Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 79

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 2: God’s Homeland and the Peace Kingdom
Speech 9: Fifty Years on the Providential Path to Realize God’s Homeland and the Peace Kingdom, pg 268-271

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In the past century, many people placed their hopes on utopian movements under the banners of communism and equality. The communist movement created a stir and shook the world. However, in reality, the only thing people in the communist sphere experienced was inequality and exploitation, misfortune and fear. That movement ended in failure. 

At the same time, others built a system that placed democracy and freedom as the highest values and ideals. It was based on a dream, but what was the result? This system spurred individualistic, self-centered desire for pleasure and brought about decadence and corruption, imbalance and disorder. The future of democracy is also unclear.

Some have called for the construction of the ideal world through secular humanism. Others have promoted the North Korean Juche ideology, which dehumanizes people and drives them to become like animals.

There are also those calling for globalization, however those who promote it often have a self-centered perspective. All these have failed to establish the absolute, vertical values that God desires. Hence, people now struggle horizontally, beset by confusion and conflict among relative values.

Overall, humanity has been following the path of self-destruction, far removed from the path of one global family in which genuine happiness is possible. All these are a direct result of people having estranged themselves from God, the True Parent, throughout their long history. The most urgent task for people in the present age, who wander about unable to escape unhappiness and suffering, is to seek out and come to know God, to understand original sin and to know the spirit world. An individual alone cannot achieve the ideal of happiness. It is possible only when he or she establishes the proper relationship within the family, tribe, people, nation, world, and cosmos, and with God. It is the ideal of God’s true love  that can bring about the perfection of all these things.

The future world in the new age will not be a world based on humanistic thought. It will be a world based on “Godism,” the teaching of our Heavenly Parent, in which we attend God as King. Thus, the age of “True Parentism” is dawning—the age of true love. The age of nationalism has passed. Even a superpower nation cannot exist on its own. The age of unilateralism has also passed. A new age is dawning, when conflict will disappear and we will live together harmoniously, beyond nation, religion and race.

The core of this coming world will be true love; in other words, investing for the sake of others. Those nations that go against this heavenly law and persist in self-centered policies with the aim of enriching their own selves will gradually lose influence and perish in the end. In the future, religions will be the first to take down their banners, ahead of the political realm and secular worlds, and take the lead in practicing true love and compassion. All religions need to reconcile and cooperate on an interreligious level to promote the reconciliation and unity of nations and races. They need to have the heart of God and be examples in practicing true love.

I created the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification and promoted the true family movement worldwide while unsparingly investing all my resources and human power to prevent war and to realize a world of peace.

The Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace was inaugurated in February 1999 as an integrated organization, and through this organization I expanded my endeavors for reconciliation between the faiths. These endeavors have spanned many years. Leaders in different fields, such as politics, economics, education, the arts and nongovernmental organizations, have participated in this effort. More than fifty thousand ambassadors for peace have been appointed in 191 nations of the world. I am promoting a movement for the revival of the United Nations, so that the UN can become an organization that is truly dedicated to world peace.

In October 2003, I founded the Interreligious and International Peace Council, the Peace UN, and expanded its activities as the central organization for the realization of world peace. Not only that, in accordance with heavenly fortune and on the victorious foundation of devotions offered in the heavenly and earthly worlds, I offered God His kingship in January 2001. It was a historic event, liberating God as the eternal King, and the King of all kings. Based on this, God’s sovereignty of goodness substantially expanded its territory to all corners of the world.

Fifty years have passed since the launch of the Unification movement as an official organization. The first stage of the Unification movement was a period when it was active mainly in the religious sphere, dealing with individual salvation. The next stage was the movement to find and establish true families, the basic unit of heaven. The movement will continue on to work for the restoration of clans, and to have an impact in local communities, until all people on earth and in heaven receive the Blessing.

The third stage of the movement, to build the ideal world of peace, has already begun in earnest. During the past year alone, I devoted my efforts to lead sixteen initiatives, large and small, for peace in the Middle East.

The entire world is scrutinizing my activities, including the movement for peace and unity between North and South Korea, the UN revival movement or new Peace UN movement, and the peace movement of the fifty thousand ambassadors for peace worldwide.

Distinguished leaders from all walks of life, the current era is a period of great transition in history. We will experience remarkable changes during this century. In particular, there will be a great awakening in the following three fields: First, although the modern trend is exceedingly materialistic, humanistic and atheistic, there will be a surge of interest in and awareness of spiritual phenomena. This will enable us to experience remarkable works from the spirit world that will change the course of history.

Second, along with these spiritual experiences, humanity will gradually come to realize the divine value and social significance of the family as the basic school of true love. This realization will arise out of the painful experiences of family breakdown and the abnormal transformation of the family throughout the world during recent decades.

Third, on the foundation of the development of our spirituality, the hope and corresponding efforts for peace will increase markedly. Human relationships will not be limited by national, racial or religious boundaries. A remarkable change will come, whereby all people will live for the sake of each other and feel that they are all brothers, sisters and neighbors living together.

These are all the providential works of the living God. God is developing people’s spirituality and on this foundation is establishing families of true love. On the basis of these families, God is working to create an ideal world of genuine and everlasting peace.

The time has truly come for us to build the ideal world that people long for in their original minds. The time has come for us to build God’s homeland and the peace kingdom, where we can attend God, who is the basis of true love and the king of absolute values. In this time of tremendous heavenly fortune, I sincerely ask that you become builders of the peace kingdom in accordance with the ways of Heaven.

I pray that God’s blessing will be upon you, your families and your nations.

Thank you.

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