Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 244

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 6: The Role of Women in Creating the Ideal World
Speech 3: The Unity of the World and Humankind’s Responsibility, pg 885-888

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The Unity of the World and Humankind’s Responsibility

April 10, 1992 Olympic Stadium, Seoul, Korea
Inauguration of the Women’s Federation for World Peace and Seoul Rally of the Women’s Federation for Peace in Asia
(True Mother’s speech)

Distinguished guests, representatives of the Women’s Federation for World Peace from seventy countries, women leaders and members of the Women’s Federation for Peace in Asia:

First, let me express my deep gratitude that such a tremendous crowd has gathered today for this grand occasion, to establish the Women’s Federation for World Peace and to hold the Seoul rally of the Women’s Federation for Peace in Asia. By your presence, you bring blessing to our federation’s future, and inspire us to redouble our determination to achieve world peace. This may be the first time that women have taken the initiative by gathering in such a large number in one place. I am certain that from this day forward, women around the world will come to understand their noble role ordained by God and that a road will be opened for us to build an ideal world filled with peace, happiness and freedom. To mark this occasion, I would like to speak to you on the topic of “The Unity of the World and Humankind’s Responsibility.”

On November 30 of last year, I accompanied my husband, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, on a visit to North Korea. During our one-week stay, we met President Kim II Sung and other leaders and toured a number of sites.

Throughout the years I have been at my husband’s side, I have been a witness to the countless sleepless nights he has spent praying for the unification of our homeland, and to the great sacrifices he has made to bring the reality of today’s world in line with the direction of God’s providence. His recent trip to North Korea was another illustration of his willingness to place his life at risk whenever necessary. Rev. Moon is a well-known religious leader, and this fact alone makes him a person despised by communists. In addition to that, he is also the world’s greatest leader working for victory over communism. North Korea is well known for its rigid ideological regime. The leaders of that society long ago identified Rev. Moon as their greatest enemy and launched thousands of malicious attacks against him around the world. Yet, Rev. Moon visited that country with only the spirit of God to protect him, and preached the commandments of Heaven to its highest echelon, saying, “Unification cannot be brought about through your Juche ideology. We must unite through Godism.”

The purpose of our North Korean visit was not to establish joint ventures or to seek ways to make money. Neither did we go there hoping to visit our hometowns or to meet our relatives. We went in accordance with the will of God, carrying with us God’s heart of true love that seeks always to give unconditionally. Our purpose was to testify to the commandments of Heaven, so that the leaders of that society could realize what they must do in order to open the floodgates for true unification. Rev. Moon was received in North Korea as a state guest of the highest order, yet he did not rest comfortably for even one night. Every night during our stay, he spent his time in fervent prayer so as to bring convergence with heavenly fortune and to establish before God the conditions for reunification. Unification of the Korean Peninsula will not be brought about solely through political negotiations or commercial trade. Unification is possible only by means of the fortune of Heaven together with God’s true love. This is because reunification is connected directly to the providence of God as a necessary step toward world unity.

Truth from Heaven

Today is a historic occasion in which women leaders have gathered from around the world. I would not want to detract from this occasion by merely giving a few words of ceremonial greeting. Instead, I want to deliver a declaration emphasizing the teachings of Rev. Moon, which are rooted in the heart of God that transcends past, present and future. My words today are a declaration before heaven and earth, with history as my witness. The words I am about to speak may seem unfamiliar to some of you, however they deal with the truths of heaven that all women today have to understand.

We live in a diseased world whose destruction is inevitable. Every day we hear the ugly sounds of its final death rattle. We can trace the origin of this disease to our first ancestors, who lost their position in paradise. Our first ancestors contracted a serious disease. In religious terms, this event is referred to as the human Fall. History began in a diseased state. Satan and this diseased state have been the central focus of human history. The tragedy of human history is that it originated with Satan, the lord of evil who took a position against God’s ideal of creation, and with the marriage of Adam and Eve as the children of evil. Inevitably, human beings inherited Satan’s love, Satan’s life and Satan’s lineage. The human reproductive organs, by which husband and wife are intended to join together in virtue, were originally intended to be temples of true love, true life and the true lineage. Love needs to be an experience in which a husband and wife join in a virtuous union to procreate children who will carry on the lineage. The center of life is love, and the human lineage is transmitted by means of the love and life of a husband and wife. The linkage of love, life and lineage is what gives history its continuity.

After the Fall, the human race has been held captive by Satan’s love, Satan’s life and Satan’s lineage. Adam and Eve were in their youth when they sowed the seeds of false love, false life and false lineage.

Thus, when the Last Days come, we can expect the increase of moral decadence among young people to expand into a global phenomenon. In fact, we live in just such a time now. Satan used fallen love as a condition to create a lair of sin in which an eternal blow could be struck against God’s ideal of true love. With the relaxation of standards concerning sexual behavior, the increasing moral decadence of young people and the plague of drug addiction in our societies, Satan has been able to work to destroy family structure and traditional values in order to turn this world into an earthly hell.

Thus, it has become impossible to find anywhere a true man, true woman, true brothers and sisters, a true husband and wife or true parents. Until now, there could be no hope of creating a true society, true nation or true world. The world has to understand that Satan exists and that he has brought about the fallen reality we face today. With this knowledge, we can find the cause of the disease and uncover the origin of the Fall.

We must reveal to the world that Satan, Adam and Eve formed a trinity of evil, and that it is up to us to restore the original Trinity of God, Adam and Eve that is in accordance with the ideal of creation. For this issue to be resolved, someone must testify to the fact that Satan committed sin, and clearly explain the fundamental truths concerning the sin committed by our first ancestors. God and Satan have always known all the details about the Fall.

There were many things that Adam did not understand, however, because he was still young at the time. In the Last Days, the restored and completed Adam will come and make all this information known. He will reveal the sins committed by Satan through the course of history. When he comes, it will be possible to expel Satan from this world. For the first time, human beings will be able to make a fundamental change in direction toward a world of hope, peace, happiness and freedom.

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