Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 50

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 1: The Principles of True Peace
Speech 14: God and a United World of Peace, Pg 178-180

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Substantial ways of realizing a peaceful world

Respected leaders, peace is not something that is realized only in the external world. It is realized initially within each individual. First of all, it requires individuals to achieve harmonious unity within themselves. As a result of the Fall, conflict arose between our mind and body. To control us, Satan uses our body as his stronghold. He has turned us away from our original nature and spiritual nature and toward the attempts to satisfy our selfish and individualistic desires. The only path to escape from Satan’s dominion lies within God’s lineage of true love.

If you live unselfishly for the sake of others and work for the sake of others, Satan will not be able to follow you. This is because Satan is essentially selfish. This is why fallen human beings can transform their character and recover their spiritual nature through the practice of God’s true love. Our faith cannot be in a conceptual God; we need a true faith that connects us to the living God.

Because God originally created us as the object partners of His true love, we can practice this true love naturally. Values such as truth, goodness, and beauty appear in the practice of true love. People whose minds and bodies have united based on God’s true love are individual embodiments of truth, happiness, and tranquility, satisfaction, and peace. Such people become subject partners of character; they serve as prerequisites for a world of peace.

Second, no institutions of power, materials, or knowledge, nor any other external factors, will bring about a world of peace. Only true love, involving living for the sake of others, will accomplish it. True peace, unity, and happiness cannot be found apart from a loving relationship of living for the sake of others. This is the basic principle of God’s creation. Unconditional giving, investing, and living for the sake of an object partner is both the cause and purpose of God’s creation.

God created us in His image as beings whose purpose is to live for the sake of others. It is only by living for the sake of others that we become central beings, subject partners of peace and unity, and the eternal owners of love and ideals. Only through a life of true love, or living for the sake of others, can we find the path to meet God, our absolute True Parent, True Teacher, and True Owner, receive His inheritance, and then ourselves become true parents, true teachers, and true owners. On the path of true love, different parties overcome conflict and division naturally. True love harmonizes and unites us with one another and our environment. This is not conquest through struggle. Instead, it is a path of natural subjugation leading to eternal unity.

Third, the basic unit of the world of peace is not the nation; it is the peaceful family. The basic unit is the family formed by a man and a woman who have the character to attend God, a man and woman who have each accomplished harmonious mind-body unity and are joined by God through His holy marriage Blessing. These are the first blessed families in history, established through the True Parents. These are peaceful and happy families. True love joins its members in harmonious unity. When these families multiply, they will bring about a world of peaceful tribes, peoples, and nations.

In God’s original ideal, humankind is one family under one God, and the cosmos is one family, with true love in the central position. The place where the problems of the family can be resolved, with True Parents at the center, is the foundation for the world of peace. In the ideal world of blessed families based on true love, there can be no barriers of nationality, race, or religion.

Respected leaders, we have to find God and cast away our ignorance concerning our spiritual True Parent. Living within the eternal and profound order of this universe, which manifests His omniscience and omnipotence, we shall never again make the mistake of being ungrateful to our Creator for His magnificent accomplishments. Fallen humanity is to rid itself of the arrogance that makes us think we are the owners of our own life. Instead, we will nurture an enlightened spirituality in the presence of the absolute nature of God’s true love.

Let us follow the tradition of the Parents of Heaven and Earth

God is our True Parent. It is time to discover the living God, whose heart to invest greater true love is unchanging, absolute, and eternal. We need to know the Heart of God, who created us as object partners, completely inheriting His absolute, unique, unchanging, and eternal true love, true life, and true lineage. 

In this way, we will establish God—the absolute True Parent, True Teacher, and True Owner—as the axis of absolute values for our individual self, our family, nation, world, and cosmos. This will form the basis for our life as individuals, families, nations, and the world. We will have the unchanging desire to follow eternally the path of tradition set by the Parents of Heaven and Earth, the path of living in true love, which is for the sake of others.

If we do that, we can resolve all problems, whether of the family, society, race, or religion. We will arrive at an age in which God and humankind live together as one in the original ideal world, the world of heart. We will arrive at an age in which we realize that living for the sake of others holds greater eternal value than living for ourselves. The blind age of self-centered life will pass away as we build an other-centered world of interdependence, mutual prosperity, and universally shared values.

For this purpose, let us attain accurate knowledge about God and the spirit world; let us lead humanity on the right path by testifying to the world about God’s true love, true life, and true lineage; and let us build the universal family of heaven and earth in God’s homeland on earth. Let us completely establish the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven through absolute love, unique love, unchanging love, and eternal love and seek to live for the sake of others and offer heavenly kingship to God.

May God bless you, your family, and your country. Thank you.

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