Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 265

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 6: The Role of Women in Creating the Ideal World
Speech 12: The Role of Women in the Era after the Coming of Heaven and the Mission of the Women’s Federation for World Peace, pg 964-966

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The Role of Women in the Era after the Coming of Heaven and the Mission of the Women’s Federation for World Peace

March 5, 2012
ANA Intercontinental Hotel, Tokyo, Japan 
Commemoration of the Twentieth Anniversary of the Women’s Federation for World Peace
(True Mother’s speech)

Distinguished guests from Japan and abroad and Japanese members of the Women’s Federation for World Peace:

This year marks the twentieth anniversary of the founding of the Women’s Federation for World Peace. I look at our footsteps during the past nineteen years and return glory to God and the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, who have worked in the background to help WFWP to develop and grow worldwide. I would also like to express my deepest gratitude to the WFWP members who are working hard in various parts of the world, and especially to the Japanese members for your endeavors.

The background of the founding of WFWP

The message I am presenting today is titled, “The Role of Women in the Era after the Coming of Heaven and the Mission of WFWP.” It is based on the words given at the “Cosmic Assembly for the Settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind who, as God’s Embodiment, Proclaim the Word.”

My husband, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, declared the “Advent of the Global Era of Women” at the Inaugural Assembly of the Women’s Federation for World Peace held in April 1992 in Seoul, Korea, which was attended by women representatives from some seventy nations and by one hundred fifty thousand Korean women. That day marked the beginning of great strides that will be of huge significance for women in world history. It was the start of a global transition in which the primary role of developing and leading history is shifting from men to women.

On that day Rev. Moon emphasized, “The true workers who will bring an end to the world of war and violence, oppression, exploitation and crime, a world led by men until now, are the women of this era, who will realize an ideal world overflowing with peace, love and freedom.” He also encouraged women to become leaders who can equip themselves with the Head-wing Thought and Godism, the basic worldviews of WFWP, and take the lead in a new peace movement.

Through the years, I shared the bitter pain and anguish experienced by my husband who was persecuted and imprisoned by the forces of injustice as he walked the path of righteousness in accordance with Heaven’s Will. As time passed, I strengthened my resolution to start a new peace movement founded on conscientious and righteous women. Through my keynote address on that inaugural day, I emphasized that we must now establish the model of a true mother, the model of a true wife, and the model of a true daughter and that we need to form ideal families through the true love movement of living first for the sake of our husbands and our children. I stated emphatically that WFWP is not just a movement for women, rather it is the movement for bringing ideal families together to form ideal nations and an ideal world. After the inaugural assembly, I went on a speaking tour around the world, starting with the major cities in Korea, passing through eight cities in Japan, the United States and Europe, going all the way to Moscow, and then on to Africa, Oceania and Asia, including China, to set the foundation for the global organization and expansion of WFWP. I, who had been in the position of following Rev. Sun Myung Moon as he established the victorious tradition of the True Father, now stood on an equal footing with him. The True Mother appeared for the first time in history. Thus, I proclaimed the liberation of women worldwide.

In addition, I played a decisive role in opening the gates to the post-Cold War era. I proposed Rev. Moon’s Head-wing Thought based on Godism as the grand principle for the construction of an eternal world of peace. It is the mission of the Messiah and the Savior to teach humanity the way to end the history of sin, which came about because we lost the way of true parents, true husband and wife, and true children. Wherever I went, I declared before all heaven and earth that my husband Rev. Moon is the man whose life has pioneered the path of the Messiah and the True Parents.

Because Adam and Eve fell on the family level, restoration needs to be achieved in the family. By becoming one with the family of True Parents, the redemption of the family becomes possible and we can achieve perfection. Furthermore, we can go beyond tribes and nations and attain the unity of the world and the unity of earth and heaven. Thus the era of peace and prosperity centered on God can finally unfold before us.

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