Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 37

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 1: The Principles of True Peace
Speech 10: The Nation and World of Peace Sought by God and Humanity, Pg 133-136

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Honorable leaders! What do you feel when you look at the reality of our society and the youth in our contemporary world? Do you feel hope for a bright future? I believe that you must agonize over the increasing rates of crime, violence, drug abuse, immorality, corruption, teen pregnancy, and so forth. These arise out of a confusion of values and portend greater darkness enveloping our youth.

How did we arrive at this point? Better school systems and social improvements might have delayed the onset of these problems but would not address their fundamental cause, which is the breakdown and loss of our families. This breakdown is a product of the time we are living in, a time when humankind is harvesting the fruit sown when we lost the first family of true love.

It was that family's failure to realize true love that has led to phenomena associated with family breakdown, including individual breakdown, as well as countless problems on the national and worldwide levels. Of particular concern is the emotional instability of youth, which leads to diminishing life goals, spiritual aimlessness, and unhealthy, self-destructive lifestyles. World leaders who are concerned about the future have to be very serious in order to solve the real problems of young people avoiding marriage, rampant divorce, and so forth; trends that destroy the fundamental foundation of families.

Having lost the first and second blessings, humankind does not understand the importance of completing one's individual growth, which is the foundation for sacred and eternal conjugal love. Most of our young people are not aware of the importance of keeping purity before marriage and reaching personal maturity through true love. This is why they do not understand the value of true love, which is the fundamental root of joy, happiness, and all ideals.

The tendency to make light of trust and fidelity between husband and wife and to ignore the sacredness of marriage is an internal cause of indescribable disasters and tragedies for humankind. True love has been driven out by the so-called free love culture, in which people seek only sexual release as the cardinal yet momentary pleasure. The rapid spread of HIV-AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases threatens the very existence of the human race.

It is said that there is no safety zone against the AIDS virus. A greater terror than the terrorism from which the entire world has been trembling is before us. Once contracted, its victims must give up their dreams for happiness, ideals, and life itself. Unless we resolve this catastrophe plaguing our planet, how can we consider ourselves leaders?

Nor have we taken responsibility for the third blessing endowed by God, to "have dominion over the creation." This requires that we take care of all creatures with true love. What would happen if the natural world were to rebel against the abuse and misuse it suffers at the hands of human beings who lord over it? Are not those symptoms beginning to appear? Before the natural world punishes our intolerable arrogance, we have to stand before nature in true love as people of restored integrity.

Respected leaders, in order to examine today's problem at a more fundamental level, I would like to consider the relationship between the true "I" and the true "we" in the context of God's ideal of creation.

As a result of the Fall, human beings did not achieve the position of the true "I." For this reason, God has never been able to use the word "we." That is to say that God has never been able to stand within the realm of the consciousness of His ideal of creation and establish a relationship that would allow him to say, "This is my creation" or "This is my child."

So our present concept of "I" has no relationship with the original ideal of God's creation, and it is for this reason that we have to deny ourselves absolutely.

God has conducted His restoration providence so that He could establish true men and true women, that is, His sons and daughters, whom He could freely include within His concept of "we." Because God is the subject partner of love, life, and lineage, He sought true sons and daughters who would live eternally with a complete and unbreakable standard.

To achieve that, we first have to perfect our individual character through uniting our mind and body and, on that foundation, to build a vertical parent-child relationship with God. A vertical relationship by itself, however, is not sufficient to bring the word "we" into being. We also need to create a horizontal relationship in harmony with the vertical. To do this, man and woman must form a true husband-wife relationship through a Blessed marriage, bear children, build a true family and form a four-position foundation involving three generations. Only then will God use the word "we" with reference to a family unit.

How, then, can we advance to such a position? God created all things from a position in which His mind and body were completely one. His creation was an act of total investment involving absolute love and absolute faith. There was no possibility that He would consider His own interests or situation. This was the fountainhead of love that seeks to give one hundred percent and then still continues giving. This is true for God, and it is true for our families as well.

Parents, who stand in the position of God, have to invest themselves completely and absolutely with true love. In terms of the logic of origin-division-union, they give birth and rear children from the position of the origin, thus establishing a vertical axis for the concept of "we." If the husband and wife, who stand in the position of division from the origin, become one with each other based on true love, they will establish the horizontal axis. Then the children, who are in the position of union, will align themselves automatically with the vertical and horizontal axes and become one; they will establish a new axis reaching from front to back. There will be an original family that accomplishes this, substantiating the concept of "we" that is complete vertically, horizontally, and front to back.

This is the reason the family is so important; it is the most valuable gift given to us from Heaven. If the environment we call the family did not exist, how would we establish this absolute standard of "I?" If not for the family, we would never even dare to think of a "we" that is complete vertically, horizontally, and front to back. The cradle of love, peace, and happiness is nothing other than this family.

How, then, do we establish the true "I?" This is possible only through a life of true love for the sake of others. The person who denies him or herself completely, to the point of selflessness, and lives for the sake of the family, for the sake of the nation, for the sake of all humanity, and for the sake of God, will automatically establish the true "I."

We must never put ourselves forward arrogantly and use the word "I" in a casual manner. God has worked, steeped in grief in the back alleys of history, to push forward His providence of restoration. His only desire has been to establish children who could speak of the true "I." Anyone who knows this heart of God can never claim the word "I" for him or herself in a casual manner.

When we establish God's original ideal for world peace and the ideal families for which God has been waiting for tens of thousands of years, we will have the starting point for the kingdom of heaven on earth. Beginning there, we will be able to resolve the grief of the pitiable God.

I would like to call upon everyone here to join with me. First, let us work to establish the true "I" that can look at the sun without shame, look at the ocean with a clear conscience, and have nothing to hide before nature. Then let us establish the family to which God will refer as a part of His "we."

In this way, we must establish a relationship of true parents and children between God and ourselves. Furthermore, God, who is the True Parent of humanity and the origin of love, life, and lineage, is the ancestor of humanity and the true King who reigns over all. God lost the positions of ancestor and King as a result of the human ancestors' Fall in the garden of Eden.

In accordance with the progress of the providence of restoration, I declared the return to the ocean, to the land, to the cosmos, and to the realm of the heart of the fourth Adam. Then, on January 13, 2001, I performed the historic "Enthronement Ceremony of the Kingship of God." Adam's family, as the first human family, should have become the godly ancestors of humanity and set the foundation for the institution of the family. Originally, the king of the family eventually would have inherited the positions of king of the nation and king of the cosmos. Only in that way was humanity to have connected to the heavenly realm of the original ideal.

We can institute the king of the nation because the age of indemnity is ending, and we are entering the age of settlement through the process of family registration. This will develop further into the kingship of the world. This is why, on the occasion of True Children's Day, 2000, I declared that the Parents of Heaven and Earth now reign as King of the family in the Unification Church. This means that we are now able to enter the age in which families that have been registered can attend the Heavenly Parent as our King. Thus, each Blessed family must be aware of its responsibility to establish the tradition of humanity attending the King of heaven and earth. This is the reason that the age of the church has ended, and the age of the Family Federation has begun.

The entire universe is linked as one connected body centered on one nucleus. Each one of our families must stand in the position of this nucleus, nurture the creation and love all creatures that God created in love. By loving God's creation, which exists in His love, we can stand in the position of true owners.

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