Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 252

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 6: The Role of Women in Creating the Ideal World
Speech 5: Women Will Play a Leading Role in the Ideal World II, pg 912-916

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The Messiah comes to Korea

Dear WFWP members and friends who are attending this rally! The question we face today is how we can guide this society, in which all kinds of sexual crimes, immorality and corruption that threaten to destroy our families are rampant. If we cannot resolve the problem of unprincipled sexual relations, human society will bring destruction upon itself. We can already see the beginnings of that. A natural consequence of the disorder of sexual morality, about which Heaven has warned humankind, is the often fatal disease known as AIDS, among other sexually transmitted diseases.

Jesus said he would return in the Last Days of this sinful world. Jesus at the Second Advent will come as the True Father of humanity and show us the path of the true children, true couples and true parents, which all men and women in the world need to follow. Only then can the fundamental problems of all humankind—fornication and sexual corruption that originated from original sin—finally be resolved. This is truly the ultimate Gospel that will save humanity from this world of sinfulness.

It is the mission of the Messiah and Savior to teach humanity the way to bring an end to the history of sin, which became twisted when humanity lost the path of the true parents, true couple and true children. I declare today before the entire world that my husband, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, is the man who pioneered this path of the Messiah and the True Parents for his entire life. My husband continued to pioneer the future of humanity by disclosing God’s purpose of creation and revealing the original sin committed by our first ancestors, even while he was subjected to the ruthless persecution and oppression of the evil world.

According to the Unification Principle, all religious believers uphold the ideal of the Second Advent of their founder. The second advent of Maitreya Buddha, the True Man, the New Confucius, as well as the Second Coming of Jesus are all realized through the second coming of the one Messiah, the True Parent of humanity, and through that one Messiah all religions are bound to become united as well.

However, the Messiah and True Parent who comes again is not Jesus. Jesus died two thousand years ago; he will not come again, riding in the sky on the clouds. Rather, a new person who has inherited the mission of Jesus will be born on this earth. The nation in which that man will be born is Korea. Though it may be astonishing, the Messiah who is the True Parent of humanity will come as a Korean who speaks the same language as we do.

Then when will the Messiah come? According to the Unification Principle, the time when this sinful world is brought to an end is the Last Days, and the Messiah of the Second Advent is supposed to come in the Last Days. The Last Days correspond to the period of about eighty years from the end of the First World War to the year 2000. This period corresponds to the transition period of world history in which the Lord of the Second Coming and the True Parents of humanity will be born in this land of Korea. The Last Days are a time when the world filled with sin, war and conflict will be transformed into the ideal world of goodness overflowing with freedom and peace.

Therefore, this will be an age of great chaos, when conflict and struggle between good and evil take place on all the levels from the individual to the family, tribe, people, nation and world. During this period humanity went through the First and Second World Wars. Even after the Second World War there was unceasing conflict and struggle between the two camps of democracy and communism. Meanwhile Korea suffered for forty years as a colony under Japanese rule followed by the Korean War and the division of South and North Korea. Even now it remains the last divided nation in the world.

The unification of North and South Korea will lead the world toward peace and unity

A divided Korean Peninsula is the manifestation at the global level of the original seed of good and evil planted by the separation between Abel and Cain and brought about through the Fall of our first ancestors. In other words, communism in North Korea is the global fruit of the Cain-type worldviews and systems that have appeared in the course of history. It has formed an atheistic, communist nation that denies religious values; it is the stronghold of worldwide communism.

In contrast, South Korea, the fruit of all Abel-type worldviews and systems that have appeared in the course of history, is a nation where religions flourish, second to none in the world. It has become a representative nation of the free world. In other words, the Korean Peninsula is an encapsulation representing the entire world. The entire world has been divided into good and evil, and Korea is the final battleground between the South, separated to stand on the side of goodness, and the North, separated to stand on the side of evil. Therefore, the unification of the South and the North on the Korean Peninsula is the key to world peace and unity. For this reason, the reunification of South and North Korea is not just a political agenda. It assumes the providential historical aspect of being the gateway to restoring the kingdom of heaven on earth, which is the ultimate goal of the history of God’s providence of salvation. In other words, Korean reunification stands as the gateway to realizing the ideal world of interdependence, mutual prosperity and universally shared values. This is a multidimensional task, as it relates to innumerable spirits who have passed through the physical world.

