Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 145

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 4: The True Family Movement
Speech 1: The True Family and I, pg 511-514

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The True Family and I

June 7, 1995 Brasilia, Brazil
Speaking tour to seventeen South and Central American nations


Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you this evening. Through this welcoming banquet, you have made it possible for me to meet such distinguished individuals.

I am Rev. Moon, whom you no doubt already know through many rumors and stories. I have stirred up a number of problems in the world as a result of one historic reality: to this day, I have served only God. In the process, I have created a number of events and accomplishments with worldwide consequences.

This evening, in this jubilant atmosphere, I would like to speak to you for a time on the subject, “The True Family and I.” This is because the world’s problems stem from the family. Let us ask what we mean by a true family.

Conflict originated in the first family

If we ask whether the world we live in today is good or evil, the answer would be that it is evil. Why do we judge it to be evil? It is because whether we consider world history, this nation’s history, or the history of any other country, we see unremitting conflict. Through conflict and struggle, the parties involved will not develop, but will necessarily decline. To say that the world is evil implies that its nations are evil, that its inhabitants are evil, and that we ourselves are evil. If we study ourselves we cannot deny that, within each of us, our mind and our body struggle with each other.

The origin or the cause of struggle remains a problem that must be resolved. If an individual does not possess within himself or herself a foundation for peace, then no matter how peaceful his or her family, nation or the world might be, he or she will not be happy. The individual is the true battlefield. As you know, World War I, World War II and the Cold War each came to an end. It will be possible to bring future such conflicts to an end. However, the struggle between our mind and body has existed from ancient times. It has continued throughout the course of history, it continues today, and we do not know how much longer it will continue into the future.

If we consider the existence of God, it is a major problem that God would permit the struggle between mind and body to continue throughout history, and even today. However, if we consider that it was human beings who caused the struggle, then we can understand that it is human beings who must indemnify it. God cannot take that responsibility away from us, nor can He intervene in it.

Where does the struggle between mind and body originate? We inherit life from our parents and from the parents of our parents. If we continue going back this way, we eventually arrive at the first generation, that is, the first human ancestors. The origin of our life is the love of our parents. If this struggle began before we were even born, we would have to conclude that the problem related to the circumstances in which our first parents entered into a love relationship with each other; that is, that the origin of the struggle between mind and body results from a problem in the conjugal love between Adam and Eve.

The love of Adam and Eve was not a love accompanied by true happiness. Quite to the contrary, it was conflict-ridden love. Because the roots of our life are in this love, we can conclude that this is where the conflicts plaguing the inner self of human beings originate.

The Bible teaches us that because of having sinned, Adam and Eve were expelled from the garden of Eden. Once they had been driven out of the garden, they began to multiply children. God could not follow and bless them in marriage. Thus we need to ask, under whom did they marry? We can conclude that, because of having fallen into sin, they married under the auspices of Satan.

The root of fallen love, live and lineage

The Fall consisted of Eve being tempted by Satan and her later temptation of Adam. Therefore, when our ancestors Adam and Eve established a relationship of conjugal love, that relationship was unhappy and conflict-ridden. Today humanity still has its roots in that relationship. We cannot separate from the origin of that struggle between mind and body. The Fall began with immoral love. Due to a love relationship that God did not desire, Adam and Eve united with Satan. They did not become the ancestors of goodness; they became the ancestors of evil, thus creating the roots of fallen love, fallen life, and a fallen blood lineage.

If this is true, what began as one fallen family grew into tribes, nations, and a world. It is a world whose more than five billion people, present-day humanity, are descendants of Satan. It is undeniable that we inherited the lineage of evil parents. No one knew Satan’s blood was present within our bodies and that this was so displeasing to God. This is the essential problem. How will we eliminate those roots within us? Satan dug his roots into our physical body through the fallen lineage. You have to understand that if humankind had not fallen into sin, our minds and bodies would have naturally become one. It is because of the Fall that there is a conflict between the conscience, which has a positive charge, and the body, which also has a positive charge, making it inevitable that they resist each other. This is the starting point of all the struggles in history.

God works to separate good from evil and thus reverse this situation. God is public-minded and continues on the path of living for the whole and going toward the goal of love and peace. On the other hand, Satan is selfish and individualistic. Satan is always trying to destroy the good side through hatred, evil and war. His intent is to prevent the earth from ever returning to God’s side.

God cannot severely punish humanity for having gone with Satan. God’s strategy for returning humanity to His side is to allow evil to attack. Later, God can claim reparations for the undeserved damage and abuse. Satan’s strategy is to strike first, yet in the end he loses everything. Throughout history Satan has tried to ruin God’s plan with hatred, evil and war, while on the contrary, God has been working to re-create love and peace.

In the Last Days, humankind will return to God’s side, and evil will lose support and respect. To prevent that from happening, Satan introduced atheistic materialism, humanism and communism. That was the essential cause of the Cold War that took place following the Second World War, when the victory of the Christian world could have led to a transition toward a world of peace.

The present era is the era of the realm of individualism, of free sex, of children denying parents and parents denying children, and the era of denying the couple. Through homosexuality and lesbianism, an attempt is being made to completely destroy the family ideal. The Messiah at the Second Coming intends to establish this ideal in order to change hell on earth into the kingdom of heaven on earth. The Messiah, as the True Parent, desires the unity of mind and body, the unity of husband and wife, and the unity of children.

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