Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 371

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 9: The Role of Nations in Realizing World Peace
Speech 14: ​​Breaking Down Barriers to Establish World Peace, pg 1390-1393

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Christianity is in the same position as the chosen people of Israel in Jesus’ day. There was a wonderful opportunity immediately after World War II, when heaven and earth could have been united centered on Christianity. At that time, the Christian cultural sphere was united and leading the world. With Jesus playing the leading role in the spirit world, a united Christian cultural sphere prevailed throughout the earth. This was a perfect time for Jesus to return in substance to the earth and marry his bride, the substantial Holy Spirit, and for them to live as true husband and wife. They could have laid the foundation to resolve the world’s problems resulting from the division between mind and body and between man and woman, and could have built the veritable kingdom of peace on earth. I am not talking about something vague and unclear.

The way to break down barriers between nations

Who would have been married first from the perspective of God’s ideal of creation? It was supposed to have been Adam and Eve. However, due to their Fall, they created the first human barrier, which was the source of all subsequent barriers. Now, in order to break down those barriers, all men and women have to be restored to the state prior to the Fall and then marry.

Then our ancestors and God also will rejoice with dancing. When such a world arrives, it will be the kingdom of heaven on earth.

It goes without saying that such a day has never existed in human history. Instead, human beings have been grieving and struggling in pain, blocked by countless barriers. Accordingly, the starting point of peace in the world requires that human beings find the way to break down that primary barrier. Because the people of the world have not understood this, Rev. Moon has come to this world in the position of the True Parent, giving God’s Blessing to the men and women of the world and showing the world, for the first time in human history, the way to resolve the most fundamental human problems. Even if there are a million barriers, I am certain I can break them down. How can I do it? True love is what makes it possible. To get rid of these barriers, we have to know true love as God knows true love, otherwise we cannot do it. This means that we have to know God one hundred percent.

Ladies and gentlemen, the spirit world includes heaven and hell. If heaven is likened to a world of daylight, then hell can be likened to darkness. If someone is unable to tell the difference between day and night, how can he or she possibly deal with the barrier between the realms of heaven and hell? It is impossible. Only a person who knows the real difference can have dominion over the two worlds. The person who clearly knows the substance of hell can eliminate the darkness. God, who is omnipotent and omniscient, can eliminate the darkness. Someone who knows what God knows can also eliminate the darkness. However, can you say that you know God? How well do you know Him? Is it your understanding that God is pleased with wealth, power or knowledge? Such a God can never bring liberation to human beings.

You must know God fully in order to expel Satan completely and resolve the fundamental problems of this world. Moreover, even if you know God completely, do you also know what it is about God that can bring down all the barriers erected over thousands of years? This is the important thing. God is the master of the universe. Then is there an environment where God can dwell, a neighborhood and a nation where God can dwell? In order for us to know God, we have to restore His nation, a realm that is receptive to His governance.

Still, the earthly environment is strewn with numerous barriers. If those barriers were removed, a world with which God would be happy would result. Wouldn’t all creation like to be governed by God? Indeed, all creation is anxious to be liberated from its groaning, from the pain and exploitation caused by Satan’s control, and from the many barriers that divide it.

The traditions and ideology of the heavenly kingdom

Ladies and gentlemen, most important of all, we need to understand God clearly, and we need to understand the way to build the kingdom of God.

Then wherever we go and whatever situation we are in, we will receive answers about how to deal with difficulties among the world’s diverse cultures and traditions.

Surely, God exists in heaven. However, countless barriers block today’s world. How did this happen? It happened because few people know God, His kingdom and the tradition in His kingdom. Once all people clearly know these things, liberation will take place in both the spirit world and physical world. We will even be able to call out, “Depart, Satan!” and he will obey. Then we will come to know the ways through which we can live in unity with God’s heart and with His kingdom, in a culture with heavenly traditions and values. We will be the ones who live with true love for the sake of others.

Therefore, instead of seeking love for our own sake, we need to love others for their sake, making them masters of love and letting them dance with love. Thus, we can become God’s heirs, people who know God and beautify and protect His kingdom. Satan will have no way to interfere with the heirs of God.

If you love your enemies, transcending your anger and hatred even in situations where they killed the ones you love, you will gain dominion over the world of enemies, and Satan will retreat. Eventually, the world of your enemies will respect you. If you live for the sake of others to the extent that you love your neighbors more than your own parents, then Satan will disappear. Whatever you have given, you will receive it back a thousand times over as a reward from God.

Again, what is the secret of knowing God, His kingdom and His thought that will enable us to remove Satan from everywhere? It is to live for the sake of others, die for the sake of others and practice love for the sake of others. When we do that, Satan will certainly flee. And he will not just flee without doing anything. Before he leaves, he will break down all the barriers that he had erected around us. What will happen next? Once Satan is gone, the people who had been headed for hell will be able to rise up and enter heaven by practicing these principles of eternal life. Eternal life will finally become a reality.

People who call on God, the source of love, as their Father will earnestly desire to practice God’s tradition of living for others and will continue to do so for tens of thousands of years. This is how individuals can become the people of eternal life, practicing the tradition of eternal life, endowed with God’s eternal lineage.

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