Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 93

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 2: God’s Homeland and the Peace Kingdom
Speech 14: Establishing the Kingship of Original True Love from the Self to the Cosmic Level, pg 314-317

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Establishing the Kingship of Original True Love from the Self to the Cosmic Level

May 1, 2005
Cheong Hae Garden, Yeosu, Korea
Fifty-first Anniversary of the Founding of HSA-UWC

Respected leaders of the Mongolian Peoples Federation for World Peace who have come from around the world, distinguished guests from Korea and abroad, beloved leaders, and blessed Unificationist families:

On this significant day fifty-one years ago, May 1, 1954, I founded the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity (HSA-UWC) here in Korea. Korea had been ravaged by three years of war. At that time, the vast dream of the Holy Spirit Association, to unify global Christianity and restore humankind’s relationship with God, by bringing all the religions and ideologies of the world into unity, seemed almost impossible.

I was only sixteen years old when I received Heaven’s call to take up this work. The people of the world misunderstood me and gave me cold stares, yet I could not pay them any attention. My entire life’s work has been dedicated to fulfilling God’s providence in accordance with Heaven’s mandate. Distinguished guests, human history began on the wrong foot, starting with Satan’s treacherous betrayal. God, the True Parent of all human beings, created Adam and Eve as our first ancestors. He wanted them to grow and mature to become His true son and daughter through their taking personal responsibility. Nevertheless, Satan induced Adam and Eve to commit the Fall. In so doing, Satan completely destroyed true love, which is God’s most precious and noble gift to humanity. The Fall was caused when Satan ensnared our first ancestors by an act of immoral love. It was the world’s first and greatest tragedy.

Please pay attention to the decadence that is raging throughout the world like wildfire. Satan is the king and god of immorality. This fact is recorded in the Bible. The people of the world became slaves to Satan. As a result, they lost their sense of direction and have been struggling throughout the six thousand years of history. Now the poison of free sex has infiltrated even into your own living rooms in the form of wife swapping. For that matter, what shall Heaven do with the countless young people who reject their sacred right and duty to give birth to children, or who practice homosexuality, or pursue lives of extreme individualism? These actions are destroying the family, the highest and noblest institution, which was given by God. When a grandfather and granddaughter or a father and daughter commit incest, how can there be any atonement for that despicable crime?

Today let us take an honest look at ourselves. Let us recommit to the noble duty of establishing true families, by which we can preserve and fulfill true love, true life, and true lineage as given by God. The six billion people on earth have been degraded to their lowest point; let us advance the movement for restoring their status.

Of first importance is to educate the younger generation to know and practice Heaven’s Will. Our young people have to deal with a culture of extreme individualism, a culture lost in a swamp of free sex and homosexuality. For this reason, we have to teach them thoroughly about pure love, pure lineage, and a lifestyle of purity.

Dear guests, if we lose the younger generation, there is no way to guarantee the future of humankind. And yet, we cannot carry out an educational movement of this kind by human teachings and human efforts alone. If we consider history, we can see that Heaven, in the background, has been guiding humanity to this day. God experienced unfathomable grief and lamentation when He lost His first son and daughter, Adam and Eve; nevertheless, despite His grief, He has pursued a course to save them. God raised central figures of His providence, only to watch as they made mistake after mistake and betrayed Him again and again. Yet, God has not given up on humanity and has continued to advance the work of restoration.

God guided the history of separation from evil, beginning by separating Abel from Cain in Adam’s family. Now, on the worldwide level, God is advancing the restoration of His lineage by bringing together and uniting the Cain-type realm, which represents the relatively evil side, and the Abel-type realm, which represents the relatively good side, heaven.

A few days ago, I officially announced the “Finding the Original Root Movement.” It seeks to establish the true love, true life, and true lineage of Heaven, because therein lies the fundamental root of the human race. For tens of thousands of years, human beings have lived as false olive trees. The True Parents came as the true olive tree. Now the human race can be engrafted through the marriage Blessing to the True Parents and be engrafted with the root of the true olive tree. This is a revolution at the providential level.

In this context, I have designated the more than seventy percent of the world’s population that has the Mongolian birthmark to represent the Cain-type realm and designated the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace to represent the Abel-type realm. I am having them explore the path to reconciliation and unification. This will constitute a movement to create a new heaven and new earth. Through the Blessing given by True Parents, humanity will be re-created as a realm of kinship consisting of families bearing the Mongolian birthmark and sharing the blessed lineage.

Dear guests, more than half a century has passed since I first put up the sign of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity. It was at the time when I first appeared on the earth as the substantial True Parent, having previously received Heaven’s seal of approval. I have worked for the sake of fulfilling God’s Will ever since, and only He knows how much blood, sweat, and tears I have shed.

Now, a new heaven and a new earth are emerging. The kingship of peace, centered on God, is starting. In this era, even Satan, who had reigned since the beginning of history as the king of betrayal and falsehood, has surrendered to Heaven. We have entered a realm of restorative grace.

Peace does not come about where there is conflict. Reconciliation and forgiveness are the prerequisites of peace and an ideal world. What we must do now, in order to find unity, is break down all walls and even abolish national borders. You need to remove the condition of conflict that divides your mind and body. The moral training of Confucianism and Buddhism can be a resource for this task. This means achieving the original state in which the body completely submits to the mind, and you are freed from pangs of conscience. We need to end the conflicts in every field, the remnants of Satan’s work, beginning at the level of the individual and extending to the levels of the family, society, race, nation, and religion. You are called to establish Cheon Il Guk, the peace kingdom on earth and in heaven, which is the ideal God envisioned at the time of creation.

A year ago today, in this very place, I declared to heaven and earth that the Era before the Coming of Heaven had passed and the Era after the Coming of Heaven had arrived. Today, one year after that declaration, the world is going through many rapid changes. Countless leaders throughout the world are stepping forward in response to my call for a peace movement based on true love.

The core of this true love movement is comprised of middle-school-age, high-school-age, and college-age representatives of our second generation. It is spreading throughout the world under the banner of lasting love. Satan, the evil power, has surrendered, so there is no one who can stop this pure love movement. Hundreds of billions of our ancestors in the spirit world have been mobilized to help us. It is only a matter of time before the eternal peace kingdom is built on earth. You all need to have hope and march forward with full force.

The more effort you make, the sooner that day will come. Jesus said, “For whoever would save his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.” (Matt. 16:25) You need to invest all of your effort to expand the realm of families having the blessed lineage, families who are in a direct lineal relationship with God.

With solid resolve, let us race forward for another half-century toward the higher ground of peace. Heaven will protect you all. You will be victorious! Today I am giving each of you Heaven’s noble mandate. From now on, wherever you go, whatever you do, please remember that you are one true family, united around the central axis of God and True Parents. Please remember that Heaven will work through your conscience and that you can mobilize your good ancestors by living an altruistic life of true love.

May God’s blessings be eternally with you and the true families you will create anew.

Thank you very much.

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