Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 170

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 4: The True Family Movement
Speech 10: Way to Unite the Virtues of Heaven and Earth and Harmonize the Cosmos, pg 597-601

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The incarnation of True Parents and the value of the Blessing

God’s love is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal, and so too are the attributes of His Will. Therefore, God’s ideal of creation absolutely will be completed on this earth. The providence by which Heaven has sought the children of God, who were lost due to the Fall of Adam and Eve, will be fulfilled.

Please understand that upon the foundation of Jesus, who passed prematurely into the spirit world due to the disbelief of the religious leaders two thousand years ago, today Heaven has sent to this earth the True Parents as the saviors of humanity, the Messiah and the returning Lord. God is bringing the history of the providence of salvation to a close. He is carrying out His absolute and eternal providence in accordance with a plan for the providence of salvation that cannot be delayed or extended any further.

Ladies and gentlemen, you are standing today at the historic turning point of God’s providence. Let those with ears to hear, hear. Let those with eyes to see, see with certainty. Let those with mouths to speak give witness to all nations. The Rev. Sun Myung Moon, who now stands before you, is the Savior, Messiah, Second Advent, Peace King and True Parent. He has appeared on earth with Heaven’s anointing as the one for whom humanity has waited with eager yearning for such a long time.

This is not my own claim. Founders of the major religions and tens of thousands of other saints and sages in the spirit world have sent messages testifying to this fact. God, Himself, has sent a message asking that the world’s six billion people work to establish the kingdom of peace on earth, centered on the True Parents. These messages have already been widely published. If you cannot believe these facts, please seek to confirm them in desperate, all-out prayer. Heaven will absolutely give you the answers that you seek through such prayer.

Ladies and gentlemen, what then is the necessary path for all human beings, who became wild olive trees as descendants of the Fall? It is to receive the holy marriage Blessing from God through the True Parents. A wild olive tree will always be a wild olive tree, even after a thousand years. To change its pedigree, it must be grafted onto a cultivated, or true, olive tree; in the same way fallen humanity must secure the true blood lineage. The holy marriage Blessing that the True Parents bestow is the blessing and grace of being grafted onto the true olive tree.

People sometimes say that Rev. Moon’s holy marriage Blessing is nothing more than an ordinary marriage performed according to the custom of the Unification Church. This ceremony, however, is much more than just a wedding to mark the joining of a man and a woman and the beginning of their family. Weddings held until now were centered on the two individuals involved, but the holy marriage Blessing centers on returning joy to God. It is meant to be a precious condition for indemnifying the history of sin. It is a holy and grand ceremony of blessing and grace. Please understand that in this ceremony we resolve the grief of God, stemming from the Fall of Adam and Eve, and pass through the standard Jesus himself came to accomplish, that of bride and groom cleansed of the original sin.

The term holy marriage Blessing did not just begin with me, or the Unification Church. Instead it has existed within the innermost heart of God since the time of creation. After the Human Fall, it became one of His most poignantly cherished desires. Please understand that God has always pursued this as a goal and has longed to see it realized.

Is there anyone who knows the circumstances of God, who had to walk a path of unspeakable suffering in order to bring about this historic day? This day marks the resolution of grief and is a providential day when God’s cherished desire is being fulfilled. Seen from this perspective, the holy marriage Blessing is an incredible blessing, and it can also be an incredibly fearful judgment.

The holy marriage Blessing can bring closure to all the sorrow in history, from the furthest past to the very present. It marks a new beginning for the fulfillment of the cherished desires of God. It is a new starting point, an opportunity to create a new future for humanity, and it is the most certain way to extricate oneself from the dominion Satan has exercised during the Era before the Coming of Heaven.

Only through the holy marriage Blessing can you inherit the bond of True Parents’ love. It is the process and end result of the transfer of Heaven’s full authority. When a family who has received the Blessing goes to the spirit world, True Parents will be responsible for them. This means that such a family will live under the protection of True Parents. Once a heavenly bond is made with the True Parents through the holy marriage Blessing, this becomes an eternal and unchanging bond, and the key to opening the gates of heaven.

The fulfillment of the Blessing in the Era after the Coming of Heaven

Then, ladies and gentlemen, what kind of time and age is it when the Blessing becomes a reality? The Era before the Coming of Heaven, when the world was under Satan’s dominion, has ended, and we have entered the Era after the Coming of Heaven, when the peace kingdom will be established. This is the best of times, when the grief of God, who has toiled for six thousand years to see this day, is being resolved and the cherished desires of humankind for peace are being realized.

It is the time when we will begin to see the fulfillment of the cherished desires of Jesus, who came to this earth and left before he could fulfill God’s Will for the holy marriage Blessing. In addition, it is the time when true love is blooming and bearing fruit for the very first time since the creation of human beings, and the time when we can feel welcomed by nature as never before, with full respect and glory.

How strongly God has yearned to see this day! We come to a new era in which evil will disappear. At this time, a new heaven and new earth are being established under the bright light of the sun, all things are beginning to commune together, and the entire universe is starting to dance in a bright new morning of victory.

I have said that the heavenly ideal cannot be fulfilled without establishing a family of true love through the holy marriage Blessing. The heavenly ideal is completed when the Will of God is fulfilled and the heavenly way is established in the family, centering on true love.

So what kind of love is true love? True love exists for the benefit of all. It is a love that seeks first to give and live for the sake of the whole. It is a love that gives and does not keep a tally of what it gave, and so it gives without end, imparting unending joy. It is the heart of love of a mother embracing her child and feeding it at her breast. It is the love of a child who brims with joy by practicing filial piety toward his or her parents. It is the true love of God when He created human beings. True love is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal, without a condition or expectation of receiving anything in return.

True love is the original wellspring of the universe and the core of the universe. It is the love that creates the owner of the universe. True love also represents God’s root, His determination and His power. So when we are bound together in true love, we can be together forever and never tire of each other’s company. The universe and even God will follow whenever we pull them with true love.

The value of true love is reckoned by its power to bring an eternal end to the barriers that fallen people have built, including national boundaries, racial tensions and even religions. An absolute prerequisite for entering the kingdom of heaven is a life lived for the sake of others, that is, a life of true love.

What is the heavenly way? In short, it is the tradition of Heaven, the tradition of practicing true love rooted in God. A life of the heavenly way is an exalted life that transcends the man-made laws of this world. Violent social or political revolutions are unnecessary when there is true love and the life of the heavenly way. You need only follow the path of true love, the heavenly way, practicing a life of sacrifice and service for the sake of others. This is the path that will bring about an explosion of God’s love. It is the path to develop and expand God’s lineage and to preserve it forever.

You now need to advance rapidly in this Age after the Coming of Heaven with a determination that says, “As long as God does not change, I will not change. No matter the circumstances, I will continue on this path. Even if the life, love and ideals that I have preserved until now amid Satan’s world are all taken from me, I will continue on this path. Even if God were to change, I will bring God back and continue on this path with Him. If God is not absolute, I will make Him absolute, if necessary, and continue on this path.”

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