Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 236

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 5: Absolute Values and New World Order
Speech 26: Globalization and the Media: Looking to the Twenty-first Century, pg 854-856

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The greatest problems will be immorality and corruption

Where do you think Rev. Moon gets this ability to predict historic changes in the world situation? I would like to tell you quite honestly the reason. Without any doubt it is that, as a religious leader, I stand in close communion with God. I have an absolute commitment to bring about God’s plan and God’s Will for the future of humankind.

I have consistently appealed to leaders in all fields of life—those entrusted by God to prepare to build the future world—so that they may fulfill their responsibilities.

The age of the Cold War is coming to a close. Humankind is at a critical point. We need to prepare for a new millennium in which we can live on earth as brothers and sisters under one God, based on the principles of interdependence, mutual prosperity and universally shared values. We need to ensure that the world of the twenty-first century and beyond will be a world of peace, in which all humankind will be able to live in freedom and prosperity, sharing in love and happiness.

The issue of ideological confrontation between East and West has ended. We now need to resolve the issue of the difference in economic standards between North and South. I have previously advocated the sharing of technology and the construction of the International Peace Highway. This arises from my insight that humanity needs to be united as one family and live in a state of interdependence.

Now, as the East-West Cold War has ended and science and technology are advancing day by day, the world can grow into a single community. But do you think that humankind will automatically live in peace and happiness? Absolutely not. During the twenty-first century, human society will face issues even more fundamental and more dangerous than those of the Cold War.

According to what I have perceived, the most serious problem that will beset humankind in the future world will be the issue of immorality and moral decadence destroying family values. Moral decadence is truly the original sin that pushes humanity into the abyss of suffering and despair. Whether the world of the future will resemble heaven or hell will be determined by whether we can establish a moral code that sustains the purity of the family and protects family values.

Is it possible that issues faced in common by many countries throughout the world—such as the moral decline of young people, endless drug-related crimes, rising divorce rates, family breakdown and the spread of AIDS and illicit sex—can be resolved by means of political power? Until now, we have been unable to solve these problems even through education in schools or religious instruction.

What good will economic prosperity and political freedom do a society if it is unable to resolve the issues that cause all its families to live in agony? Humankind has come to a point where it has to find a teaching that protects and uplifts family values, and a method to put such a teaching into practice. In the post-Cold War age, we need to protect and uplift family values.

This is the most important message that I would like to give to you journalists who are participating today, representing all journalists around the world.

The global Blessing movement is the twenty-first century revolution 

Currently, the third World Culture and Sports Festival is taking place here in Washington, D.C., and the international Blessing ceremony will be on November 29, at the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium and around the world. Initially, it was planned that 3.6 million couples would participate in the Blessing event. Surprisingly, though, the number of participating couples will exceed 36 million, ten times the original goal and even a few million beyond that. This celebration, encompassing all humankind, will surely be the foundation for a magnificent beginning, encouraging all people of the world to determine to protect and uplift family values.

I ask you journalists assembled here, as well as the leaders who have been participating in this festival, to give us your enthusiastic cooperation on the national level. Let us develop this event into a global festival involving 360 million couples. Expanding and solidifying this movement for true families, so that it becomes a worldwide phenomenon, is surely the most important spiritual and cultural revolution for humankind in the twenty-first century. 

Last June, in remarks commemorating the fifteenth anniversary of the founding of The Washington Times, I announced my intention to establish newspapers in 185 countries and to start a news service to link the entire world as a local community. This enormous project is founded on my conviction about the future that I described above. Springing from my dedication, it is a gift to the people who will live in that future world. I would like to request participation and cooperation in this project on the part of the many distinguished journalists gathered today from around the world.

I hope that you will have very fruitful discussions and debates during this conference.

Thank you very much.

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