Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 359

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 9: The Role of Nations in Realizing World Peace
Speech 8: The Way to World Peace, pg 1344-1347

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Our separation from God

At the dawn of human history, when God began to realize His world, something tragic happened. Our first human ancestors lost God. God created one man and one woman to be the beginning point of humankind. In religious terms they are called Adam and Eve. Tragically, at the outset of human history they committed sin, and by not allowing God to dwell in them, they were expelled by God from His kingdom. At that very moment, with their departure from God, man and woman failed to achieve their potential, and were unable to become temples of God. At that moment peace was lost. Instead they became the temples of Satan, whose characteristic is selfishness.

Since this occurred at the very start of human history with the very first human ancestors, all their descendants up to the present generations have grappled with the arduous task of finding God. Without the knowledge of God as our True Father and the understanding that all humans are true brothers and sisters, people have become each other’s enemies. Originally if you were to hurt someone else, it would be the same as hurting yourself, since the same God is dwelling in both. But humankind has become spiritually darkened. Under the present tragic conditions, when one kills one’s own brother or sister, one might not even feel any pain.

Furthermore, to make things worse, since people have become the dwelling place of Satan, each person is aware only of the self and not the whole. The natural result is the manifestation of selfishness from the level of the individual to that of the family, society, nation and world. With this limited outlook, when someone’s own interest or profit is violated, he or she is ready to fight. War is thus inevitable. This is the real reason for war on every level.

Then what does God intend to do with this fallen world? God is living and God is almighty. As I said, God is a God of love. God, our Creator, has a Will. That Will is to restore this world into the world of true peace. In other words, He will restore the world of His original nature and ideal by re-creating the present world. For this reason, there is hope for true peace in the future. God’s Will is to eradicate selfishness from each individual, then transform or re-create that person into His own temple, and make all people holy.

For this reason true peace between nations begins not at the national level but with the perfection of the individual. Each person, by becoming the temple of God, is perfected. This is where world peace is germinated. Each one of you, ladies and gentlemen, is the true beginning point of world peace.

Did you know there has been a constant war going on within each of us because of the human Fall? It is an inevitable consequence of the Fall that there is continuous struggle and conflict going on within ourselves between mind and body, and between the desire for good and the desire for evil. Originally mind and body were to be one. The human mind represents God’s mind. The human body is to be a container to accommodate the mind, or a dwelling place for the mind. Separation came between these two when the Fall occurred. The Fall resulted in the body coming under the domain of Satan or selfishness. Thus tragically the human body has become the servant of Satan.

On the other hand, the human conscience is the agent of God in the individual person. One’s conscience does not exist for the benefit of oneself. God plants the conscience for the sake of righteousness. Thus, the conscience always strives toward goodness and unselfishness. Yet the body rebels against this conscience. The body only seeks after comforts and tends to act selfishly, going after carnal desires. The conscience in turn is trying to chastise the body and direct it toward the mind. This is why there is always inevitable conflict and struggle within oneself.

This is the reason the traditional religions of the world unanimously teach the principle of chastisement of the body through fasting, prayer and other disciplines doing things the body does not want to do. Religion is the training ground where the desire of the body is suppressed, thus bringing the body to obey the will of the mind. For this reason religion has been the instrument of God to bring people back into the original ideal.

However, people are not capable of dominating their body without uniting with God within the self. The only power that enables the mind to have dominion over the body is that generated by the unity of the mind with God’s truth and love. Mind is the subject partner and the body is the object partner. God’s love and truth have the power to bring them together into one harmonious person. This is what religion defines as a person of perfection, or a holy person. 

Becoming the visible manifestations of God

God-centered men and women in perfection are called men and women of goodness. These good men and women may receive God’s Blessing of marriage and be united as husband and wife. This will be the beginning of one ideal family of humanity on the face of the earth. This model family is what God wanted to have as a building block of the society, nation and world.

There is an old saying in the East that “once peace is dwelling in the family, everything goes well.” A happy and harmonious family is a family of peace and the foundation of the heavenly kingdom. The dynamic of the family is true love. You must love God first, and then love your husband or wife and your children with truly pure and sacrificial love. This is the manifestation of true love. God created love to be the supreme force in the universe. He has created nothing greater in this universe. True love is supreme. True love, of course, originates from God.

God has invested everything, every ounce of His energy, for the creation of all things and humankind. True love is the only thing that when invested fully, returns fully. When you invest true love, no attrition occurs. It will multiply and prosper. Investing one hundred percent of true love will yield or return one hundred twenty percent. One might think that those who practice true love would become poor and miserable, yet the end result is the contrary. By practicing true love you will acquire prosperity and eternal life.

Such a family of true love becomes the foundation for creating a society, nation and world. That society, nation and world shall be true-love centered, and shall become ideal and peaceful. There you will find harmony instead of contradiction. You will find understanding instead of misunderstanding. You will find unity instead of division. You will find unselfishness instead of selfishness. This is the society, nation and world where sacrifice and good service become the dominant virtues. The realization of the ideal of God is the way to achieve the ideal of true peace in the world.

When the Bible says that God sought to create human beings in “His own image,” this means that the invisible God wanted to manifest Himself into a visible form. In other words, men and women would have become the personifications of God. If the first man and woman had realized the ideal of God, they would have become the first visible form of God and created the first family of humankind. Then God-centered children and grandchildren would have formed an ideal society, nation and world. In this case the invisible God would become the vertical True Parents of humankind centering upon true love, and the first man and woman, Adam and Eve, would have become the horizontal True Parents of humankind centering upon that same true love.

Centered upon these True Parents of humankind, all people would have become one family for eternity. However, the Fall of Adam and Eve meant that humanity lost True Parents. That day we became orphans. Siblings turned into enemies. As a result, nations came to develop antagonistic relationships rather than friendly ones.

In the final fulfillment of human history, therefore, God’s work of restoration is the restoration of True Parents first, liberating humanity from its orphan status. Today this is the central dispensational work of God to bestow True Parents upon humankind, to create the original family of humanity centering on God and true love.

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