Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 380

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 9: The Role of Nations in Realizing World Peace
Speech 16: The Status of Korea, Japan, and the United States from the Providential Viewpoint, pg 1418-1422

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Life lived by investing for the greater good 

I hope you will accept the words I am speaking from my deepest heart, citing lessons from the history of Judaism and Christianity. I know very well that the leaders from Japan in particular may have difficulty understanding me, for they do not have much of a Christian foundation. However, I hope you will realize that today’s Japan is also at the center of the providence. You are quite close to God, even though He has carried out His historical providence through the Christian realm until now.

I have lived my whole life by investing myself for the greater good in order to fulfill God’s ideal of creation on earth and in heaven. From the providential viewpoint I have outlined, I would like to tell you about some of the things on which I have focused my efforts until now.

First, the celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the founding of The Washington Times will be held this evening. I want to tell you why I founded The Washington Times and invested an enormous amount of funds in it for the past twenty years. I have not the remotest concern about gaining political influence. I founded it based on my desire to make the United States, a central nation in God’s providence, stand upright and fulfill its global responsibility through the principle that will save the world and save the nation.

The blessings the United States is enjoying as a superpower in terms of political influence, economic development and global military presence are not for the United States alone. If the motto at the founding of the United States was the ideal of one nation under God, from now on it must go further and aim for one ideal heaven and earth under God.

Second, dialogue and harmony among religions are decisive conditions for realizing a world of peace. Though their religious rituals and doctrines may differ, the fundamental teachings of the world’s religions aspire toward goodness and in this they are one and the same. Furthermore, religions were begun within God’s providence to eradicate spiritual ignorance, in forms befitting particular cultural backgrounds. Henceforth, they need to come together under the banner of world peace through ideal families.

I have founded numerous organizations, including the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace; the World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations, a movement networking United Nations non-governmental organizations; and the American Clergy Leadership Conference, leading the True Family Values movement in the United States. Each is contributing to the same global vision. To bring about dialogue and ​​harmony among different religions during the past forty years, I have invested more than ten times the budget of my own Unification Church. I support this interdenominational and interreligious movement because I know it is the Will of God.

Third, I have striven to help the world become a global village living as one great family, where the conflicts between races are resolved and we can live as brothers and sisters under the one God. The races are all children of God standing on an equal footing. Neither skin color nor historical background indicates superiority or inferiority in any way. Realizing the ideal of true families transcending race through the marriage Blessing centered on God is the shortcut to establishing one peaceful world.

Having understood this, I have officiated at international and intercultural marriage Blessing ceremonies transcending race, nationality and culture since the 1960s. In particular, the number of people across the world desiring to wed citizens of your three nations—Korea, Japan and the United States—is increasing. As the world grows closer and closer, the precious value of the international Blessing will shine all the more brightly. 

Providential status of the three nations 

At this time, I would like to look into the fundamental relationship between your three nations from the providential perspective. Human history is the history of God’s providence of salvation, and the providence of salvation is the providence of restoration, as it is a project to recover what was lost.

Therefore, the relationship between Korea, Japan, the United States and the world of today can be seen as the global expansion of the Fall. The Fall involved Adam, Eve and the archangel in the Garden of Eden, and Cain and Abel, whose relationship was the first fruit of the fallen family. We have to interpret the international relations unfolding in the Last Days, when the history covering six thousand biblical years is being indemnified, from this providential perspective.

Japan is a nation that by tradition worships a goddess—the sun goddess. That is why male leaders from Japan are representing the feminine, Eve nation at this conference, whereas mostly women leaders are attending from Korea and the United States. Korea is the Adam nation, the father nation in the providence, and so the Korean women leaders need to stand as the father’s younger sisters and make dedicated efforts together with him for God’s Will.

Originally, Christianity stood in the position of the bride before the coming Lord. Accordingly, the women of the United States, which is the representative nation of Christianity, need to fulfill the missions of the daughter, the sister and the bride in the providence of the Second Advent. Japan needs to fulfill the mission of the mature mother nation to indemnify the position of the fallen Eve on the world level. Toward this end, Japan needs to walk the providential path of sacrifice and love for the world in the position of daughter, wife, mother and queen.

Furthermore, for the three nations of Korea, Japan and the United States to be in the central position in achieving the world of peace, they need to constitute one ideal family of love. The way for you to wash away your past enmities and unite is for the young people of Korea and Japan, and of Japan and the United States, to intermarry. The model for achieving a world of peace, based on the teaching of true love, will be created when they become blood relatives by marriage and thus form familial relationships.

Knowing this multidimensional Will of God, I have from early on officiated at international and intercultural marriage Blessing ceremonies that brought together husbands and wives from enemy nations, such as Korea and Japan, and Japan and the United States. As I have said earlier, the mission of the United States is that of the Second Israel and the eldest son nation. It is to stand at the forefront in attending our Heavenly Parent and helping and guiding its brother and sister nations of the world. Hence I say to you that the mission of American women is of great significance.

Anticipating the birth of a new community of three nations

Through this conference, I hope you will engage in profound and serious discussions on far-reaching issues influencing the future of humanity, and that you will find common ground. At the same time, I also hope that spending three days together here in Washington will provide you with the opportunity to develop friendships deep within your hearts.

This meeting is an opportunity for the leaders of the three nations to play a central role in laying a new foundation to usher in the twenty-first century. I anticipate the birth of a new community of the three nations, through which your nations can continue to discuss and cooperate with one another in various fields and strengthen your solidarity.

Ladies and gentlemen, these new activities for the solidarity of the three nations of Korea, Japan and the United States will continue with the serious goal of establishing a culture of peace and service on the global level. If we work together, we will absolutely accomplish this. I hope that this conference, begun together with you, will grow to become a meeting that can lead Asia and the world.

May God’s divine protection be with you.

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