Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 338

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 8: The Reunification of Korea and World Peace
Speech 13: World Unity and the Reunification of South and North Korea Will Be Accomplished by True Love, pg 1255-1259

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What is true love?

In the world of mechanics, the energy produced by a system is less than the energy put into it. However, in the world of true love, the energy produced is greater than the energy put in. What is true love? It is love that lives for the sake of others. It is love that gives and forgets without limit. No memory is kept of how much was given. It is love that never tires of giving.

A ninety-year-old mother can turn to her seventy-year-old son and say, “Be careful when you cross the street,” and there is nothing strange about that. Even if the mother has repeated those same words countless times during several decades, she will always say them one more time.

If this is true with parents in the fallen world, how can we ever grow tired of giving and receiving God’s love in the original world? When we establish God’s true realm of giving and receiving in our own lives, we will experience for the first time the unchanging glory of true love. Then we will be able to apply the ethics of eternal life by practicing true love with human beings.

Yet, who in the world is aware of such things? In 1984, when I was lying in bed in an American prison where I had been unjustly incarcerated, God came to me. He said, “You are the only person I can trust. I want you to resolve the situation in Nicaragua.” Am I really the only person whom God can come to with such a command? America is said to be a great country standing at the forefront of all developed countries. It has a population of 240 million people and numerous religious leaders. How helpless did God feel, that He could not go to any of those people and had to come to me instead? At least it is fortunate that God knows someone who possesses His love, and He could contact him. If I had not worked for the sake of the world at that time, South America would have been completely ravaged by war by now.

North-South reunification through true love

North-South reunification is the fervent desire of the Korean people, and it is also the earnest desire of God in this age. It is Heaven’s desire that North Korea and South Korea be united and that God’s resting place can be established in our homes, in our churches, and in our worldwide God-centered movement.

How are we to attend God? How can we wipe everything clean? What can we use to wipe everything off so that God will say it is completely clean? The answer is simple. We have to clean up our communities with a true love that is greater than our love for our parents, greater than our love for our spouses, and greater than our love for our children.

We have to place our offerings on the altar centering on such love in order to realize the ideal of North-South reunification. Then we can bring about the ideal blending of Eastern and Western cultures. Then we can bring about the ideal unity of the divided physical and heavenly realms.

Then we can bring about realm where heaven and hell are liberated. We cannot unlock this without true love. We need the key of true love.

A person must bring his or her mind and body into unity if he or she is to realize the unity of love in the family. A husband and wife have to love each other and make a harmonious family before they can see their love manifested within their clan. If a loving husband and wife are united, who would dare try to tear them apart and defile their relationship? A world made of harmonious families, harmonious peoples, and harmonious governments will be a world of harmony. It will bring harmony to heaven and earth. There, true human love will be one in harmony with God. Isn’t this the ideal world of true love? In such a world, there will be no possibility of discord. Love will be the life element for all people, in the same way that plants receive life elements by absorbing the rays of the sun.

Our fervent desire is to build a kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven, where we can resonate with true love eternally. Yet, how many people in this world can say that they are the subject partners or object partners of true love? How many people are there who can stand as people of character qualified to own all things, and who possess both the value of a remarkable life and the special authority that comes with living such a life?

I sincerely hope that each of you participating here will remember what I say today. I hope you will work to unite your mind and body. I hope that you will become people who live for the sake of your spouse, and go on to live for the sake of your family, people, nation and world. If you do that, then North-South unification will be as good as done.

Even communist ideology will be easily absorbed and disappear when it is placed in the midst of God’s love. The problem until now was that we did not know this. Once we develop our hearts of love, North-South unification will be no problem at all.

That is not all. Problems between East and West, and the worldwide North-South problem created by the inequality between rich and poor nations, can also be completely resolved through the true love of God.

We must fulfill the ideal for the world centering on God’s ideal that I have described, if we are to realize the ideal four our nation. Then we have to move on to the boundless realm of peace, the ideal world that links the ideal of the nation to the ideals of clan, family, and individual. This is, without a doubt, the way that the ideal world of true love that God has long desired can be built on this earth.

Distinguished guests, we cannot fight the communist world with guns and swords or any other form of physical force. We must meet them with love. Communists seek to destroy the democratic world in order to build a communist world. By contrast, we must build a system and mechanisms that will bring salvation to the communist world and to the democratic world as well.

The thirty-eighth parallel is the deepest point and final destination where North and South can be united by means of God’s true love. When it comes to doing away with this demarcation line between North and South, the North says, “There’s nothing we can do about it.” Russia says the same thing. China, too, says the same thing. The government and opposition parties in Seoul say, “There’s nothing we can do about it.” Even the United States and Japan say there is nothing they can do about it. If this remains the case, there will be no hope.

If God’s true love becomes manifest, will we prosper or will we be ruined? It will be the end of everything evil and a new beginning for everything good. This is the reason we have to unite the citizens of our country.

I declared this fundamental principle for unification more than forty years ago. Since then, I have carried out a movement of ideas, centered on Godism, both domestically and around the world. I have worked in the four major countries surrounding the Korean Peninsula to lay the international groundwork for unification. Millions of people in Korea, Japan and the United States have worked through the International Federation for Victory over Communism and CAUSA, non-governmental organizations that have laid foundations in each of these countries. Through the years, leaders of many nations and leaders of the philosophical world have recognized Godism as the only teaching capable of uniting materialism and atheism, which are its diametrical opposites, with God’s purpose. It is also the only philosophy capable of reforming secular humanism.

Let us work for North-South reunification and world peace

My compatriots filled with passionate hope for North-South re-unification, let us together establish our value system on the basis of Godism, and join forces in arming the people of this country with this new teaching. Let us pledge ourselves to work toward North-South reunification, for the sake of the Korean people and for the sake of world peace. Let us stand up to answer the call of history in our age and the call of Heaven. Let us be leaders and people of righteousness who stand at the forefront of the movement for North-South reunification.

Women, in particular, need to take the lead for this. History took a mistaken course as a result of Eve’s error at the beginning, so in the Last Days women need to take the lead in overcoming conflict, strife and division with their motherly love, and create a new history of reconciliation and unity. The mission of women is to restore their children, meaning all young adults and students, into true children by means of true education. Furthermore, mothers and children need to combine their efforts and set an example in order to restore their husbands and fathers. This is how women can become the true daughters of Heaven, follow in the footsteps of True Parents, and attend God as the center of their family, in order to realize the ideal of the kingdom of heaven on earth.

I conclude this speech hoping once again that my words today will develop into an international movement that can advance the day when North and South Korea can meet and harmonize together in true love.

I pray for God’s blessing to be with you and your families.

Thank you.

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