven and earth. If you live this way, God will protect your family through all ordeals and tribulations. It is God’s desire to plant His seeds of love in such families.

Ladies and gentlemen, you have to establish the victorious tradition of a true and good family based on the Family Pledge. The life that you lead in this revolutionary Era after the Coming of Heaven must be one of a victor.

The bright light from the Pacific Rim era is illuminating your path. God, the source of true life, true love, and true lineage, is with you, whether you are in the homeland of the Korean peninsula or anywhere else in the world. True Parents, to whom God has given the Blessing of eternal value, are guiding you on your path. Be assured that there is nothing you cannot accomplish on the path ahead.

May God’s blessings be with you and your family for eternity.

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