Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 40

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 1: The Principles of True Peace
Speech 12: God is the Origin of Peace, Pg 146-148

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God Is the Origin of Peace
August 10, 2002
Shinyang Park Hotel, Gwangju, Korea Realm of Life speaking tour in Korea
(True Mother’s speech)

Respected peace-loving American dignitaries, ladies and gentlemen, I extend my warm greetings and gratitude to all of you for coming here this evening. You are now joining more than seventy million people worldwide, including seven million in Korea and seven hundred million Blessed couples in the heavenly spirit world who have participated in these gatherings for peace.

We are living in a truly historic and providential moment. This is a time of great heavenly fortune, the time when we will build the ideal world of peace that heaven and earth have longed to see for six thousand years. It is time to build the kingdom of God in heaven and on earth.

Throughout providential history, God raised up various religions to accord with different historical periods and regional cultures. Working among these diverse traditions, men and women of faith have made continuous efforts to achieve a world of peace.

Yet even today, human beings groan in travail because we are still unable to free ourselves from all manner of unethical and immoral behavior. People everywhere are dismayed by the truth that a seemingly unstoppable tide of immorality is now rushing in with the power of a surging storm, threatening to sweep us all away in its turbulent waves. This is the tragic portrait of modern human beings.

Yet this does not mean there is never to be any hope. My husband, the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, and I have dedicated our lives to conveying the Word of God. Our prophetic messages have been proven to be a true witness that transcends the earthly limitations of this age and our environment.

Creation of humankind and the Fall

Today, once again, I come before you with a message from Heaven. You can decide whether to believe or not to believe it, however, I stand here firmly resolved to act in God's stead to convey His message to the world in the time of the Last Days. The title of this message is "God Is the Origin of Peace."

I sincerely hope you will open the doors of your heart. I encourage you to humbly receive Heaven's warning to all of us living in the Last Days. In this age of ignorance and confusion, we need to be wise in this way.

In the beginning, human beings were created to live centered on God in the garden of Eden and to live in freedom and peace for eternity. However, as a result of the Fall of our first ancestors Adam and Eve, the vision of this originally intended world never became reality. Instead, from the day the Fall occurred, a history of suffering and sorrow unfolded on this earth.

God intended human beings to live with His true love and true ideals. However, we were unable to grasp those ideals and did not even comprehend what true love is. He wanted for us to sing songs of freedom and peace, to possess the complete happiness of becoming one in heart in the presence of the Creator, and to return glory to Him. He intended for us to live in an environment of perfect joy; however, we lost the garden of happiness.

Tragically, we have not been able to become a holy people. Satan invaded the human family, defiling the relationships of true parents, true family, and true brothers and sisters. Satan corrupted our true tribe, true society, true nation, and true world.

That is not all. Satan is the one who has driven God to spend the past six thousand years in a state of suffering and struggle. The Fall marked the beginning of the history of spiritual death. From that day on, the earth became a world of suffering instead of a world of peace. No matter where in the world we live, we have been doomed to the way of conflict and struggle instead of peace.

Within the individual, there is continuous conflict between the mind and body. There has been conflict within families that has expanded into conflicts within nations and throughout the world. Today we find there is no place on earth free of conflict. We have to come to terms with the fact that we are responsible for this history of sin. I repeat: all conflict is the result of the Fall.

If the whole world had originally grown from the good seed of a good tree and in a good environment, then without doubt the world would today be a world of peace, a world of hope, and a world with a secure future. However, this was not the case. We live in a world in which good and evil are tangled together. Even a good seed has difficulty bearing good fruit when surrounded by an evil environment. The same is true for human beings. For humanity as a whole to be good, it is first necessary that each individual be good. However, for such individuals to bear good fruit, we must create a good environment in the nation and world.

Just as the natural world passes through four seasons, human history needs to continue eternally by revolving through cycles that are like spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Because of the Fall, though, our world has never experienced that first moment of hope in which all humanity could take delight, the joyous springtime when we could greet the day of glory.

Cain and Abel, the children of our ancestors Adam and Eve, were not born out of God's love. Adam and Eve were to have created God's true lineage. They created Satan's false lineage instead through the act of the Fall. So the children they bore were not truly God's children, they were actually children of the devil, Satan.

Adam and Eve became the sinful ancestors of humanity, and the Bible records that they were chased out of the garden of Eden. That is why in John 8:44 Jesus scolded the people, saying, "You are from your father the devil, and you choose to do your father's desires."

Without the Fall, Adam and Eve would have received God's words of blessing. He longed to tell them, "My beloved Adam and Eve, I created you in order for you to build a world fulfilling the purpose of creation and to live in a garden of love. You are my children and will be the masters, the parents, and the king and queen of peace and happiness." Our ancestors Adam and Eve were destined to stand as the everlasting true owners, true parents, and true king and queen of both the earthly world and the heavenly world.

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