Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 286

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 7: The World of the Culture of Heart
Speech 7: Everything Wants True Love, pg 1047-1051 

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Living together with God eternally

We are created as God’s children. As we grow in love, relating to brothers and sisters, becoming husbands and wives, giving birth to children and raising them, God is present each step of the way, harvesting true love. God observes and guides us as we develop, and He becomes the owner of love at each stage. In this sense, it can be said that human beings, through whom God comes to own all love, are more precious to God than God is to Himself. In the same way, we attach a thousand times more value to the person we love than to ourselves.

God invests Himself into those He loves, forgets He has invested, and invests again. He invests Himself one hundred percent and then dismisses one hundred percent of any thought of repayment. This is why He can continue to invest.

In the same way, a wife who wants her husband to be a success invests herself in her husband and then forgets this investment. By investing herself and forgetting, she enables him to achieve his full potential in life. When we as partners continue to invest in each other, with no thought of repayment, the level of our love is elevated, and we will ultimately find ourselves connected to God. This is how we can fulfill our Parent-child relationship with God and have eternal life.

Everyone wants to go to heaven. However, those who have the attitude that “everyone must live for me” will not succeed. True love begins with embracing and living for the sake of all God’s masterpieces of creation. The way we can reach heaven is to live for all humanity and ultimately for God. 

During our lives, each of us needs to have at least three experiences in which we dedicate our lives to someone or to some higher purpose. This is how we can indemnify the selfish acts involved in the Fall of Adam’s family, the crucifixion of Jesus and the persecution of the family of the Lord of the Second Advent.

Even after we figuratively pass through death and resurrection three times, we would not ask for God’s praise but instead pledge our lives to Him even more. This is how we can meet God. When such people populate the world, this will be the kingdom of heaven on earth. This is the path I am teaching, and this is the kind of world I am building.

All beings existing in love are in spherical relationships

Children are the fruit of the love between their mother and father. We need to understand that children embody their parents’ love, life and lineage. Little children often say, “This is mine,” yet their parents are the origin of everything the children refer to as being their own. Parents are the root and the trunk. Without parents, we would all be orphans. We cannot live if we break the ladder of love that connects us to our parents. We are the sons and daughters of God, the Parent who is the origin of true love. Parents are the greatest teachers of love for their children.

The parent-child relationship is vertical, and the husband-wife relationship is horizontal. The lines of these two relationships need to cross at right angles. The relationship among siblings forms a third dimension, a front-to-back axis. When all are equidistant from the center and are freely circulating in love, their relationships form a sphere. That is why all beings existing in love, and the universe as a whole, are, in a sense, in spherical relationships. The entire universe achieves balance centering on these relationships.

All love is united and achieves a peaceful, dynamic harmony at the central point of this sphere of love relationships. This center, where all these relationships intersect, is where God resides. If we picture this three-dimensionally, we see that God is the ultimate origin of love, life, lineage and conscience.

In the God-centered family, vertical and horizontal loves are united as one. Such a family will multiply to become a clan, society, nation, world and cosmos of love. The fundamental center, though, is always the One God.

At the turning point of good and evil, good and evil people are blessed together

If Adam and Eve had not fallen, they would have formed a model of true conjugal love, and others would have received the education of love from them, that is to say, others would have learned how to love from them. If Adam and Eve had children, then who would have officiated at their wedding? As their parents, Adam and Eve themselves would have done this. We need to look seriously at the deficiency of parental involvement in their children’s marriages in today’s society.

The Unification movement, founded by True Parents, is standing in the parental position to give the marriage Blessing to all the peoples of the world. These marriages transcend racial, religious and ethnic differences. By knowing True Parents and being engrafted to them, saints and even evil people are being blessed in marriage. True Parents reject evil love, evil life and evil lineage, yet they do not cast out Cain, who murdered Abel. Everyone, including Cain, receives the same Blessing.

In the ocean, there is a point during the changing of the tides when the forces of the outgoing and incoming tides are at equilibrium. There is a similar turning point in the providence of salvation in the balance between the forces of good and evil. Blessing good and evil people at this turning point can expel Satan completely.

The Fall occurred when there was an error in the garden of Eden that involved marriage. The True Parents have now corrected that error, have restored the original foundation, and are blessing marriages. By clearing up the problems caused by Adam and Eve as fallen parents, the True Parents are eradicating hell and giving the Blessing to tens of billions of ancestors in the spirit world. In other words, by centering on true love and restoring the original true love, true life and true lineage, we are creating the true parent-child relationship.

In this way, we come to fulfill the master plan of love, the model of true love in the eight stages of God’s ideal of creation. That is, we establish the eternal, unchanging true love tradition by going through life in the womb, during infancy, as brothers and sisters, as adolescents which is the engagement period, as newlyweds enjoying conjugal love, as parents, as true parents and, finally, as the kings and queens of love. Upon this foundation, we stand as the full realization of true love, culminating in the parent-child relationship.

Leading the new family revolution and moral revolution

In God, love, life and lineage are absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal. Humanity is to inherit this model of true love. This model will not change for tens of thousands of generations. Centering on true love, we can reach oneness between parent and child, between husband and wife, and between brothers and sisters.

A father becomes the owner or master of love through his son. A husband becomes the owner of love through his wife, and vice versa. An elder brother becomes the owner of love through his younger brother. On the other hand, a child without parents, an individual without a spouse, and an elder brother without a younger brother cannot find the central position, the position of the owner of love.

In order to become the owner of true love, the starting-point is to serve and honor our parents. By doing so, we will attain mind-body unity as individuals, conjugal unity as husband and wife, fraternal unity as brother and sister, and world peace as nations. In this way, we can fulfill all the realms of love defined in the eight-stage ideal model.

Again, the ideal family and ideal nation are where all of us as parents, children, couples, brothers and sisters, and nations want to adopt and master the eight-stage model, centering on true love. From there, eternal world peace will emerge, the kingdom of God on earth will dawn, and the kingdom of God in heaven will blossom.

Beginning from the year 2000, in every corner of the globe, countless blessed families united with the True Parents of Heaven and Earth will initiate a new family revolution and a worldwide moral revolution, centering on true love. God is longing to see the eternal ideal kingdom of God built on earth and in heaven. Let us join in this holy task. I pray that all of you will become the owners of God’s true love.

May God’s abundant blessings be upon you and your families.

Thank you very much.

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