Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 322

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 8: The Reunification of Korea and World Peace
Speech 06: Address at the Inauguration of the Citizens Federation for the Unification of North and South Korea, pg 1192-1196

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Taking the ideological offensive with head-wing thought

I declare with complete confidence that the next twelve years will be a decisive period. Hence, our gathering today for the founding of the Citizens Federation for the Unification of North and South Korea is of great significance in the history of our nation.

What is to be done? Our task is not simple or easy. In the first place, we need to empower ourselves by formulating a new value system appropriate for the process of reconciliation and unity of our people. The free world, including the United States, is now revealing its main weakness, which is the lack of a guiding ideology. This void is the result of material affluence, a confused sense of values, and secular humanism spreading its influence. Because of ideological confusion, the free world has retreated again and again. Exploiting this weakness, the communist world continues to expand its hegemony.

The Third World War will be a war of ideas. Military power alone will not defeat communism. Rather we need to strengthen our ideological stance, and only Godism can accomplish this task. Falsehood can be conquered only by the truth. The weapon needed for this is none other than Godism. From now on, unless the free world arms itself with Godism, that is, Unificationism, and assumes the ideological offensive, it cannot win over communism.

To fortify the thinking of our people, the Citizens Federation for the Unification of North and South Korea has to be in the vanguard. Godism is strong; it offers the resources needed to liberate our brothers and sisters in the North and all people suffering under the yoke of communist rule. While alerting the world to the dangers, the Godism movement also motivates people through a spiritual awakening, which will turn them away from the self-indulgence, immorality and corruption rampant in the affluent free world.

I sponsored the first mass rally based on Godism in 1976. This historic event was held in Washington, D.C., the capital of the United States. There I openly declared that our next venue for a meeting on Godism would be in Moscow. I am thoroughly convinced that Godism can free the Soviet Union from communism. So I ask: What delayed the disintegration of communism up to this point? Communism’s end is delayed because we cannot offer an alternative; we have been unable to arm ourselves with a strong thought system.

I strongly urge that we quickly initiate this new movement in Korea and expand it to the international level. We need to be armed with Godism; otherwise we cannot overcome communism or Kim II Sung’s so-called Juche ideology.

I call our Godism movement the head-wing movement, in contrast to the left- and right-wing movements. True world peace requires head-wing thought, because conventional left- and right-wing theories both are self-centered and power-oriented. Self-centeredness breeds conflicts of interest, and this continuously diminishes our ability to create peace and unity. We need to bring forth a new world ideology that will overthrow egoism. Altruism emanates only from God’s providence of love, because God is the essence of love. Just as the mind controls the whole human body and its functions, so Godism, the head-wing thought, is superior to right- and left-wing thought. The right and left arms are part of the whole body; yet without the mind in the center, they fight each other and the whole configuration is paralyzed and unable to function. However, once the mind takes its place as the “head-wing,” both arms become part of one united entity, serving the entire body following the commands of the mind.

With Godism, or head-wing thought, let us move toward the goal of achieving the unification of our homeland. Our aim is neither the invasion of the North nor the indoctrination of the South; it is to bring about unity and interdependence based on a true value system and armed with the head-wing principles.

Increasing our passion and power

We need to develop a passion for unification, because passion is what turns belief into practice. This passion for unification must be elevated and turned into the driving force of a faith-based movement. I believe God will help us when we all are united in this movement and when we pledge our full dedication and sacrifice to support it.

Without sacrifice on our part, our passion is mere rhetoric. As one project of the Citizens Federation for the Unification of North and South Korea, I am planning to build a prayer center for unification as well as a center for unification training, near the thirty-eighth parallel. There we can project our fervent desire for unification to the lands north of the thirty-eighth parallel.

