Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 71

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 2: God’s Homeland and the Peace Kingdom
Speech 6: God’s True Love and Restoring His Relationship with Heaven, Earth and Humankind, pg 244-247

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God’s Will is the completion of the ideal of creation

The ultimate purpose of religion is to recover the original Parent and the original homeland. The word “religion” does not have humankind as its prime object. Rather religion is the teaching in which God, the Parent, is established as the center. Then there is a certain course through which we establish a relationship with God and mature in a life of following God. Holy men and women have to support the Will of Heaven and proclaim what Heaven has preordained.

True religion has to teach people about God. True religion must not espouse vague ideas about God; it has to be able to give a clear picture of God so people can understand Him. Any religion that compromises the relationship between God and humankind cannot be called a high-level religion. Such a religion ultimately will decline.

True religion has to teach people how to know God clearly, how to become one with God, and how to build the original world of creation. The purpose of religion is to bring about a world without sin, the ideal world where we make original relationships with God.

God is not seeking a religious world. He is seeking His ideal world of creation. The purpose of religion is not for religion itself; but it is rather to realize the world of God’s ideal. So we have to think about the original purpose and ideal of creation. God created the world, so it is necessary to explain His ideal of creation.

What do you think God’s Will is? It is to complete His ideal of creation. What do you think God wanted to achieve through creating our first ancestors, Adam and Eve, in the garden of Eden? God, who is the essence of love, created human beings because He needed a partner of love.

We were created as the true sons and daughters of God so that He could realize His ideal of true love through us. The original pair was created to grow into a true man and true woman, become husband and wife, create an ideal family, and then build an ideal nation and world. To repeat, centering on the true love of God, they had to perfect the ideal family and expand it to build the ideal world. However, our human ancestors fell, and this destroyed God’s ideal of creation at that time.

Accordingly, the purpose of religion is to find a true person, a true family and a true nation, and build a true world where all people can live together in peace. This is the purpose of God’s providence for this world.

Religion is seeking a world of goodness. However, a world of goodness cannot be realized without first establishing a country of goodness. And for a country of goodness to appear there must first be a good society, and before there can be a good society there must first be a good tribe, and before there can be a good tribe there must first be a good family. And before there can be a good family there must first be a good man and a good woman.

After the Fall of Adam, there ensued the four-thousand-year history of Israel. What was its purpose? Regardless of the world’s external developments, internally the sole purpose of this time period was to find one true Adam and one true Eve. God’s deepest grief and resentment was that due to the Fall, there was not one son or daughter who could inherit life and blood lineage centering on His love.

Owner of love, life and lineage

The Savior whom God sent to this world is the person whom God made to be the owner of true love, true life and true lineage. According to different points of view, this person has been called the Savior, the Messiah, or the Lord. He comes as the Savior to rescue all people in this world from poverty, suffering, war and evil, and, centering on the Absolute Being, pursues God’s Will for salvation. He is the mediator who will connect all religious people to God’s way of life. He came to the First Israel as the Messiah. Now, he comes to the Second Israel as the Lord of the Second Advent to complete God’s providence of restoration. The terms Savior, Messiah and Lord of the Second Advent have all been used centering on the course of salvation and restoration.

Fallen men and women are born and live in conflict and sin because of their connection to the false parents, the false ancestors. To restore them to the position they were in before the Fall does not mean that everything is accomplished. The Will of God, the original hope of humankind, is for each human being to become the ideal person of God’s originally intended world of creation, and to complete the ideal world of creation. This means that after a man and woman achieve God’s ideal as individuals, they will then become a husband and wife of true love and then true parents.

In order for this to happen, God absolutely needs the True Parents as the source of His true love, true life and true lineage. So in order to complete God’s providence of salvation, it is not enough for one man to appear as the Savior, the Messiah, or the Lord of the Second Advent. The True Parents have to appear as husband and wife, who resemble God completely and who have completely realized His true love. In the same way that God first created Adam and took a rib from him to make his eternal partner, Eve, God’s son must first appear as the restored Adam, and then restore Eve. Then after recreating her, he has to realize the ideal of true love with her, so that they perfect together the role of True Parents. True Parents established the connection of humankind’s true love and true life to the Source. They are the model and ideal of all true husbands and wives and all true parents.

Humankind’s sin and suffering originated from the false love of fallen ancestors, who themselves were born as the fruit of the first false parents and false ancestors. Therefore, people can only be liberated from their connection to the Fall and complete the ideal after the coming of the True Parents. People have sought eagerly for the original ideal of humankind through religion.

That ideal is the True Parents, who come to fulfill God’s ideal of love.

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