Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 206

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 5: Absolute Values and New World Order
Speech 7: Absolute Values and the Creation of a New World, pg 732-736

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God’s love is the absolute value

To bring unity between the people of the upper and lower classes, we must encourage those of the upper class to embrace those of the lower class and then to be elevated together. In order to accomplish that, a central point of absolute value is needed. That central point is God’s love.

What, then, is the nature of God’s love? It can dwell with members of both the upper class and the lower class. It is never one-directional. It is a force that moves in a spherical manner, capable of revolving freely from the highest point to the lowest. Wherever God’s love appears, it is welcomed by all people everywhere and it creates harmony in all places at all times.

God’s love always possesses absolute value, whenever and wherever it appears. If we have God’s love, we are happy; we feel secure and fulfilled. With such love, though one may be in a low position, he or she still can love those in the upper class, and those who are affluent can love those in the lowest positions. In this way God’s love is infinitely free.

The people who have His love receive a great welcome wherever they go. This is the reason people willingly and wholeheartedly follow Unification Church members wherever they are.

The Unification Church is proclaiming salvation through God’s love. As soon as people come to realize that the new thought the Unification movement is introducing is far more compelling than that of either communism or capitalism, and that the kingdom of heaven on earth will be made a reality by the love of God, all people will be only too happy to accept it.

In order to comprehend truly the situation of the world today, we need to understand the situation of Korea, where God has a special Will, and we need to recognize that within Korea everything exists in a condensed form. For example, the two main trends of contemporary thought, democracy and communism, exist in Korea, and the four major religions, Christianity, Buddhism, Confucianism and Islam, all have firmly established themselves.

As I said earlier, the four greatest nations of the world are confronting each other here in Korea. Thus, everything exists, or at least is represented, within Korea. In God’s dispensation, Korea is responsible to harmonize and unite all these aspects.

In conclusion, Korea is called to accomplish four great tasks, centering on the Unification movement. They are:

  1. Uniting religions through an ecumenical movement
  2. Uniting thought by overcoming materialistic communism through a “victory over communism” movement
  3. Uniting cultures by establishing a new lifestyle combining the cultures of the East and the West
  4. Uniting economy through a new teaching

With God’s love as the absolute value, we of the Unification movement will love all the people of the world even more than our own parents, brothers and sisters, thereby establishing a united world and realizing the kingdom of heaven on earth. With this, the creation of the new world that God and humankind have been longing for will be perfected. Only with God’s love can we achieve true and lasting peace and happiness.

The future of Asia centering on Korea

Through the Unification movement, Korea is capable of bringing about unity in the four areas just mentioned. Of them, the first three are well under way, and we now are focusing on the fourth area, the economic problem. Korea is developing economically at a rapid pace. Nevertheless, Korea still is striving to realize an advanced international level in regard to its economic relationships.

How can this be achieved? To see Korea accomplish this goal is also the mission of the Unification movement. For this purpose, I intend to initiate cooperation between Germany’s high standard of mechanical technology and the industries of Korea. Spiritually, Korea and the Unification movement already have linked Japan and the United States successfully. The United States and Europe already are linked culturally.

God especially blessed and helped Germany and Japan to recover economically after World War II in order to accomplish His dispensation. In particular, Japan has become a gigantic economic power. Even Germany has come to feel threatened by the economic success of Japan. The only way for Germany to protect itself is to join with Korea, produce superior goods at reduced cost and market them in Japan and other places. Likewise, Germany needs to allow the Third World to participate in equal profit sharing. Then if Japan is included in the partnership, the road to global economic unity will be opened.

Realistically, as long as the hegemonic policies of communist forces continue to exist in the world, there can be no such thing as the advent of world peace, and economic unity is also impossible. If Korea, the United States, Germany, Japan and China could unite as one, they could stand against possible invasion by the Soviet Union on a global level. Though it is a communist nation, at present China wishes to maintain friendly relations with Japan, the United States and Germany in the hope of modernizing itself as quickly as possible. Furthermore, viewed historically, China never would choose to get close to the Soviet Union.

