Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 284

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 7: The World of the Culture of Heart
Speech 7: Everything Wants True Love, pg 1042-1044

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Everything Wants True Love

February 13, 2000
Little Angels Performing Arts Center, Seoul, Korea 
Fourth World Culture and Sports Festival Opening Banquet


Distinguished guests from home and abroad:

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to you for coming in spite of your busy schedules to take part in the Fourth World Culture and Sports Festival.

One world under the One God

I have promoted various kinds of peace movements as part of the work to realize God’s Will on earth. Throughout my life I have advocated for a world of true peace through ideal families. The century of division and discord has come to an end. As we hope for peace and unity in the new millennium, we must understand that they cannot be realized if we search for them in a vague manner. The entire world needs to have a detailed blueprint of how we can aspire toward the realization of “One World under the One God”, centering on God’s ideal of creation. We need to implement a concrete, global movement to put it into practice in all areas of life.

At the early age of sixteen, I came to know of Heaven’s Will. Since then, I have communicated freely with sages of the past, including Jesus in paradise. I have overcome various hardships throughout my lifetime as I devoted all my heart and strength with the single thought of achieving God’s Will. I came to know that God’s Will is to construct the kingdom of heaven of freedom, peace and liberation on earth and in heaven. I also came to under- stand that the original relationship between God and human beings is the eternal relationship between the Parent and His children. The human Fall was the severing of this tie, and restoration refers to recovering this connection between our Heavenly Parent and us as His children.

The various peace organizations and international associations I have founded are also part of the work to achieve the Will of God. They are part of continuing work to prepare for one world under God. In particular, the International Blessing Ceremony that you witnessed is God’s strategy to resolve, on a fundamental level, the conflicts between races, religions, and nations, conflicts that arose due to the Fall. The coming together of people of all the races as true husbands and wives is the realization of the sacred ideal that pursues one world under the One God.

Now, at the close of the celebrations of my eightieth birthday and the historic event of the Fourth World Culture and Sports Festival, the title of the speech I would like to share with you is, “Everything Wants True Love.”

Love absolutely requires counterparts

Ladies and gentlemen, what is the most important thing of all, which we need more than anything else? It is not money, power or knowledge. It is true love. True love is more precious than life itself and as important to us as air or water.

Why is true love so precious and important? It is because it is the means by which we can meet God. Just as human beings desire to meet God, God wants to meet true human beings, all because of love. The love by which God can see, touch and share with men and women is the very love by which men and women love each other. If anything other than love were to be recognized as the most valuable thing in the universe, men and women would fight each other to claim it for themselves. However, once we realize that it is love that has the highest value, we can strive to live for each other and become one with each other, sharing the happiness of possessing love together.

Everyone desires love. Love is the only thing that can satisfy the highest human desires. And it is humankind’s and God’s undying attraction to love that makes God’s providence of salvation possible.

Fundamentally, love belongs to God. Yet even God cannot fulfill love all by Himself. Love requires a mutual relationship. A man by himself or a woman by herself cannot experience love. Each woman exists for the sake of a man’s love, and each man exists for the sake of a woman’s love. Regardless of external appearance, each of us desires in our heart a mate with whom we can give and receive the highest degree of love. 

When we examine the universe, we see that all beings exist in pairs relating to one another as subject partner and object partner. In the mineral world, we observe the relationship between particles with plus and minus charges. In the plant world, the animal world and the world of human beings, we see the relationship between masculine and feminine aspects. This is because God created the universe in order to fulfill the expression of love. All beings desire the experience of true love through a mutual relationship. Love is the one power in the universe that absolutely no one can fulfill alone. Once we have a partner, however, love gives us the power to share the entire universe. By the same principle, a husband and wife need children in order to experience the profound joy of parental love.

Thus, we can say that God created human beings and the universe as His reciprocal partners in order to realize true love. All types of love including children’s love, siblings’ love, conjugal love and parental love, come about through the unity of subject and object partners. When two partners become one in true love, it is impossible to separate them. If for any reason separation does occur, true love is destroyed. Therefore, in true love there is no concept of divorce.

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