Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 151

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 4: The True Family Movement
Speech 3: True Family and True Universe Centered on True Love, pg 532-535

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True Family and True Universe Centered on True Love

May 20, 1997
Victoria Plaza Hotel, Montevideo, Uruguay Federation to Save the New Nation Leaders Banquet

Respected and honored guests from at home and abroad; most especially, distinguished ladies and gentlemen whose presence is brightening this venue!

I am grateful for your coming here in spite of your very busy schedules. To express my appreciation from the bottom of my heart on this special day, the most precious thing I can offer is to introduce you to what I consider the two most significant speeches I gave during my latest world tour. I am referring to the speeches titled “View of the Principle of the Providential History of Salvation” and “In Search of the Origin of the Universe.”

Today, we need a comprehensive solution to the problems of sexual immorality, family breakdown and alienation among our young people.

These two speeches provide fundamental solutions to these problems. When you return home, I hope you will take some time to reflect deeply on their contents. Reading these speeches together with the members of your family may enhance the love in your family. I believe this can help your family achieve harmony and true happiness.

I suggest that you read these two speeches as many times as your age in years. If your age is more than eighty, then read them more than eighty times. The more you read these speeches, the more heavenly blessing and fortune will come to you. The more you read them, the more peace will flow into your family naturally and automatically. I invite you to read them often.

The title of the first speech is, “View of the Principle of the Providential History of Salvation.” Allow me to summarize it. Because Adam and Eve fell, they did not establish an ideal family. Consequently, Jesus came at the national level, as the second Adam, to restore the mistake of the first family.

The first Adam became fallen Adam, and Jesus, the Messiah, came as the second Adam. However, because Jesus was unable to establish a family from the position of True Parents, the Messiah needs to return as the third Adam and restore the mission of True Parents on the world level. This is the mission of the Second Advent, when the Messiah is to come as the third Adam.

This speech also introduces the fact that the fundamental issue of salvation is the restoration of the original lineage.

The second speech is titled, “In Search of the Origin of the Universe.” Since the Fall originated from the misuse of love, humankind lost true love.

Thus the question arises, how can we recover true love? True love was lost through adultery. In other words, true love became degraded through misuse of the reproductive organs. Therefore, to restore it, we need to use these organs in the right way. Our first ancestors planted the seed of fallen love in the Garden of Eden during their youth. Consequently, during these Last Days, we are harvesting the fruit of the Fall among our young people. That is why today we observe so much chaos and confusion, particularly on the issue of sex. This problem can be resolved only through what I call “absolute sex.” Only the concept and practice of absolute sex can prevent the destruction of our families and reverse the corruption of our youth.

The three great subject partners principle

This evening, I would like to share a new speech titled, “True Family and True Universe Centered on True Love.” Everyone here has parents and teachers, and you also have leaders in your nations. Am I right? Everyone undeniably needs people in these positions. However, compared to the true standard, there are many different types of parents. What do you think? To what extent have you, yourself, become a true parent? In the same way, if a person is a professor at an Ivy League university such as Harvard, Yale or Columbia in the United States, or Oxford or Cambridge in England, does it mean that he or she can be called a true teacher? Similarly, there are different types of leaders in a nation, not all of whom measure up to the true standard of leadership. Does the bare fact of being the president of a superpower such as the United States mean that someone is a true president?

In fact, in today’s families, many children do not trust their parents, spouses do not completely trust each other, and brothers and sisters do not trust each other fully. Furthermore, students do not trust the teachers in their schools, and people do not trust the leaders of their nation. So the question is, how can we attain the true standard of even one of these three most important roles of parents, teachers and leaders?

When I say that you need to become a true parent, true teacher or true owner, who do you think has the highest standard or is the central model for those three positions? God does. God is the True Parent among parents, True Teacher among teachers, and True King among kings. God is the eternal True Parent, eternal True Teacher, and eternal True Owner and King. If we are children of God, we need to become true parents first, just like God. In addition, we have to follow the way of the true teacher and the way of the true owner, just like God. This is the concept of the “three great subject partners.” The ultimate model is God.

Who is the Messiah sent to the people of Israel, as promised in the Old Testament? The Messiah is the one who comes as a True Parent, True Teacher and True King. However, because Jesus was prevented from establishing a true family and uniting his people, the Messiah needs to come again. In other words, because Jesus did not accomplish the national-level foundation, the Messiah of the Second Advent will come as the third Adam and teach the way of the true parents, true teacher and true king at the world level. This is the messianic concept. Wherever the family, nation, world and heaven exist, we always need to establish the three great subject partners of parent, teacher and leader.

In three-dimensional space, each individual exists in relation to what is above and below, right and left, and front and back. Therefore, a person’s position and shape are ascertained using the reference frame defined by what is above and below, right and left, and front and back. The same formula applies to the family, the nation and the world. Just as an individual’s position is related to what is above and below, right and left, and front and back, the family consists of parents and children, husband and wife, and brothers and sisters. Similarly, on the national level, with the leader in the central position, families ought to embrace all civilizations of East and West and all civilizations of North and South. Then they can embrace all people of the world as brothers and sisters. Ultimately, every level will form a pattern resembling that of a family, with the individual as the central model. In the same manner, a person’s existence expands to the levels of the family, nation, world, heaven and earth, and eventually reaches God. Each person has the desire to live as the center of the cosmos and has the potential to make that a reality.

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