Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 59

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 2: God’s Homeland and the Peace Kingdom
Speech 3: In Search of the Origin of the Universe, pg 211-214

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In Search of the Origin of the Universe

September 15, 1996
Olympic Fencing Gymnasium, Seoul, Korea Establishing the Family Federation for World Peace Speaking tour in 185 Nations 
(Given on True Father’s behalf)

With the end of the Cold War, new hope for peace and justice has spread rapidly across the globe. Leaders unable or unwilling to acknowledge the new international realities are being swept away by the tidal wave of change. As we stand at the threshold of the new millennium, I believe it is time to review our traditional patterns of thinking and boldly seize these new opportunities. Thus, it is my great honor to share with you my lifelong advocacy for world peace and true family values.

God is the origin of the universe and love

In this world there are two kinds of human beings: men and women. Can they decide to exchange positions? Was your birth as male or female based on your personal desire? Or were you born that way irrespective of your personal preference? The sex that we are born with is an absolute and is not a matter of choice. We did not plan it or choose it, yet we were born of a specific gender without knowing the cause or process.

Thus, it is undeniable that no matter how great a person may be, he or she is not a causal being but a resultant being. Therefore, the first causal being must exist. Who is that causal being? Is it male? Is it female? You can call that first causal being God or by any other name. However that causal being has to exist. Some of the most famous people in the world are gathered here today. You might say, “Where is God? Show me, and then I will believe.” However I counsel you not to deny the existence of that causal being.

The topic of today’s speech is, “In Search of the Origin of the Universe.” If we go deeper and deeper in our search for the origin of the universe, we arrive at God. We come to know that God possesses the dual characteristics of masculinity and femininity. How did the universe begin?

Let us set aside our discussion of God for the moment and consider humankind. It is clear that humankind is composed of men and women, who relate as subject and object partners. In the mineral kingdom, atoms and molecules are composed of positively charged atomic nuclei and negatively charged electrons. Flowering plants reproduce through the union of male and female reproductive cells produced in the stamen and pistil. Animals exist as male and female, and human beings, as men and women. When we examine created beings, whether in the mineral kingdom, plant kingdom, or animal kingdom, we observe that beings with plus and minus characteristics on the higher level exist and develop by incorporating beings with plus and minus characteristics from lower levels. Why does this phenomenon take place? It is because the existing world is responsible for perfecting human beings, who are meant to be rulers of all creation.

In the mineral kingdom, plus and minus characteristics, functioning as subject and object partners, unite guided by the ideal of love, thereby enabling inanimate matter to exist. Likewise, in the plant kingdom, stamen and pistil generate reproductive cells that function as subject and object partners. When they unite guided by the ideal of love, a seed for a new plant comes into existence. Current research in microbiology shows that even bacteria exist with plus and minus traits.

How do beings with plus and minus characteristics unite as subject and object partners? By kissing? Love is not a concept. It is a substantial reality. Where can love actually settle? Gathered here today are famous presidents and distinguished guests, but there is something that all of you need to bear in mind. You need to be aware of what characterizes a man as a man and a woman as a woman. The answer is, the sexual organs. Does anyone here dislike their sexual organs? If you like them, to what extent do you like them? Until now you may have thought that it is not virtuous to appreciate the sexual organs, but from now on you need to appreciate their value.

The unchanging laws of the universe

What will the world be like in the future? If it is a world that absolutely respects the value of the sexual organs, will that world be good or bad? Will it prosper or perish? This is not a joke. When God was creating human beings, into which part of the body did He invest the greatest creative effort? Was it the eyes, the nose, the heart, the brain? All these organs eventually perish, do they not?

What is the purpose of the Family Federation for World Peace? If all people were to look beyond the traditional categories of what is virtuous, religious or normative by human standards, and absolutely respected the value of the sexual organs, they would earn God’s warm applause. Then, what kind of world would it be? When we are born as male or female, who is the owner of our sexual organ? Actually, the owner of a husband’s sexual organ is his wife, and the owner of a wife’s sexual organ is her husband. We did not know that each person’s sexual organ is owned by a person of the opposite sex. This is a simple truth that we cannot deny. Even after history has progressed for thousands of years, this truth will not change.

Every man thinks his sexual organ belongs to himself, and every woman thinks her sexual organ is her own. That is why the world is perishing. Everyone is mistaken concerning the ownership of their sexual organ. We all think that love is absolute, eternal, and dreamlike, but when we come to understand clearly that the ownership of eternal love lies with the opposite sex, the world will not remain in its present condition. There are numerous scholars and people with Ph.D. degrees, yet not one of them has thought about this.

Can any of you deny this point? If you ask your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, the first ancestors, and even God, who is the origin of the universe, they will all agree with this. It is a universal law. This truth will remain no matter how many billions of years the universe exists. The natural conclusion is that when you stand before God, He will judge you as righteous or unrighteous according to this immutable law.

Even the Fall of Adam and Eve originated with the violation of this law. Both Adam and Eve erred by thinking that their sexual organ was their own possession. Think about it. Would God chase Adam and Eve away because they ate a literal fruit? God is not such an irrational being. God chased them out because they did not meet the most basic criterion by which the universe operates. Owing to their mistake regarding the original point of love, they could not be acknowledged anywhere in the universe. In the mineral kingdom, plant kingdom and animal kingdom, the positive and negative traits, or the male and female sexual organs, are reserved for the sake of the complementary partner of love. Adam and Eve were unaware of this. Then why do the sexual organs exist? They exist for the sake of love. Male and female exist in order to find love.

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