Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 336

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 8: The Reunification of Korea and World Peace
Speech 13: World Unity and the Reunification of South and North Korea Will Be Accomplished by True Love, pg 1248-1251

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The starting point on the path to heaven is within the country of our enemy. Unless we make the tradition of true love our foundation, and go forth on that foundation, we cannot establish the kingdom of heaven on earth. Let us establish this tradition; there can never be a philosophy or teaching greater than this.

When Korea was under Japanese imperial rule, the four providential countries—Korea, Japan, Germany, and the United States—were enemies. Given the circumstances of that time, Japanese and Koreans were enemies, Japanese and Americans were enemies, and Americans and Germans were enemies. That is why I brought Japanese and Germans to America, their former enemy country, and instructed them to help revive America and keep it from falling into ruin. I was practicing the way of God’s true love.

I emphasized to the Japanese and Germans that they could not establish a new thinking capable of leading humanity into the new world that God desires unless they set the condition of loving their former enemy, America, even more than their own native lands. Thus I made a new beginning based on the tradition of true love.

People must establish a tradition of loving the countries that are enemies of their country. Yet the only way to make such an historic tradition is with the true love of God. We need this foundation if we are to build the kingdom of heaven on earth.

In the days when I was being humiliated by the United States federal government and unjustly brought before a court of law, my response was actually to intensify my effort to give life to America by founding a conservative newspaper, The Washington Times, and a media production company.

Recently, in my concern for the future of Russia and China after the collapse of communism, I arranged for the publication of dozens of textbooks to generously support the ethical education of teachers and young people.

It takes boundless sacrifice to overcome the suffering path

Everyone here needs to bear one thing in mind. I was involved in the resistance movement against Japanese imperial rule, and from that perspective the Japanese people were my enemy. This was the case for the Korean people as a whole and for me individually. Yet after Japan’s defeat in World War II, I lovingly supported Japan.

After the war, I could have reported the identity of the policemen who had taken me into custody and tortured me severely for my activities in the underground independence movement. Had I done this, the Koreans would have executed them. However, when I came across a Japanese policeman who was running for his life, I packed some things for him and helped him escape to safety under the cover of darkness.

Do you know why so many young people in Japan stake their eternal lives on me and pledge to me their undying loyalty? It is because there is a principle of cause and effect. It dictates that because I gave to Japan, Japan will give back to me. It is because I transcended national boundaries and planted the seeds of true love in Japan, in accordance with God’s heart. It is because I planted that foundation with a heart to love the nation that was the enemy of my nation and lead its people to life. That is why Japan today is in my camp. Without even realizing it, Japan is fulfilling its heavenly calling.

As the citizen of a nation under Japanese occupation, I had reason to harbor resentment even toward the Emperor of Japan. Yet he had already been defeated. Heaven does not strike a person who is defeated. In fact, Heaven shows mercy toward those who recognize their sin and apologize. Since this is Heaven’s way, a person who raises a sword and strikes a defeated person will find his own descendants driven to ruin.

The United States is also a country that considers me their enemy. However, I left my family behind and diverted my attention from my Korean homeland to bring salvation to the United States. I threw away everything that belonged to me in order to save the world from Satan.

Think, too, of how much hatred the established Christian denominations have directed toward the Unification Church. It might be said that they consider us enemies. However, we must not fight them as enemies. We must come together in love. What happens when we come together in love? The Christian denominations and the Unification Church together will lead the Republic of Korea to fulfill the will of Heaven by embracing the people of North Korea. If the established denominations and the Unification Church had become one immediately after Korea’s liberation from Japan in 1945, everything would have been solved then, yet because that did not happen, we have had to make extraordinary sacrifices to overcome enemies—enemies of ourselves as individuals, enemies of our families, enemies of our clan, and enemies of our society. In order to attain the position that we would have reached at the outset had there been no conflict, we have labored on this suffering path, while harboring no thought to strike at our enemies.

The plan for North-South reunification

Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, all the people in North Korea have armed themselves with Juche ideology. We must arm ourselves with the philosophy of true love that is capable of encompassing them. North Korea is a part of a northern culture because it has been influenced by the cold winds of the Soviet regime. Let us work to naturally melt them with our warm region civilization. Otherwise, both sides will go to ruin.

We must thoroughly arm ourselves philosophically. This philosophy is not one that seeks the fulfillment of personal desires. Rather, it seeks the salvation of all humanity. It is not centered on the self. Communists have the idea that everyone must work according to the orders of the small group of top Party leaders. This is why they eliminate anyone who stands out as a potential rival. We are not that way. Our concept is to create an environment of giving and receiving in order to establish a standard of giving and receiving on a higher level. This is a principle from Biblical history that Cain and Abel should seek to become filial sons united in love in order to receive their parents on the level of the family, which is a higher level.

I do not believe South Korea needs to attempt to overcome North Korea militarily. Instead, we have to love our nation more than they love theirs. We must have the philosophical conviction that we will love Heaven even more than they love communism. We must become men and women of ability and character, who can bring about their natural surrender. There is no other way for us to encompass North Korea.

In other words, we need to move them based upon how we live ourselves. We have to be able to amaze the people who believe in communist ideology by our outlook on life and our standard of character. We cannot restore that Cain-type nation unless we have an environment that can influence them. If we cannot restore that Cain-type nation, we cannot elevate South Korea’s capability to the level where it can be the starting-point of a worldwide nation centered on the kingdom of heaven. Although North and South Korea are pitted against one another, we have to liberate North Korea by peaceful means.

The Korean people of both North and South fervently desire to see their country reunited. How can this be accomplished? Their reunification can only be accomplished when a sophisticated method is put forward that will allow both sides to live together on terms that both can agree on. When the South goes to the North, or the North to the South, and says, “Let’s do it our way,” unification will not come about. Thus, we must find a love that will benefit both sides.

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