Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 187

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 4: The True Family Movement
Speech 14: ​​True Families: Gateway to Heaven, pg 660-663
Chapter 2: The Human Course Centered on Love
Section 4: What is God’s love like?
Section 5: God’s blessing to inherit love and joy

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Section 4. What is God’s love like?

You need to learn about God’s love. How can we characterize God’s love? It can be compared to an environment of a warm spring day. White clouds gently float in the sky, waves of warm air shimmer up from the ground, insects fly around, ants crawl in and out of their nest to see the world, willow blossoms are in bloom down by the stream, frogs sing new songs of spring, bees swarm and butterflies flutter. You feel intoxicated by these surroundings. You feel that you are about to doze off; however, in reality you are awake and feel so good that you want to remain in this state forever.

This is how God feels when He finds His ideal partner. It is as if He is in a beautiful flower garden, with butterflies and bees flying around. Does it make you feel good to think of this, or does it make you feel bad? These dull-witted men over here may not understand this. It feels good. When you run into someone whom you are pleased to see, you hold his hand firmly and shake hands. When someone joyfully says, “Wow, it’s been a long time!” and holds your hand firmly, does it make you feel good or bad?

When you are glad to see someone, do you hold hands tightly or not? Do you like it when someone grasps your hand firmly? [Audience: “Yes, we do.”] You mean, you want to like it. How can you say you like it? You have to know the person in order to like it. If you don’t know the person, how can you like it when he grabs your hand? If it is someone you like, then once you grasp each other’s hands, you cannot let go. What about these young ladies here? Think of how it will be when you are married and your husband loves you. Will you feel good or bad?

It’s important for people to be straightforward. If your husband loves you, you will feel as though there is nothing in the world you would rather have. You want to live your whole life just staying by his side. It is nice to watch as a man with hands like the front hooves of a cow gently takes the hand of a woman.

Those are the kind of movies that are nice to watch. If the woman were to say to the man, “Oh, you have such pretty hands,” the man would be offended. This is how it is.

Love is eternal. Love is not two; it is one. You become as one. When a man and a woman become a couple and love each other, they are bonded together. Of course, this does not happen literally; yet in heart they reach a level even higher than this. That is God’s love. If you live with such love, will you become one or not? Think about it. You are destined to become one.

When a man and a woman fall in love, all sorts of strange things happen, don’t they? But if you find a way to really taste God’s love, you will see that it cannot be compared to anything in this world. Once you have tasted this kind of love, no amount of difficulty or sorrow can defeat you. Such a realm of absolute liberation does exist. The question is how to find it.

God’s love can be divided into three major forms. These are children’s love, conjugal love and parental love. The center where these three forms converge into one is God’s love.

Section 5. God’s blessing to inherit love and joy

A glorious new morning will dawn when God assumes a physical body. Even more glorious will be the moment when He has a couple, husband and wife, whom He can love. Still more glorious will be the moment when God can love His grandchildren; that moment will be more thrilling than when He first loves His son and daughter.

How do you think God would have let Adam know how happy He felt at the moment He created him? God would have had to teach Adam, saying, “Here, this is how happy I was.” We learn about God’s happiness only when we have our own sons and daughters. When children are young, they can’t comprehend parental love, yet they come to understand it later when they marry and have their own babies. Then they say, “So this is how my parents loved me when they were raising me.” The day when your child takes a spouse is a day of glory, and the day when your child becomes a parent is also a glorious day.

We need to know God’s love. We need to have experienced children’s love and to be able to serve our parents. We need to have experienced conjugal love and to know how to serve our spouse. We need to have experienced parental love and to know how to care for our children. We ought not just order them around; we have to understand and serve them as well. Only then can we understand God’s love. Without children, we are incomplete. We cannot fully understand God’s love.

Until now we have had no idea how much God has loved human beings, His children. Without the experience of being a husband, a man cannot know what it is like to have a wife, and without the experience of being a wife, a woman cannot know what it is like to have a husband. Children do not know what parents’ love is like until they themselves become parents. So without sons and daughters, none of us can become true parents.

Parents want their children to be married, because they want to teach them and pass on to them all their parental love. When parents die, they leave behind their substantial selves with their descendants. This is why we need descendants.

Love continues forever. Since love is the highest human desire, everyone has his or her arms outstretched in a desire to inherit it. When parents pass on their love to their descendants, they can stand proudly before God when they enter the spirit world.

It is only through the family that such love can be perfected. Going to the heavenly kingdom through the family means that the realm of oneness of love has been realized.

People must follow rules and principles. When spring comes, seeds are sown; in summer plants develop fully, and in autumn they bear fruit. In winter we need to put things in order and carry the essence of the seed of life deep within our heart. Only then will we have new seeds to plant when spring returns.

This means that we are meant to become parents, to bear sons and daughters who resemble us. It means we need to raise our sons and daughters to be like us.

Why do people feel sad when they do not have sons and daughters? It is because they cannot form a circle. When you see birds feeding their young, you can recognize the deep love of the mother bird. Western people may not know that in the East people like children more than adults. People show polite respect to adults, yet they show the utmost love for children. You can realize how much your parents loved you when you have your own sons and daughters and raise them.

Everyone ought to get married, have children and raise them. This is the only way they can know both children’s love and parental love. It seems that Western people are not like this. There are many who avoid having and raising sons and daughters. They hesitate to have children, because children may limit their freedom to marry and divorce. However, when people do not establish the four-position foundation, they cannot go to the kingdom of heaven, because they do not know God’s heart of love for human beings.

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