Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 193

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 4: The True Family Movement
Speech 14: ​​True Families: Gateway to Heaven, pg 680-683
Chapter 4: Our Course of Life
Section 4: Our life course
Section 5: The original homeland
Section 6: The wrong standard of birth

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Section 4. Our life course

Since the society, nation and world in which we live are far from ideal, all manner of suffering occurs and good and evil are at cross-purposes. If we were to look at a hundred people, we would find them all struggling against their surroundings and pushing against their environment in an effort to carry on their daily lives.

Our experience in our daily lives tells us that no one can be confident that daily tasks planned in the morning will be accomplished during that day. The wider the environment in which we work, the greater the drive and determination needed to bring a victorious conclusion in each day of our life. If these are lacking, the day cannot be a day of victory. Such days turn into months and months into years.

We lack the environment to live even one month according to our plan. To bring about victory for a month, we need the drive and determination necessary to break through all the complicated situations and circumstances we meet during that month. Otherwise, we cannot carry out our plan for the month victoriously.

Getting through a year successfully requires us to be equipped with a fighting spirit or driving force that can thrust aside all the challenges of each and every one of its three hundred sixty-five days. Otherwise, we cannot celebrate that year victoriously. If we live a year like that and continue in this vein, eventually it will add up to ten, and then twenty, and then thirty years, and that eventually becomes our life course.

People living on earth today cannot escape from the constraints of time. That has been true throughout history. Individuals, families, tribes, people, nations and the world all move within the realm of time.

Wherever there are people, there are always purposes to accomplish. We need to live our lives with those purposes at the center for ten, twenty, thirty, seventy years and, indeed, our entire lives. The greater our goal, the stronger our internal commitment needs to be. Otherwise, we will not accomplish those purposes. Unless we maintain an internal determination that surpasses the goal through the process called time, the goal will be unattainable.

Section 5. The original homeland

You may not know the reality of the spirit world; however, I enjoy the special benefit from God of having a clear insight into that unknown world. When I went down to the fundamental level of that world, I found it is based on simple principles. It is a world that can be entered only by those who live for the sake of others, which is God’s principle for heaven and earth. The world structured along these lines is the ideal heavenly kingdom.

That place is the original homeland that humankind must seek. Today, although we are exiles from our original homeland and live in a fallen environment, we are destined to return there. Throughout the course of history, God has worked to create a path enabling us to return, because we could not do so by our own forts.

This is why God raised up many different religions. They are training grounds through which He has been directing all people along that path, whatever their race, cultural background, customs and traditions. Religions are the training grounds for preparing people to become eligible to return to the original homeland. Taking into account the diverse cultural backgrounds of people all across the globe, God is leading humanity toward a united world of religion that can progress upward onto higher ground.

If religions were to guide people to such a homeland, what would they teach? They must teach people to live for the sake of others. The more highly developed a religion is, the more it emphasizes this principle. These religions teach their adherents to be gentle and meek, to stand in a position to elevate others, live for their sake, and serve them sacrificially. All this serves to instill in us the discipline we need to abide by the laws of the kingdom of heaven. What is our life path? It is the path of possessing God’s love. Possessing God’s love is life’s highest and final destination. Men must go this path, and women must go as well. Everyone must go this way.

Our life path is to seek the God of infinite love. The loftiest path for our lives is the path that seeks God’s love by crossing over the peaks of death tens and even hundreds of times and continues in that search even after death.

What is the endpoint of our desires? It is to possess God’s love. Even if we say we know God, unless this brings us a more precious love than we have known before, we cannot say that God is our God. We need to come to experience God’s love. If we only had God’s love, it would be all right even if He were not present. Once we have God’s love, what is His becomes ours and ours becomes His, and the internal and the external become as one for the first time. A nation based on such love would be an ideal homeland, with no such thing as higher and lower classes.

When we are surrounded by that place of love, we feel there is nothing under the sun that does not appear good and that does not exist for our sake. Because God’s love is like that, the heavenly world, which is humankind’s destination—the kingdom of heaven—is a place filled with love.

Section 6. The wrong standard of birth

People in today’s world may boast that they are high and important or tell you about their academic degrees, but what they do not realize is that they were misbegotten at birth. They do not know that they were born with the love, life and lineage of Satan, God’s enemy. This is a serious problem.

Due to the Fall, people have been born from Satan’s love, which was passed down to them through their parents. Satan’s blood was flowing in the life of our mothers and in the life of our fathers, and that blood now flows in each person. Each person is a fruit of this lineage.

For this reason, each of you belongs to the lineage of Satan. In other words, you could say that Satan’s blood is running through your veins. So while Satan is bearing his corrupt fruit automatically, God is striving to redeem those very men and women by transforming them into the pure and perfected people of His original vision. Your beginning was in Satan’s love. You were born from his lineage.

The beginning was wrong. Since the beginning was wrong, you must return to the original point. So we are going to go back. To where exactly do we go back? We need to go back to the origin. Since we originated from false parents, we need to return and start anew from true parents. How serious is this? It is imperative to inherit God’s love, life and lineage afresh.

This is why, when you receive the Blessing, you undergo a ceremony to change your lineage. You must believe in this more than your own life. Just because it is a Unification Church ceremony, you must not think of it as some ordinary ritual. ink of it as a wonder drug, an antidote, to restore the dead back to life.

Our ancestors made a mistake. Because of this, countless people throughout the course of human history have suffered. Knowing this, we cannot go that same path again. Never again! We paid a ghastly price throughout history for having perpetuated illicit love in the fallen spirit and earthly worlds, with far-reaching consequences for individuals, families, societies, nations and the world.

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