Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 113

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 3: The Mission of Religion in Achieving God’s Ideal
Speech 4: America and Religious Freedom, pg 390-392

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Religious persecution in the courts of America 

When you understand the scope of my work, can you really believe I came to America to defraud the government of $25,000? From the very beginning, this was not a tax case. It has been an invasion by the government into the internal affairs of religion. They chose the Unification Church because they thought no one would come to our defense. However, this is where they miscalculated. The religious community of America knows that unless everyone is safe, no one is safe, that when one is threatened, all are threatened.

When the government abuses its authority, the consequences are fearsome. It was the Roman state that crucified Jesus Christ. In this country, it was the state that burned “witches,” persecuted Roman Catholics, shunned, Jews and prolonged black slavery. It was the state that allowed Joseph Smith, founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, to be killed by a mob while he was in prison. It is the state that is coming after me, and in the process, violating the religious freedom of everyone. We must stop this trend now. If we do not, then who is next?

In the providence of God, the case of Reverend Moon has become a rallying point for religious freedom in the United States. I stand convicted for no other reason than my religious beliefs and practices. I am to be punished for being who I am. This has shocked and awakened the conscience of America. Many religious leaders and believers of all faiths have stood up in outrage. They are registering their protests. Most important of all, they are united. Their unity will ensure the survival of America.

A great confrontation

The greatest confrontation in the world today is not the United States versus the Soviet Union, capitalism versus socialism, or even democracy versus communism. It is faith in God versus the denial of God.

The communist world, based on atheism, has failed to fulfill the human dream. The free world, on the other hand, has become materialistic and has forgotten God, and it is helpless in the face of the grave world crisis.

The world is dark with confusion. A new vision must emerge, a new worldview centered on God. I am teaching that worldview, which is based on God’s heart of love. I call it Godism. I proclaim that this ideal will provide a new solution to the world.

Godism can unite all religious people and all people of conscience. This worldview will bring unity among enemies and enemy nations. It will bring true freedom of the human spirit. This ideal will usher in the realization of the kingdom of God on earth.

This worldview, a system of thought comprehensive and electrifying, has led many people to a personal experience with God. The effect has been so dramatic that in some quarters, it has been labeled “brainwashing.” This is the reason I have been misunderstood in some circles of the establishment and the media. The communists, who regard me as their archenemy, have exploited this misunderstanding in their attempt to destroy me.

In spite of the difficulties involved, I am honored to dedicate myself today to the preservation of religious freedom in this country. If I can raise a beacon warning Americans of the danger that lies ahead, then my sacrifice will serve a great purpose.

The issue today is the very survival of America and the free world. To assure this survival, I am willing to suffer any indignity, to go any distance, to do any labor, and to bear any cross. I am even willing to give my life if that would ensure that the nation and world would survive and do God’s Will.

God bless America

Today, I carry no animosity toward anyone. Jesus Christ modeled the tradition of forgiveness when he prayed on the cross for those who crucified him. I am upholding that tradition. I long ago forgave my accusers. I feel no hostility toward the United States government.

Instead, I pray for this country. I thank God that He is using me as His instrument to lead the fight for religious freedom and to ignite the spiritual awakening of America in this most crucial hour of human history.

Mr. Chairman, once again, I thank you for this opportunity. I would like to conclude by saying, “God bless America.”

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