Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 414

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 10: True Parents, the Hope of God and Humankind
Speech 10: Address at the Ground breaking Ceremony for the Gimpo Aviation Industrial Complex, pg 1549-1551

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Address at the Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Gimpo Aviation Industrial Complex

June 10, 2006
Gimpo Aviation Industrial Complex, Gimpo, Korea 
Groundbreaking Ceremony


Respected Governor Hak Gyu Sohn, Honorable Minister Byeong Jik Choo of the Ministry of Construction and Transportation, leaders of the Korean helicopter industry, residents of Gimpo, and distinguished guests from abroad, including Sikorsky executives who have come to congratulate us on this joyous day:

We are truly grateful to all of you for coming such a distance, in spite of your busy schedules, to attend the groundbreaking ceremony of the Gimpo Aviation Industrial Complex under Times Aviation of Korea.

We would like to express our gratitude once again to all of you, who have made it possible to hold today’s ceremony for the Gimpo Aviation Industrial Complex, situated halfway between Incheon International Airport and Gimpo International Airport, opened more than half a century ago. It is our hope that this complex will develop into a state of the art aviation industrial complex, both in concept and in reality, after receiving approval as an industrial complex and designation as an enterprise approved for foreign investment.

I have dedicated my entire life to teaching the path of living for the sake of others through the practice of true love. This is a basic principle that surely applies to individuals and to all levels of life, from the family to the society and to the nation. Early on I gained the conviction that my homeland of Korea, which at the time was suffering in poverty, would prosper and share what it had with the rest of the world. To be able to contribute spiritually to the world, Korea needed a strong foundation of technical and engineering skill, and therefore I inspired the founding of Tongil Heavy Industries Company Limited some forty years ago. The company imported the most advanced automobile technology from Germany and thus laid the foundation for the automobile technology of modern-day Korea.

Pursuing world peace through efforts that reach beyond particular religions and nations, I have dared to initiate the large-scale project of connecting the regions of the world through constructing a tunnel and bridge system across the Bering Strait between Russia and the United States. Through such an undertaking I am doing my utmost to inspire all technological experts to contribute to the peace and welfare of humankind.

After concluding thirty-four years of work away from my homeland of Korea, I have returned to my country and decided to lay the foundation for aviation technology, which of all industries requires the most precise technology. In the twenty-first century, Korea can become a leader in the machinery industry and, in particular, contribute to the development of the aviation industry. Therefore, I have established Times Aviation of Korea and pursued technological cooperation with the Sikorsky Company, which prides itself on having the best helicopter technology in the world.

Henceforth, Times Aviation of Korea will focus on developing helicopters for transportation of large groups of people. This will meet public demand and open new horizons for the helicopter industry. We expect it will revolutionize mass transportation in Korea and improve the quality of life throughout this country by more efficient use of its territory. It is my hope that on the foundation of the Tongil Group, Times Aviation of Korea will extend to one hundred eighty nations across the world through the realization of an “even distribution of technology” policy. This initiative will play an important role in establishing Korea as an industrial power, and thereby contribute greatly to the nation’s development as well as to the happiness of all people in the world.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am carrying out efforts for the sake of humanity’s welfare and peace in various fields. After inaugurating the Universal Peace Federation in New York, on September 12 last year, I traveled to one hundred twenty nations in order to share my inaugural message. I proposed that the Universal Peace Federation, in the position of the Abel UN, be developed as a new international peace organization. The United Nations is in the representative position of a Cain-type institution. It needs to be reformed by creating a peace council, a legislative organization consisting of global religious leaders with the same authority as members of the current UN Security Council. I am referring to the founding of a peace council that will speak not for the interests of a particular nation, as the existing United Nations representatives do. Instead, it will truly work for the welfare and peace of humanity from an interreligious and universal perspective.

I am undertaking this awesome project for the sake of peace and for the welfare of humanity. Therefore, people all around the world call me the Peace King and the True Parent of humanity. Times Aviation of Korea will eventually become a major donor to support the purposes of this universal project.

I extend my gratitude to the governments of Gyeonggi Province and the city of Gimpo. I thank the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy and the Ministry of Finance and Economy, and particularly to the Ministry of Construction and Transportation. I would also like to express my deep appreciation for the support of the residents of Gimpo, and last, but not least, for the Sikorsky Company’s firm commitment of technological cooperation.

Thank you.

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