Accordingly, the unification of Korea is not a problem that can be solved by politicians alone. That is why my husband, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, who knows all too well about this Will of Heaven concerning the Korean Peninsula, took decisive action by visiting North Korea for seven days in early December of 1991. He met with President Kim Il Sung, ruler of North Korea, and notified him of the Will of Heaven in regard to the matter of the reunification of the Korean Peninsula.

My husband clearly said, “The unification of South and North Korea cannot be brought about through Juche ideology. The unification of South and North Korea can be brought about only through Godism and Unification Thought, which is the Head-wing Thought proposed by Rev. Moon. This nation then will become a unified Korea that can lead the entire world.” In regard to their constant refrain that the Korean War started when the South attacked the North, my husband directly told President Kim that the war was caused when the North first attacked the South.

I have accompanied my husband as he visited nations worldwide and met with many heads of state. However, on our visit to Pyongyang, we could not help our feelings of unprecedented grim resolution and serious determination. Our visit was similar to the story in the Bible of when Jacob impressed his brother, Esau, who had intended to kill him. Through his indescribable hardships, wisdom and devotion, Jacob moved his brother’s heart to such an extent that they finally were able to make peace with one another. My husband and I similarly concluded our conference with Kim Il Sung of North Korea with a successful reconciliation.

Now the unification of South and North Korea has not been left in the hands of politicians alone. It has become a matter in which God can intervene. Rev. Moon is working hard, day and night, to have his worldwide foundation help achieve the unification of South and North Korea in accordance with the Will of God, and construct the ideal world of peace, free from immorality and corruption.

The words I have spoken today are not contents believed by only a few Unification Church members who follow my husband and me. Leading figures of every field of life and young men and women in more than one hundred sixty nations are working hard to realize a new world of unity filled with freedom and peace, in accordance with these teachings. In various parts of the world Korea is already revered as the nation to which the True Parents of humanity have come. The number of people coming to Korea to learn its language, culture and customs is rapidly increasing.

Women must fight to realize a united world

The Women’s Federation for World Peace is a global women’s organization inaugurated by representatives of more than seventy nations and one hundred fifty thousand Korean mothers. On April 10 at the Seoul Olympic Stadium we launched this organization as the fundamental cure to address and remedy the reality of our families threatened by the degeneration of sexual morality, the spread of drug use, and all kinds of depraved and disordered sexual relationships.

Our task is urgent. We need to redirect the future of human society, now corrupted by all sorts of lewd and degenerate behavior, and the fallen social climate in which men have oppressed women. Our march to learn and practice the duties of true parents, true couples and true children finally has taken form in the Family Federation for World Peace. We need to make certain that immorality and corruption cannot take root anywhere across the five oceans and six continents of this planet. We must quickly prepare to usher in the new world that will bring an end to the lineage of evil that has plagued humanity ever since our ancestors committed the original sin of immorality in the garden of Eden.

Until now, no one has been able to do anything about immorality and illicit love, which continues to bring ruin to humanity. The new expression of truth that brings hope to resolve this problem completely and faultlessly has sprung up in the land of Korea in this age in which we live. This new teaching revealed by True Parents will become the light of humanity, which will unify South and North Korea and construct the world of peace. Let us all stand up together to become the women warriors who can build a world of unity overflowing with freedom, peace and happiness, by learning this new principle and rejecting this world of sinfulness that has tormented us since the onset of history.

Let us walk the path of the true mother. Let us walk the path of the true wife. Let us walk the path of the true daughter.

Thank you.

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