Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 259

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 6: The Role of Women in Creating the Ideal World
Speech 8: God, Women and World Peace, pg 941-945

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What the Unification Church offers

The truth that God revealed to my husband is contained in the Divine Principle. Interpreting the history of humankind and the stories of the Bible from the providential viewpoint, the Divine Principle unlocks the answers to questions unsolved for thousands of years. Those who have sincerely studied its contents have found it to be a true gift from God, providing the solutions to the problems facing our society today.

Even in the former communist Soviet Union, government leaders and thousands of young people have found their lives renewed through their studies of our teaching, known as Godism or Head-wing Thought. Finally free from the oppression of communist ideology, they are seeking spiritual truth to guide their nations.

There are countless other testimonies to the power of the Divine Principle to give hope and new life to young people. Last year, in Korea, we held a wedding celebration for thirty thousand couples, all dedicating their lives to one another, to God and to the world. In most families today, parents cannot effectively guide their children, especially in such intimate matters as love and marriage. Yet, my husband and I brought together young people from one hundred thirty one nations and realized their most cherished dreams of love in a historic way.

This was indeed a great miracle of the modern world. In the future, as people come to understand the value and quality of these precious families, millions will seek such marriages. Through them, God can restore the family that Satan destroyed. Such restored, God-centered families are the very building blocks of an ideal nation and world.

World-level foundation to receive True Parents

My dear friends, when Jesus taught about the coming of the Messiah, he told the parable of the virgins who were awaiting the arrival of the bridegroom. This signifies the restoration of the original positions of man and woman, restored Adam and Eve, to the realm of true equality.

When Christianity failed to meet her bridegroom the first time, God’s dispensation had to be delayed by forty years until 1992. At this turning point in the history of restoration, a woman in the position of True Mother has to prepare the world to receive the True Father.

That is why, in April 1992, my husband and I founded the Women’s Federation for World Peace. Last year, with the heart of a True Mother, I visited Korea, Great Britain, the United States, France, Japan, Germany and Italy, as well as Russia, China and Oceania.

I gathered together the women of these nations to form chapters of the Women’s Federation for World Peace. With these events, the nations that had been the worldwide Cain and Abel countries since World War II and the Cold War united to receive the True Mother and prepare again the foundation to meet the True Father.

Based on this foundation, my husband and I can now stand on a worldwide level as the first True Parents. As True Parents, we are ushering in the Completed Testament Age.

At this historic turning point, we have to practice on the worldwide level the principle that an individual’s mind and body have to be united, with God in the central position. To facilitate this, we have founded two organizations working for world peace.

The Interreligious Federation for World Peace represents the mind on the worldwide level. It carries out the internal mission of uniting all the world’s religions on the foundation of God’s love. The Federation for World Peace, on the other hand, represents the body on the worldwide level. It pursues the external mission of building ideal societies with leaders in every field of human endeavor, including politics, economics, media, academia, science and the arts.

The first true family 

Looking at the vertical perspective of love, Adam and Eve could have related directly with God by developing in themselves the four types of love: children’s love, sibling’s love, conjugal love and parental love. Therefore, Adam and Eve originally would have grown through four realms of heart, based on God’s true love, achieving the completion of the levels of children, siblings, couple, and parents. In this manner, they would have achieved what we may call the perfected, or true family.

Adam and Eve were to have become role models for the members of their family. Their children would have looked to their parents as ideal role models. They would have become brothers and sisters who loved each other as their parents loved them. They would have become married couples resembling the husband-wife relationship of their parents.

Finally, with the birth of children, they would have established more true families, resembling that of their parents.

In such a fashion, by establishing ideal, unbreakable families that fulfill the vertical and horizontal unity between parents and children, brothers and sisters, and husbands and wives, we can finally build the eternal basis for God’s Kingdom on earth as well as in heaven. Thus, all families in the world originating from the same God-centered ancestors, Adam and Eve, will have equal, divine value.

In every true family, grandparents will be in the position of kings and queens representing God and good ancestors. Parents will be in the position of kings and queens representing present-day humanity, and children will be in the position of princes and princesses representing all future descendants. When all three generations are united, past, present and future will live together in harmony.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is my great privilege to announce to you the establishment of the first perfected True Family. My husband and I, together with our thirteen children and twenty grandchildren, are absolutely dedicated to serving God and humanity. With three generations in one family, we have achieved on the family level the central root of grandparents, the central trunk of parents and the central bud, children of the biblical tree of life. It is our sincere hope that you will symbolically graft into this tree of life by joining us in our efforts to create an ideal nation and world. This marks the beginning of the Completed Testament Age.

The process of tribal messiahship

Ladies and gentlemen, at the dawn of the Completed Testament Age, the time has come for each family to take up the messianic mission of completing the work of salvation throughout the world. After restoring your family, the next step is to restore your tribe, nation and the world. We call this process tribal messiahship.

In the Completed Testament Age, the mother’s role will be crucial. She has to unite her children and her husband, and link her family with the True Parents. Already we have sent thousands of tribal messiah missionaries around the world. Soon the original ideal of the family will be achieved worldwide.

As the world enters the Completed Testament Age, we will live with God again. Realizing this, we have to accomplish the unity of our minds and bodies, husbands and wives, and parents and children. We can then establish ideal families, based on God’s love.

With such families, the symptoms of our decaying society will vanish. As confident children of God, we no longer will be enslaved by the temptations of alcohol and drug abuse. Moreover, by understanding the holiness of love between husband and wife, we will possess the moral strength to stand strong against infidelity and promiscuity. Finally, we will work as a whole to eliminate war, racial and religious prejudice and world hunger.

Based on this foundation, we can realize a world of true happiness, freedom and peace. In such a world there will be heartfelt compassion for the needs of others, and the nations of the world naturally will cooperate to preserve peace and justice. A situation such as the tragedy we are witnessing in Bosnia today would evoke a resolute and united determination among the world’s nations to provide both effective material relief and a swift peaceful solution.

Therefore, understanding that this is God’s vision for humanity, let us join together; all nations as one, under God, to bring peace and reconciliation to every corner of the world afflicted with suffering and conflict.

Honored guests, ladies and gentlemen, it is my hope that people of all faiths and nationalities gathered here this afternoon will understand this message with a deep heart and an open mind. I sincerely pray that by upholding the Will of God, we all can reach the place of God’s blessing.

May God bless you, your families and your nations.

Thank you very much.

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