Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 117

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 3: The Mission of Religion in Achieving God’s Ideal
Speech 7: The Will of God, pg 405-408

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The Will of God

August 20, 1985
Omni Shoreham Hotel, Washington, D.C., USA 
God and Freedom Banquet on the day of True Father’s release from prison in Danbury

Honorable chairman, members of the God and Freedom Committee, distinguished clergy from all parts of the country, ladies and gentlemen: I am truly grateful for and humbled by the profound way in which you, representing all areas of the United States and so many denominations, are welcoming me back from prison. I would like to extend my sincere appreciation also to those of you who have supported me during my court battles, in the filing of amicus briefs to the Supreme Court, in the meetings and rallies for religious freedom, in prayer meetings, in the Common Suffering Fellowship and in the CAUSA Ministerial Alliance.

Also, I thank you for your prayers and for the many letters you sent me while I was in Danbury, which I will never forget.

God’s Will and the perfection of human beings 

I have suffered imprisonment six times in my life. As in the past, I had moving experiences with God during this time in prison. I was not there because of my personal actions or mistakes, yet I did not brood with resentment or hatred for those who persecuted me, nor did I spend my time in prison pleading my innocence. Rather, I dedicated my time in prison to prayer and meditation to understand what America needs to do to fulfill God’s Will for the world.

My entire life and ministry have been motivated by my determination to relieve the great and long suffering of God. Since the world is ignorant of God’s heart of suffering, my work and the work of the Unification movement have long been misunderstood and we have been persecuted. However, I understand the urgency of my mission before God and, despite the lack of understanding on the part of my family, not to mention the general public, Christian churches, nations, or even the whole world, this persecution has not really mattered very much to me. Throughout my life, I have communicated deeply with God, and through numerous spiritual experiences I have come to know His heart and His love. I have always testified to this. To me, God is not a vague concept residing in the realm of imagination. God is alive, and I relate to Him directly in my heart. I experience Him in every cell of my body.

I know that I am addressing clergy who also have been participants in the fulfillment of God’s Will. Your welcoming me here today, as you and I know, is not a personal welcome for the individual, Reverend Moon; it is a testament to that Will of God for which I have lived my life. Our common and utmost concern is to do the Will of God. Therefore, I would like to share with you some of my insights about God’s Will.

Our living, personal God is eternal, absolute and unchanging. Therefore, His Will is also eternal, absolute and unchanging. When God created human beings, He must have had a purpose and an ideal. God’s purpose and ideal are to establish a world united through true love, with God as the Parent of all people. Under the true love of God, all people would be brothers and sisters living in one harmonious, worldwide family. God’s ideal, then, is the creation of one world under God.

God, who is the essence of love, fashioned all of creation for the purpose of love. An isolated individual cannot express love; it takes both a subject partner and an object partner to express love. Therefore, God absolutely needs an object partner whom He can love. God created the universe motivated by love. Especially human beings, who are created in His own image, as we read in Genesis 1:27, are the visible and substantial object partners of God’s love.

God is the eternal, invisible and internal Parent and ancestor of all humankind. Once Adam and Eve had perfected their character, they were to be the eternal, visible and external parents and ancestors of all humankind.

The greatest, holiest love takes place when subject and object partners unite through giving and receiving love, maintaining God at their center eternally. In this realm of true love, perfect unity comes about naturally, all life interconnects, and God’s ideal is realized. God’s original Will was that His beloved children, Adam and Eve, would become the living, visible reflections of their invisible Creator, and thus would share eternal love, consummating the ideal of love and life.

It is commonly thought that the Creator and the created being can never be equal. If that were the case, then God would never be able to fulfill the ideal of love. God’s ideal of love was for His children, Adam and Eve, to become His visible, substantial object partners who would become one with Him. Indeed, as is stated in 1 Corinthians 3:16, God desires to dwell in us.

The ideal of love of the invisible God is realized when the essential natures of men and women become perfected. When a person places God in the central position and achieves complete unity between mind and body, then he or she attains maturity of character and becomes a true object partner of God. This means that he or she becomes an eternal object partner of God’s love, life and ideal.

If Adam and Eve had attained this ideal as God’s true, substantial children, they would have naturally created an ideal family, and from that family an ideal society, nation, and world would have eventually developed. As a result of humankind’s complete response to God’s absolute love, everyone would have attained the highest joy in life, the ideal of happiness, and eventually the kingdom of heaven.

God created Adam and Eve on earth so that the kingdom of heaven would be realized first on earth. After living on earth, the spirits of those who led ideal lives in this world would go to the kingdom of heaven in the spirit world, where they would live eternally.

All things are created in pairs and exist for the sake of relationships with human beings. This enables all things to dwell in harmony under the principle of love. With God’s love flowing through human beings, all of creation participates in fulfilling God’s life and ideal.

When Adam and Eve were growing up, all things of creation essentially formed a textbook of love for them, displaying an endless variety of manifestations of love. Adam and Eve, representing God’s masculinity and femininity, were to gradually awaken to love through their life within God’s textbook of love, which is nature. They were to become perfectly mature and realize the ideal of marriage.

That was God’s ultimate purpose of creation. God directed His love toward the vertical relationship between Himself and human beings and, after the perfection of vertical love, also toward the horizontal relationship between Adam and Eve. God, who has existed as the invisible subject partner ever since the beginning, was yearning for someone who would respond to His love. He was waiting to meet His perfected visible object partners, man and woman. How stimulating and fulfilling that love would have been!

That moment was the very moment when God, the internal Parent, was to have resided within Adam and Eve, the external parents, to be completely one with them. In that moment, the ideal of love would have been accomplished. The invisible Parent, God, would have resided in the visible parents, Adam and Eve, and would have become the eternal Parent in the visible world. In this manner, Adam and Eve were to have become the True Parents, the true original ancestors of all humankind.

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