Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 66

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 2: God’s Homeland and the Peace Kingdom
Speech 4: The Cosmos Is Our Hometown and Our Homeland, pg 231-233

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The returning Lord comes as the True Parent

During the course of God’s providence of restoration, Jesus was the only one born with true life directly connected to God’s true lineage. Accordingly, no one among fallen humanity has ever entered God’s realm of direct dominion, either on earth or in the spirit world. That is why God has been alone, leading a lonely and sorrowful existence. Hence, the world became a place where people and all of nature are sad.

God has been searching for one person whom He could trust, one man who could purify the fallen lineage of humanity and transform it into true life. That man is the Messiah. He inherits God’s true love and brings liberation to all humankind. The Old Testament Age after Adam’s fall is the history of the people chosen to receive the Messiah. God’s Will was for Jesus to come as the Messiah to the chosen people of Israel, for all people to be grafted on to Jesus’ family, and for this family to expand to encompass the world. However, due to the disbelief of his contemporaries, Jesus died on the cross, leaving this process as an ideal to be accomplished at the time of the Second Advent.

The returning Lord stands in the position of the True Parent of humankind and recovers the position of one who embodies God’s true love. When he fulfills the position of the Parents of Heaven and Earth, this will bring God’s providence of salvation for all humankind to completion. The Messiah begins by forming a family that attends God more gloriously and with greater filial piety than the family that Adam and Eve would have formed had they not fallen. The Messiah is the head of the family that represents the core of the ideal for a new humanity that begins by linking to the lineage of true love through the life of true love. The Messiah connects blessed families to the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven so as to expand and complete the kingdom on earth and in heaven.

Therefore, as the True Parents of all humankind, the coming Messiah must renounce the love of the fallen satanic world and fallen human ways.

The Messiah must establish the path and tradition of a perfected man and woman, perfected family, clan, people, nation, world, and cosmos linked to God’s true love. All humankind must receive the new Blessing through the love of the True Parents and inherit a family with a new lineage. There is no way to do this except by true love. This is how the hellish world of Satan’s dominion can be supplanted and overcome.

All humankind has to go through the following eight-stage process of restoration and recover their positions as God’s sons and daughters. Everyone will restore eight stages: the periods of gestation, infancy, siblings, fiancé and fiancée, husband and wife, parents, grandparents, and finally king and queen. We need to understand that we were born with the ultimate purpose to become princes and princesses who inherit everything in the kingdom of heaven.

Becoming completely reborn

Ladies and gentlemen, it was originally intended that each man would meet a woman as his wife and become a king, and that each woman would meet a man as her husband and become a queen. As a prince and princess of heaven, they would inherit everything in heaven. To restore the kingdom of heaven, every person must start at the bottom of hell, and work his or her way up through an eight-stage indemnity process until unity is established at every stage. This is possible only through the Blessing of the True Parents, who come as the Messiah. Therefore, blessed couples have to become “plus couples” who contribute for the sake of others in the world. To become completely reborn, we need to practice absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience centering on God. I have personally practiced this throughout my life. When God created the universe, He acted with absolute faith. God created us to be His absolute partners of love. Absolute obedience means that we invest ourselves completely to the extent that we give up all self-centeredness.

Furthermore, we totally forget about the investment we make and invest all over again. We continue this process until we reach the zero point, having no concept of self. Since God poured out all of His faith, what is left is zero; since God poured out all of His love, what is left is zero; since God poured out all of His obedience, what is left is zero. Nevertheless, Heaven’s true love is such that the more it is invested the more it grows. We must come to resemble God in this way.

Even if our love is rejected, we must continue to love more; even if we invest everything that we have, we have to continue to invest until we can make our enemy voluntarily surrender. Our Heavenly Father walked such a path, and the Parents of Heaven and Earth walked such a path.

The person who invests love continuously without expecting a direct return becomes a central person, who can inherit everything. He or she becomes the person of greatest filial piety. In a family of ten people, including a grandmother and grandfather, the one who lives for the sake of others the most will become the central person. The same principle applies with respect to patriots in the nation and to saints in the world. The more one invests without expecting a direct return, the higher one can rise as a patriot, a saint, and a divine son or daughter of God.

Since the beginning of human history, God has lived more for the sake of others and invested Himself more than any being. God has continuously invested without expecting a direct return, and God will continue to do so for eternity. God is the King and Ancestor of all those who live for the sake of others.

The reason the Unification Church could become a worldwide religious group in such a short time is that its members have worked hard according to this principle. When I reflect upon my life totally committed for the sake of humankind, I can testify that it truly has been the focus of opposition from billions of evil satanic forces in both the invisible and visible worlds, as well as from numerous religious leaders and many governments. Yet because I lived for their sake, I eventually came to stand at the center.

I lived for those who opposed me due to their inability to understand the truth, and I invested myself for their children. I lived for the sake of governments that persecuted me. In time, they came to respect me. From this, we can learn God’s strategy, in contrast to that of Satan. God’s strategy is to take the blow and initial loss, then regain everything in the end. Satan often is the first to strike, however, he loses in the end.

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