Further, we need to be increasingly vigorous in our movement for unification. Our proposal for unification is a peaceful one, and to carry it out, we need to cultivate our abilities in every field. Vigor and resourcefulness are mandatory in order for us to penetrate the barricades of the Juche thought created by Kim Il Sung, which keeps North Korea one of the world’s most primitive and closed societies. Only when Kim is convinced of the power of our thought system will he be persuaded to listen to our proposal. As we have seen, formulating a new value system and arming ourselves with Godism are prerequisites for our movement for the unification of the peninsula. We also need to increase our national power and raise our international status. An important part of this is for the Republic of Korea to construct an advanced democratic society.

True democracy is the way to defeat dictatorship and personality cults. We find in Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address the eternal ideal: “government of the people, by the people and for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” The democratization of our nation is, therefore, a topmost priority.

Next, we must take the initiative in promoting and facilitating international support for this movement for unification. We need to make haste and arm ourselves with this ideology worldwide, and win support from our allies, such as the United States and the neighboring powers of China and Japan. We also need to motivate the Soviet Union to convince the North that it can no longer remain closed, and to support peaceful unification.

It is our hope that under the pressure of democratic development in the South, the regime in the North will renounce communism and become a willing partner in the unification of our homeland. Kim II Sung’s power may fade quickly once this process begins.


The need for international efforts

You are aware of the fact that, from early on, I made our world headquarters in the United States and educated the free world ideologically. I have created several media companies, including The Washington Times, and educated media professionals throughout the world. I have given direction to professors in universities around the world, led student movements in various nations, brought together veterans including retired generals, and commenced a movement to unite the nations of South America. What is more, for a long time I have personally led a movement to unite the world’s religions.

You can see that I have devoted all my energies up to the present to support the United States and Japan, and to lay a foundation in every nation in Europe and South America, and now I can finally invest in China. I have done my utmost to achieve this end in order to create the international conditions for the liberation of North Korea.

As you well know, Korea’s geopolitical situation is delicate. The interests of four great powers—the United States, Japan, China and the Soviet Union—all converge on the Korean Peninsula. We must consider these four powers in relation to our movement for unification. Otherwise the unification of our homeland cannot be realized. By carrying out education on the international stage, and through my success in various other fields, I have moved people and societies in a positive direction.

Today, on the basis of this success, we are opening a new chapter in this movement. Yet we must not think that we can carry out this movement single-handedly. To repeat, international cooperation and support are imperative. The Citizens Federation for the Unification of North and South Korea therefore needs to develop into an Asian Federation and eventually into a World Federation for its ultimate success. This is the long-cherished hope of all humanity and of God.

Let us march forward to victory

My fellow citizens, we are obligated to take on this task of unification because of its extreme significance to the nation, as well as to the world. Men and women of devotion and dedication are calling us to take up this historic duty. You are gathered here today to take part in the founding of the Citizens Federation for the Unification of North and South Korea.

The founding father of our nation, Tangun, built the foundation for the first community in this land. He established a standard for human value under the golden adage, “worship heaven and love people.” The essence of Godism evolved from this spirit. Thus, Godism originated from our land. I have already pointed out that Korea’s problems are a reflection of the world’s problems, and that the solution to the world’s problems is essentially linked to the solution of Korea’s problems. This implies that Korea will provide a solution for the world. This is very true, for Godism is not only the solution for the unification of Korea, it can also serve as a means for freeing all people from communism and secular humanism.

My patriotic fellow citizens: Let us march forward, armed with Godism, the new value system, and the new head-wing thought. Let us imbue our yearning for the unification of North and South Korea with spiritual fervor and set our passions aflame, so that we can even break through walls of stone. We are standing at the forefront of a great historical transformation. Let us have the self-confidence and determination to unite North and South Korea with our own hands. Our victory will shine in the eternal history of our people. Let us go forward, in accordance with the Will of God, to build the Citizens Federation into a practical foundation that will help the world. With vigorous faith, we now solemnly declare that we accept this calling to become the vanguard of the movement for unification. Let us unite all our energies and march forward until the day our dream of the unification of South and North Korea is achieved.

I pray that God may bless you and your families abundantly.

Thank you.

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