Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 373

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 9: The Role of Nations in Realizing World Peace
Speech 14: Breaking Down Barriers to Establish World Peace pg 1496-1400

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Who makes the position of the owner of true love?

Who can make the place where God can truly love a man and woman? Who can form the position of the owner of true love, wherein He can form the relationship of lineage? The answer is that only His sons and daughters can establish true love and lineage, and no one else.

The place where sons and daughters are born is the place where the dual characteristics of God are divided. You need to know that sons and daughters have equal value. God cannot love the baby in the womb, except through your couple. He can love them from the position of the owner of the son and the owner of the daughter. You can restore this through the baby born in your family.

In this way, God can become the owner of the time of infancy, then the owner of the time of childhood, the owner of the time of brothers and sisters, the owner of the time of husband and wife, and the owner of the time of parents. God’s final ownership is through the birth of grandchildren. God is the first generation and Adam and Eve were the second generation, but their children, who were to have been the third generation, were snatched away by the devil. Now, through His sons and daughters in place of Adam and Eve, God can restore through indemnity the position of the owner of true love.

When this comes to pass, God will recognize His sons and daughters as second parents. He will have the position of Parent, the same position as that from which He truly loved Adam and Eve. Only by setting up three generations in this manner can the grandfather and the father truly love the grandchild of God as the perfected seed for generations to come. Thus, the grandchild can receive true love from the two generations. The grandparent is the representative of the spirit world, and Adam, the second generation, represents the kingship of the physical world.

The grandchildren are born with the inheritance of the lineage of true love representing those two kingdoms. Therefore, they are the fruit; they represent the future kingship of the earth and the heavenly spirit world.

This is how the kingdom of heaven on earth will be governed in the age of the sons and daughters. From the third generation to all generations, descendants will multiply as the fruit. Consequently, religion will be unnecessary, for everyone will be destined to go to the kingdom of heaven as long as they listen to the words of their parents and become one in the practice of true love. This is the original creation, the ideal form of the eight stages of true love.

When that is restored, we can transcend the twelve pearly gates of the heavenly kingdom and the barriers of the earthly world and become members of a united clan. We can open the gates of the liberated world on earth and the liberated world in heaven, that is, the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven, which are the palaces of unity. The eight stages are the age in the womb, the age of infancy and childhood, the age of adolescence, the age of marrying, the age of bearing children, the age of parenting, the age of grand-parenting and the age of kingship. Sorrow is deeply embedded in God’s heart because we did not establish the tradition based on this unchanging model of the eight stages of love on earth.

How can we console the One who holds in His heart this deep sorrow over the failure to realize this eight-stage love? In this world, the eight stages are riddled with holes. Since True Parents have learned these secrets of Satan’s crimes and of the heavenly world and are teaching them to others, providing what has been missing, they can perfect the eight stages.

You can go to the kingdom of heaven by passing through the gate of lineage. Let’s say you are the object partner of the true love of God during your time in the womb, infancy and childhood. You then become the object partner of God at the time of betrothal, and you complete yourself with true authority as the object partner of God’s true love at the stage of husband and wife, parents, grandparents and king. Then your family, part of which is in the visible substantial realm and part of which is in the invisible substantial realm of God, will be one. You will inherit the lineage of the tradition of true love, where the body and mind are united as one. Thus, you will automatically belong to the united realm in heaven and on earth. You will be the citizens and families of the kingdom of heaven. In short, you will be the liberated sons and daughters and the liberated owners of the kingdom of heaven.

Let us become the owners of the eight stages of true love

Therefore, men and women need to live with pride as the substantial external form of God. They need to know the importance of lineage, for it connects the way of husband and wife and the way of children to the tradition of ownership, and that tradition is what connects the clan, the nation and the cosmos. This comes through marriage, which is how a man, who is half, meets a woman, who is the other half, and becomes with her a couple that can practice complete true love.

God cannot accept something that is only half of what it is designed to be. Only when a man and a woman come together and become completely one can God establish the tradition of vertical true love. He does so by coming into them in a relationship of true love.

Therefore, you need to respect your ancestors and love your fellow citizens. A king and queen need to be one with their subjects centering on kingship. A king or queen who forgets his or her subjects is a fraud. He or she is an heir of the devil. Such a ruler creates barriers.

Now humanity needs to carry out another revolution. We need to receive the fortune of true love from Heaven, implant it in our families and establish God as the absolute owner of that true love.

In all respects, we are resultant beings, and so we need to carry out the great revolution of attending and following God, the causal Being, with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Only in this way can we achieve perfection.

If two subject beings come into existence, they will start promoting self-centered opinions. This leads inevitably to barriers that block true love. We need to realize this.

Therefore, from now on do not do anything that creates barriers in the path of love. Those who say, “My husband must love only me and not our children; my sons and daughters must love only me and not their father,” will die unhappy. A woman needs to embrace her sons and daughters and receive the love of the original Father

Raise your sons and daughters as the true love fruit of the sperm, which is the seed of life from your husband, and return them to God. Then you can belong to God. The gates of God’s eight stages of love were destroyed because of the woman, and so women have to do their utmost to re-create their husbands and their sons and daughters. By doing so in blessed families, the ownership of God’s eight stages of love can be perfected in the presence of God.

As we do this, we need to prepare the kingship of true love and its throne. It has to be something of which our family can more than boast, no matter where we may go. We can go to the twelve pearly gates of the kingdom of heaven in this world or the next and boast of it. We can visit anyone, from individuals to families, tribes, peoples, nations, the world and cosmos, in the kingdom of heaven on earth or in heaven, and boast of it. You need to clearly understand that, by gaining the right to do so as the sons and daughters who have perfected the lineage of God, you become the citizens of the heavenly world and the kingdom of heaven.

I want to emphasize this to you again: what we have to bear in mind is breaking down barriers. The task includes the dismantling of national barriers through the work of the United Nations, getting rid of religious barriers, tearing down ethnic and racial barriers, and ultimately destroying the barriers in spirit world by ending hell. Since all these barriers stem from Adam and Eve, the false parents, no one other than True Parents can break them down. God alone cannot do it, and certainly Satan will not do it—he is the one who has been creating them. Who can stop Satan’s conflict with God? Only True Parents can resolve that war, since the false parents allowed it to take root.

Ladies and gentlemen, I hope you will leave this place this evening with a determination to go out and break down barriers. Bring this message of liberation through true love to all human beings, and you will become the owners of God’s kingdom.

Thank you very much.

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