Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 273

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 6: The Role of Women in Creating the Ideal World
Speech 16: Establishing a World of Moral Principles, pg 995-999

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Establishing a World of Moral Principles

August 20, 1995 Jangchung Gymnasium, Seoul, Korea
Youth Federation for World Peace Korea Rally

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, Youth Federation for World Peace (YFWP) members and representatives from each nation who have filled our stadium! As the founder of this federation, I am overjoyed with the opportunity to extend my gratitude to you on this significant occasion. I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to all of you, as members of YFWP who have exerted great efforts to develop the federation since its establishment on July 26 of last year. I believe that your hard work assuredly will not be in vain. Now YFWP is becoming a base for the unity and coordination of young people who will stand at the forefront of world peace and the building of an ideal society for humankind. I am hoping for your support and backing as the conscientious youth of the twenty-first century who, gathered together within YFWP, will bring peace to humankind and open up a united world.

Dear members of YFWP! I would like to speak about the future direction of YFWP through today’s speech, “Establishing a World of Moral Principles.” As you know well, our current generation faces a serious crisis.

The dehumanization and moral corruption that have followed the sophistication of material civilization have reached their extreme. This is due to human beings betraying their original Parent, God. Because of the Fall of our ancestors, human beings lost touch with their original mind, which focuses on God, and thereby descended into a fallen world.

People who do not know God, who is the standard of absolute values and the absolute center who directs us to goodness, could only fall deeper into the hell of strife, hatred, corruption and depravity. However, God, who is the Parent of humankind, did not forsake human beings. God continued the providence to save us.

God sent numerous prophets, saints and religious leaders to this earth in hopes of saving humankind. Saints such as Jesus, who came two thousand years ago as the Messiah, the Buddha, the Prophet Muhammad, and Confucius were people who worked to guide humanity in the direction of goodness.

The fact that the numerous religions that have remained throughout history fundamentally aim toward goodness can be understood in this way.

Though many religions and ideologies have come and gone in history, an ideal world that gives true peace and happiness to human beings has yet to be realized. This reality demonstrates that the existing religions and ideologies have inherent limitations.

Beloved YFWP members, how can we overcome these limitations? In order to realize the original ideal, we need to unfold a movement based on the culture of heart originating in God’s true love. I came to know God in my youth and have invested my efforts tirelessly and fervently in order to realize God’s purpose throughout history to save humankind. I entreat you as young people to inherit the Will of God and to continuously strive to resemble True Parents. In order to achieve God’s Will, we need first to apply Godism and Head-wing Thought as we aim toward world peace and the reunification of the homeland, and as we stand at the forefront, bringing prosperity and happiness to humankind.

From that viewpoint, the issue of Korean unification, of which we are only too aware, is the task that we must resolve first and foremost. Even though it has been fifty years since the liberation of our people, the Korean Peninsula still is cut in half at the waist.

The division of the Korean Peninsula, which sometimes is called the final ideological conflict, is no longer just the problem of our peninsula. It is becoming a global issue. So we cannot just shout out our slogans; we need to prepare the path to achieve unification and the strength to follow it.

The reason that the Korean Peninsula was divided into North and South was not because our people desired it. It was due to the influence of neighboring powers, such as the two great nations of the United States and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, as well as China, Japan and others.

Therefore, the reunification of North and South cannot happen without changing the existing situation in which the United States, the Russian Federation, China, Japan and other nations continue guiding international order with the division of our nation in place. In other words, I am saying that Korea needs to build its subjective influence in order to have neighboring powers cooperate in unifying the Korean Peninsula. This was the reason that I visited Pyongyang in early December of 1991.

North-South unification has now reached a stage at which it cannot be discussed without the international foundation and influence that I have garnered. This is because even North Korea knows well what I am capable of doing. Recently we have been gaining the North Korean government’s trust in many ways in regard to reunification. This increases the inclination in the North to play an active part. With Godism, and true love for our people, we relate with our North Korean compatriots as brothers and sisters and are advancing a variety of projects in order to provide necessary economic aid with a parental heart.

The Geumgang Mountain development plan, the plan to raise and support light industries and the plan to create the Jeongju Peace Park are among the ways in which we are building the foundation for the unity of our people. In particular, the plan to create the Jeongju Peace Park will be realized centering on my birthplace, which the North Korean government has already designated as a holy ground. The North is helping actively in the work of making the land sacred.

Beloved Youth Federation for World Peace members! What does unity mean? It means to become one with another through true love without any conditions. One must present the most concrete way toward unity through a movement that practices true love, a movement that will allow two to put their trust and faith in one another. Similarly, the unity of our people must occur through the path where the North and South reconcile and cooperate to become one through the absolute true love of God. is is also the reason that we invest in and support North Korea unconditionally. I also have visited many nations in Latin America, where I met each nation’s leader and promised to aid their continent’s vision for unity. This unity of North and South America, which unites Protestantism and Catholicism, will be part of a foundation to unite the world peacefully.

I have faith that YFWP will take a leading role in the unification of our homeland. Please stand at the forefront as conscientious young people working to re-unify our homeland and unite the world into one. Only conscientious and awakened youth are qualified to change history and to guide humankind to a better path.

I believe that the most fundamental standard that corresponds to the human original nature is the conscience. The conscience is the standard through which fallen humankind can find God, its original Parent, again and advance toward a better world. When human beings aim toward goodness according to the standard of conscience, they can complete the realization of an ideal human society.

There have been numerous saints and sages throughout history. Although they realized external unity, they could not realize the unity of mind and body and, as a result, they were unable to resolve a fundamental limitation. Now the True Parents have appeared on the earth focused on God’s true love. They are realizing a true family and a united ideal society and have become the mainstream of God’s providence of salvation.

The True Parents are the mediators who engraft humankind to God. Without True Parents, humankind cannot go before God. True Parents are the ones who show us the only way that humankind can be saved from the Fall. Please, once again deeply remember the meaning of who True Parents are. Please receive True Parents and please follow True Parents to take part in God’s work of saving humankind.

Beloved members! The reason that I founded YFWP was to initiate a movement to save the world. I appointed my wife, Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon, to stand at its head. My wife is not only the mother of thirteen children, she also is leading a true women’s movement as the president of the Women’s Federation for World Peace and is working ardently on a global level to realize an ideal human society. Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon has spoken on hundreds of occasions, including in forty nations throughout the world in 1993, addresses at the United Nations and to the national assemblies of Korea, Taiwan and the United States, and lectures at forty Korean universities. She presents the true path for humankind and is supported and welcomed fervently by those who have attended her speeches.

In the future I hope that YFWP will follow my intent, rally around Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon and become a true light that unites North and South Korea and also opens the way to true salvation for all human beings, who are in darkness.

Youth Federation for World Peace members! True love is to give and give again infinitely. It is the natural heart of forgetting the fact that we have given. Giving unconditionally is certainly the most natural and precious thing. Where there is true love, the human original mind responds and the human conscience wants to stay.

I want all of you who are here today to become practitioners of such true love. I also hope sincerely that all human beings will work with YFWP. My wife and I will advance powerfully so that the life force of infinite true love will reach the entire world in the name of YFWP.

I sincerely hope that you will become the young people who will stand at the forefront of establishing a world of moral principles with true love, true life and true lineage, which will allow people to come closer and closer to the original human nature. The last request I would like to make of you is that you think of yourselves as the true owners of YFWP and think of YFWP as your hands and feet. If you can act in accord with this calling, you undoubtedly will encounter a day when you will feel great pride for this time when you were a member of YFWP. I pray that God’s blessings and grace will be with all of you.

Thank you.

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