Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 166

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 4: The True Family Movement
Speech 8: Blessed Families and the Ideal World, pg 584-587

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Today in the United States and in the entire world the deviation and degradation of young people is threatening healthy societies. The world has reached a state where it is almost at its end, and human power and human love cannot bring it under control. Therefore, a new movement needs to arise at all costs. All that is wrong needs to be done away with, and we need to make a new beginning based on the original standard.

In this respect, history is the history of re-creation and the providence of restoration in which all that is old is done away with and new things are re-created in order to head toward the original, ideal world. This is why the old and the new are clashing. Until now, individuals formed families in whatever way they liked, but they cannot do so any longer. Such is the age we are in now.

Among the founders of the different religions, Jesus in particular often spoke quite seriously about the family. Who did Jesus say that God was? He called God his Father. He revealed that the relationship between God the Creator and humankind is the relationship of parent and child. Furthermore, he said that he was the only begotten Son of God. This means that Jesus is God’s first son and at the same time His only son.

If God is the Original Being of love, He is in a relationship of Parent to humankind. That is why the relationship between human beings and the Creator is one that goes beyond the simple relationship between the Creator and the created, for it is a relationship connected through true love, true life and true lineage.

Jesus’ wish is to form a God-centered family

Jesus also said in effect, “I am the bridegroom and you, the people, are my bride.” When the bridegroom and the bride get married, they become husband and wife. What Jesus is saying is that they need to form a family. Ultimately, he is saying that they have to form a family and have children. For certain, only when a married couple gives birth to children can they form a family. Even if you want to get a divorce because you dislike your wife, you cannot split up recklessly when you have children. The children are the fruits of the love between husband and wife.

Jesus came to this earth as the only Son of God and the prince of the heavenly kingdom. He came as the crown prince of God. He is the son who was given the royal seal of God when he was born, as the prince who is qualified to inherit the full authority of God. God had intended that the Jewish people, as the eldest daughter of God, receive this Son of God, but they did not do so.

Then, is there anyone among you who can say confidently that you can become the bride of that prince? The bridegroom and the bride have to form a relationship as the prince and princess of Heaven while attending God as their Parent. It was the wish of the Lord to form a family centered on God in this manner. It was not to rule the external heaven and earth.

Then what is Christianity supposed to do? It has to prepare the bride for the one who comes to fulfill the common desire of all humanity, and prepare a suitable environment for him. This is what is figuratively expressed in the Bible as the marriage feast of the Lamb. You need to know clearly the fact that the mission of Christianity, as the bride religion, is to shoulder and fulfill this historic responsibility.

When all is said and done, the purpose for Jesus’ coming to earth in the flesh was to take a bride and form a family. The problem is the family. If a true family had been formed, what would Jesus have become? He would have become the father. When he had become the father, he simultaneously would have become the head of the family. Furthermore, he would have become the king of the family. However, Jesus died on the cross before he could fulfill the ideal of the family. This family that Jesus could have formed is one that would have lived for thousands of years while attending God.

There is a Korean folk song with the lyrics, “Moon, moon, bright moon; moon where Lee Tae-baek played; there, there, right in the moon, a cinnamon tree was planted; bring father and mother to the moon, and live for a thousand, ten thousand years.”

 The Blessing is the fulfillment of God’s wish to form a true family

Then what would Jesus have done after forming a family? He would have had children. In other words, the grandsons and granddaughters of God would have been born. In the end, God’s great sorrow is that He did not have grandsons and granddaughters by direct descent. Throughout history, God has tried to establish the model family for all human beings.

This being the case, how much would God have yearned for such a family? And how much have human beings, who were bound together through the Fall, yearned for such a family? Have you also yearned for such a family? All humanity has to become one centering on the ideal family. By doing so, what does humanity need? They need to receive the true family.

The families in today’s fallen world cannot stand before God. For this reason, Jesus was right when he said, “Your own family members are your enemies.” What did Jesus come to this earth to do? He tried to form a family centered on God. And because he was unable to form such a family, he said he would come again. What, then, does he have to do when he comes again? He has to form a family. And, when the sons and daughters in such a family continue to prosper for generations to come, a tribe is formed, a people is formed and a nation is formed.

To form such a pure family of God, a clan of the blood relatives of a family centered on God’s love, needs to be formed on this earth. However, because this family has not been formed yet, God has continued to carry out the providence of salvation until now in order to form the restored clan, related by blood, to the original family. This is the original standard of God’s ideal of creation that must manifest once again on this earth.

To establish such a family, I am performing this Blessing ceremony that all of you have come to know well. This family is called the family of the Blessing. What kind of family is this? It is the ideal family centered on God. It is the family that the coming Lord is required to establish, the family that future generations are required to form, and the common goal that all human beings ultimately aim to achieve.

What would be the common gateway that we all can pass through? It is neither the nation nor the world. It is neither the communist world nor the democratic world. It is the original family. Before there can be a democratic world, first there must be an original family that can build the true democratic world. Until this original family appears, the kingdom of peace, the ideal nation of peace, cannot come about.

That is why the time must come when this ideal family we yearn for, this original family that we desire to live with, this family we want to meet, and this family we want to find must absolutely appear on this planet and share the same destiny along with human history. Only then can God’s providence for the earth be fulfilled and the blessed land of the Sabbath, the haven of the Sabbath begin. Religious leaders have to take the lead in this movement to save the family, to renew the local community, and to strengthen the nation.

Respected guests from home and abroad! I ask you, the religious leaders, who were Blessed today, to stand at the forefront in leading this Blessing movement in your houses of worship and your local communities and to become the pioneers in establishing the nation of peace and the world of peace.

May God’s blessings be with your families, and with this I conclude my speech.

Thank you.

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