Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 102

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 3: The Mission of Religion in Achieving God’s Ideal
Speech 1: One God, One World Religion, pg 352-355

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God’s existence as seen through the mystery of the human body 

Ladies and gentlemen, let us take another moment to talk about whether God exists or not. When we trace our ancestry, we will eventually reach our first human ancestors. Those ancestors were born on earth. And let us now consider whether they knew of the sun before they were born on earth and prepared accordingly or didn’t know about it at all.

When they were born on earth, their eyes would not have known that there would be a sun. However, even though their eyes were unaware of the sun, their design is based on the knowledge that there is a sun in the sky and that they are to see its light. When you describe your eyes, you say that they are always blinking. This design assumes knowledge of the fact that the moisture in the eyes evaporates due to the dry heat on earth, and so they need to be moistened. Moreover, the design of the eyelashes is based on knowledge of the need to keep the dust away. In this respect, human beings were born based on knowledge of nature and astronomy.

The eyes already “knew” that people would sweat. Since it would be a serious problem for foreign matter to enter these precious eyes, the breakwater of the eyebrows was created. The location of the eyes also shows that they knew that human beings would walk, standing vertically on two feet, unlike other animals. Now, look at your ears. They were created based on the knowledge that they would hear sound waves. Look at your nose. Why is the nose pointing downward? It is because it would be detrimental if sweat or rainwater entered the nostrils. Because of this, in addition to the breakwater above the eyes, the nose was made to point downward. Everything was designed on the basis of prior knowledge. Could all these things come to be on their own accord?

As you can see, when we study the human body, it is a palace of mystery. It could not have been made as it is just like that. Based on these observations, a question arises: though human beings did not know of such things when they were born, was there or was there not a Being who knew of them? We cannot say that we were born as we are just like that. And the Being who knew of all such things in advance is none other than God Himself.

Original value of human beings as seen through their relationship with God

Granted that God created humankind, let us now look into the matter of where God placed us and what relationship God wished to form with us from the start. If God created human beings, there must be a reason. And if we were created for this reason, then our purpose would arise from that. The purpose of created human beings and the purpose of the Creator, God, cannot be two separate things. There must be a certain common ground. That common ground would be desired both by God and human beings.

If there were a world-renowned president among the people gathered here, would there be anyone who would wish to be inferior to that president? Would you wish to be superior or inferior to that person? You would wish to be superior. In fact, you would wish to be in the highest position. Human desire is like that. By the same token, if you knew about a person with the highest position in the world, you would wish to form a relationship with him or her.

Even if you became close to that person of high position, if there were a person in an even higher position, then you would wish to become close to that person as well. Everyone possesses such a heart. No matter how lowly a person is, he or she has such thoughts. Then, if there is a God, the Absolute Being, who created heaven and earth, would you desire to form a relationship with Him, or would you not? Even if you had taken possession of this God, if you still had not taken possession of His love, you would not feel at ease. After you have taken possession of God, only after taking possession of His love will everything feel right. On the day you have taken possession of His love, all His possessions become yours. Our conscience drives us toward this goal. We cannot deny that it is carrying out such work, and this is because we occupy the position of human beings’ original value, and that compels us to do so.

God is a God of love, and if God desires to love human beings, in what position would He desire to give His love? And in what position would human beings desire to receive God’s love? Those positions would be wrapped up in the relationship between father and child, that is, the position of the father and the child, and no other. That is why today’s Christianity calls God Heavenly Father.

If God is the Father and we are His children, our relationship is a vertical one. On account of our desire as human beings, we can say we wish to be in the Father’s higher position at least once. So God concerns Himself even about this point and says that He will permit us to rise to such a level, and that He will enter our mind, that is the internal position, and place us in a position external to Him so that we become like God’s body. When this comes to pass, we stand on an equal footing with God.

From the viewpoint of human beings, if our parents are precious to us, where can we possibly place our one and only Heavenly Father and take care of Him? We will not wish to have God stay far away from us. In short, we will wish to have God in a place where God is always with us, where we can meet Him and rejoice with Him alone. For this reason, we wish for God to be invisible. Our human desire is to place God in our hearts, where we can know Him personally. We cannot put God any other place.

This is why God the Creator is saying that He will place human beings, His creation, in the same position as Himself. God intended to have human beings receive love in the position of His children and to place us in a position of equal status with Him.

Since God has the ability to create heaven and earth, He wished for us also to have this creative ability. After having created and shaped human beings, God found us to be so charming and lovable that He desired that we also be able to feel such emotions and to get a taste of such pleasure.

Since God is a Being who exists in the form of a perfected man and woman, to inherit this creative ability of God, man and woman, who were born as separate beings, need to become one as a perfected man and woman and have that one body become His object partner. By becoming His object partner, they can play the role of creator in His stead.

That is why when a couple become one through conjugal love they can substantiate their creative ability and stand in the same position as God by creating children. To make us realize what a joyful thing it is to give birth to children, God gave us the heart of love for our children. In this regard, God has bestowed the very best things upon human beings. God created us so that we could become one with the eternal love of God in such a manner and live in a peaceful Eden in happiness and contentment. By so doing, we would live as happy people who stand in the position of the eternal object partner before the absolute God, centering on His love, and who could not separate from Him even if we tried. We need to understand that this was the way we were originally meant to live.


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