Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 230

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 5: Absolute Values and New World Order
Speech 23: God’s Strategy for Victory, pg 831-835

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It was while I was in Danbury prison that I helped to found the American Freedom Coalition, due to my anxiety regarding the decline of the United States. Through a nationwide network the American Freedom Coalition is educating the general public on building a better society. I also recently launched the International Christians for Unity and Social Action (ICUSA). This organization is carrying out the mission of awakening and uniting Christianity through the true love of God.

Although America continues to rebuff me, I have persisted in doing my utmost to awaken this nation to the realization that it bears providential responsibility. God’s strategy to save humankind is to absorb the first blow and suffer the loss but then, through the course of time, to regain even more than what was lost.

Evil, on the other hand, always strikes first and claims initial victory, but ultimately loses everything. As you know, during the First and Second World Wars, and even in the Cold War, the countries that struck first eventually lost. The life of Jesus is an example that best illustrates this principle.

Jesus was persecuted severely, and he died under wretched circumstances. However, as a result of that, billions of people have been following Jesus and returning to God. If righteous individuals endure persecution, their commitment to suffer for their faith plants a seed of respect and admiration in the conscience of their oppressors. Eventually, that seed will grow and transform the hearts of many for generations to come. This quiet revolution of the heart is Heaven’s secret weapon. I have undergone immense hardship in my efforts to pioneer the way to a world of true and just peace.

When I founded The Washington Times, very few people comprehended my intent, let alone offered to help. Nonetheless, because I knew God’s winning strategy, I went forward. I foresaw that this newspaper would be an instrument to save America and the world, even if it meant sacrificing the Unification movement and myself.

The love between God and humankind forms an axis that is a straight, vertical line. On the other hand, the love between Adam and Eve forms a horizontal axis that intersects the vertical one. Therefore, to inherit the love, life and lineage of the two sets of parents, God and Adam and Eve, humankind needs to serve God as the vertical Parent and Adam and Eve as the horizontal parents. Moreover, the mind, which is the vertical self, and the body, which is the horizontal self, unite through true love. At that point, humankind becomes the eternal object partner of God. God and human beings, like a father and his children, need to unite in true love.

Each person’s mind and body also need to unite as one through true love, just like the mind and body of God. However, due to the Fall, humankind came to inherit the love, life and lineage of Satan. Therefore, even though our mind stands on God’s side, our body is under Satan’s control. Consequently, our mind and body are fighting ceaselessly on account of their internal contradictions.

Now is the time for us to awaken America

During our lifetime we have to fulfill the task of overcoming this situation. Knowing this, God established religion as the repair shop to repair us. Religion teaches us ways in which our mind can recover its natural control over our body. Herein lies the reason why the ascetic practices of believers—such as fasting, self-sacrifice and service to others—are always essential requisites among the various forms of religious penance.

The Bible says that Adam and Eve fell because they ate the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Then what did Adam and Eve do after eating that fruit? Instead of covering their mouths or hands, they covered the lower parts of their bodies. This action signifies that Adam and Eve formed their family centering on Satan and not on God. The seed of evil was sown at that time, and it became the origin of the evil lineage that has multiplied generation after generation.

The first human ancestors dried away from God and fell in their adolescence, before reaching perfection in His love. at is the reason why today’s youth in various parts of the world have continued to violate the morals of love, engaging in illicit sexual intercourse just as Adam and Eve did. That also was the cause of the inevitable destruction of obscene and immoral civilizations in history. From the historical viewpoint, Sodom and Gomorrah, and even Rome, were ruined because of immorality. If America follows this path, it too will meet with its destruction.

We need to awaken America now. In the next ten years, our task will be more difficult than ever. We cannot relax just because the fight against communism has ended. Look around you and see what is happening in the most advanced and civilized nations, such as the United States, European nations and major Asian nations.

Who can halt the surging wave of immorality that is sweeping the globe? This is becoming a world that worships hedonism and seeks only to stimulate carnal desires. The war against drugs in this country has been a complete and utter failure. The distribution of drugs is increasing continuously, flooding the world. This is not the way that the mind is seeking. It is the way pursued by the body. It is also the way that leads to death. Someone has to step forward and save humanity from this fallen environment and guide people to the path of salvation.

Ladies and gentlemen, do you know who the Messiah is? The Messiah comes as the True Parents of humanity. The True Parents are meant to eradicate the false roots originating from the false parents and build the kingdom of heaven, where everyone can be free in true love. True Parents are the ones who are coming to fulfill this important task.

When we have found the origin of God’s true love, when our mind and body are united as one, and when we truly wish to live for the sake of others, the eternal and unchanging world of peace will come upon us. That will be the day of glory.

Moreover, the riots that occurred in Los Angeles a few weeks ago confronted us with issues that cannot be solved merely with more police, more laws, more money or more political negotiations. Without the true love of God on earth, that is, without people living and sacrificing for the sake of others, we will not be able to solve such problems.

World peace through the true love revolution

What we need is a revolution, that is, a moral revolution. I call this the true love revolution. And this revolution is needed everywhere. My wife and I currently are establishing organizations to carry out this work in Korea.

Respected leaders! As community leaders, it is important to realize that giving and sacrificing for the sake of others is the only way to establish yourself as the true head of your family and society, and to become a true leader of your nation. When your family, society and nation follow you in practicing the great principles of true love, you will become a champion in the establishment of world peace.

As you may know, I visited North Korea in November of last year. That event shocked the world. It was considered impossible, due to my lifelong stand against communism. As early as 1985, I predicted and proclaimed the downfall of communism and the economic disintegration of the Soviet Union.

In many communist countries I was considered an enemy of the state. My trip, therefore, was a life-threatening venture for my wife and me. Yet I went to North Korea out of love for my country and out of a fervent desire for the reunification of my homeland. I met with President Kim Il Sung, and we had a meaningful dialogue.

Even with differences of opinion, dialogue is always useful. Isolation is always dangerous. One outcome of the meeting was that he promised me to settle the nuclear issue to the satisfaction of the United States. The moment of truth on this issue is coming soon. All in all, I feel that my visit contributed tremendously to easing tensions in Asia and the world.

In that atheistic country I preached that God and true love must be the basis and spirit for national unity and permanent peace. The Reverend Billy Graham is well known for his great work, and he was the first to preach in several communist countries. This time, however, it was my privilege to be God’s instrument and to speak God’s words in communist North Korea.

Today, The Washington Times and its magazines begin another decade of service to America and to God. Even greater challenges lie ahead of us. To meet these challenges, I need every one of you to be a champion. In the next ten years, let us build a moral America, a moral world and a better world for our children. You can surely count on my support.

Ladies and gentlemen, The Washington Times is your newspaper as much as it is mine. Together we will make this great newspaper even greater. May God’s blessing be with you and your family.

Thank you very much.

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