The United States is strengthening its military preparations quickly to fight against the Soviet Union. It also is trying to join forces with Japan, Germany and China. However, Japan does not show any desire to build up its military capabilities, due to its past circumstances and internal situation. 

On the other hand, from a national perspective Korea is currently very enthusiastic about building up its military forces. The United States is considering whether Korea could function as the axis. Because Korea is too small by itself, America would consider creating an alliance between Korea and China so that together these countries could serve as the axis in the defense against the Soviet Union. However, China desires the development of its heavy industries. Because its foundation is rather weak, such development will require a long period and will not happen until some time in the future.

Even if China tried to adopt the advanced industrial technology of a country like Germany, this feat would be beyond its capacity because it is geographically too far away and the differences between the two cultures are just too great. However, there is a better way that China could choose at this point, which would be to employ the service of the three million Koreans living in the northeastern parts of China.

In this way, China could make extensive use of the technologies of Korea and Germany, and this is why the Unification Church is trying to connect it to Korea and Germany. Korean residents living abroad link China, Japan and the United States. Based on Korea’s historical record, showing that it never once has invaded another nation, China would accept without difficulty Korea’s proposal to act in concert with it. So even if Japan does not desire to strengthen its own military preparations, these weapons could be produced by China, because it possesses the technology and skills to make weapons.

We can now arrive at a definite conclusion. If Korea could fulfill this role together with the Unification Church, it could strengthen our defense against the Soviet Union by transferring the technology of Japan, Germany and the United States to China. Further, it could link the highest technologies to the Third World, helping to pave the road to world peace.

All these countries will realize that it is mutually profitable for them to join with Korea as a mediator. The three East Asian countries could form an economic alliance, with the United States and Germany connected to them. In this way, I believe we can prevent the threat of Soviet communism and also pave the way to victory. In this sense, Korea is becoming a new base for an East-West civilization, and it is emerging as the center of the Pacific civilization. 

My proposal

In conclusion, I would like to make a proposal. It is to construct a Great Asian Highway zone that would run through China, Korea and Japan and eventually link the world by constructing a Great Free World Highway zone to connect the whole world. This would be a great international highway, around which freedom would be guaranteed. The highway would go through Mainland China, down the Korean Peninsula from north to south, through a tunnel or over a bridge to Japan, and north through the four main Japanese islands.

If this highway were constructed, the three Asian countries would be linked through the highway and become one. The economic and cultural exchange between them would be so robust that it would enable them to form an Asian Common Community. China also would agree to this, as would Korea and Japan, without a second thought. Then the United States and Germany would come to take part in it automatically.

If this plan were carried out according to the framework suggested here, free exchanges would become the norm among all the people of the East Asian countries and, as a result, North Korea would give up any thought of unifying the peninsula militarily. It would come to embrace peaceful ways of unification. Thus, by uniting the Asians in this way, eventually it would become possible to connect the upper and lower classes of the world, with Asians serving as mediators.

In order to realize such an ideal concretely, the Korean diaspora in Japan, the United States and China could be connected to form a technological development group. This automatically would align the policy direction of Japan and the United States. Based on this new economic partnership, a highway that guarantees freedom could be extended worldwide. Through completing the unrestricted Asian highway and realizing the long-cherished ideal of uniting the upper and lower classes, people could migrate freely.

With Asia as its starting point, a realistic, united economic sphere could be established, connecting the East and West, North and South, in a new civilization. This would result in peace and a new world centering on God’s love, which is the absolute value. In this transitional age, when Western civilization joins that of the East, meeting in a new Pacific civilization, I sincerely hope that all of you distinguished participants, coming from more than one hundred countries to this memorable International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences in Korea, will gain deep insight into these matters and offer your concrete cooperation.

Thank you very much.

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