Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 100

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 2: God’s Homeland and the Peace Kingdom
Speech 15: Advance without Ceasing, pg 342-346

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Since the Fall of humankind, conflict between good and evil has been unending, replicating itself from the level of the individual to the whole of creation. In the end, the divisions between races, nations, and religions have brought unfathomable suffering to humankind.

True Parents set as their lives’ providential goals the liberation of God, the salvation of humankind, and the realization of a peaceful, ideal world.

They completely invested their lives in order to achieve these goals. Along with religious activities aimed centrally at a revival of spirituality, True Father initiated a peace movement for all humankind spanning the fields of politics, economics, society, culture, the arts, education, the media, and sports. He indicated that a true family is the smallest unit of the kingdom of heaven, and he opened the gates to the true family Blessing and to even bless marriages between enemies. He made the ideal of one great human family a reality through the cross-cultural and international blessed marriages, which aim to resolve all conflicts. As a result, we could hold a coronation ceremony in which 120 clans and 120 nations crowned True Father as the King of Peace and the King of kings. Humanity’s dream is now becoming a reality.

Fifth, as the True Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind, True Parents perfected God’s position so that for the first time, God could achieve on earth the perfection that He had envisioned at the time of the creation. True Father had begun the providence of restoration through indemnity from the position of a servant of servants. Each victory gradually eroded Satan’s sovereignty while increasingly elevating God’s stature toward its level at the time of the creation.

Two thousand years ago, Jesus revealed that God was our Father and that he was God’s true Son. You are aware that because of this, Jesus was accused of blaspheming God, and he suffered the ordeal of the cross. On the foundation of Jesus’ sacrifice, True Parents substantially fulfilled restoration through indemnity on earth and restored honor and glory to God as the original Creator, in other words, as the True Parent who governs heaven, earth, and humankind.

In the course of accomplishing this, True Parents’ providential stature evolved according to the standard of the providence, and on that basis, they achieved God’s liberation and complete freedom. On the foundation of the successive levels of the Messiah; True Parents; the Parents of Heaven and Earth; the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind; the King of the Blessed Families; the King of Peace; and the King of kings, True Father proclaimed in 2010 the settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind. That is, since God is the incorporeal True Parent of heaven, earth, and humankind, True Father established True Parents as the corporeal True Parents of heaven, earth, and humankind, who complete and manifest God’s true and essential nature in substance.

Beloved members, Heaven could assist True Father and I as we trod the providential course of restoration through indemnity, and the suffering we experienced on that course is beyond imagination. We even lost four children of the True Family, who became sacrificial offerings for the providence. Who indeed would dare to say they comprehend this painful course of restoration through indemnity? I have dedicated my very being to this work, sharing the joys and pains of life with True Father as his companion, overcoming innumerable trials and difficulties. On that victorious foundation, we, the True Parents, gained the right of equality in a providential dimension, the right to live together, and the right to hold the same position, which Heaven bestowed upon us.

Our future path

Respected guests from home and abroad, beloved blessed families throughout the world, according to heavenly law, True Father will now make the spirit world his base and carry out the providence to expand Cheon Il Guk while freely traveling between the spiritual and physical worlds. True Father will come down to the physical world as the substantial being of the God of Night and shall preside over the providence in a state of oneness of heart, body, harmony, and mind with True Mother, who shall continue to preside over the providence on earth as the substantial being of the God of Day. Through the victory of Foundation Day, Father will be with you in building the original garden of Eden on earth. There is no stopping Heaven’s providence.

At this new transition point in this historic providence, I want to make clear that I have inherited True Father’s victorious foundation and shall stand in the forefront to lead the providence on earth. In doing so, I would like to convey the following to everyone:

First, we must absolutely value the tradition established by True Parents as much as we value our own lives, and we need to pass this down to our descendants in future generations. True Parents established the tradition of love and heart, the Word and principles, the rules and regulations of our tradition, and the tradition of the culture of heart. The hoondokhwe tradition of reading the Word, which is the crystallization of True Parents’ course in the providence of restoration through indemnity, has to become the central practice in each family as well as in the churches and any gathering centered on Heaven.

At the same time, we must go forward in building a new order on earth. Please always remember that the order and tradition of organizations also have to form a perfect solidarity centering on the True Family as Abel, who are in turn centered on True Parents.

Second, we must realize the ideal of a blessed family, which Heaven has blessed us to be. The family is the cradle of true love, true life, and true lineage and the basis for realizing the purpose God envisaged at the time of the creation. Based on the eight verses of the Family Pledge, you need to uphold through absolute faith the tradition of maintaining the lineage of absolute goodness.

Our vision for peace revolves around pure love, happy families, and a peaceful world. Children must be raised and nurtured with love and through the Word within a tradition of conjugal oneness through parents who attend Heaven with absolute love. Through hoondokhwe, you need to foster the firm establishment of the Cheon Il Guk order in your families and fulfill the ideal of the Blessing in which the tradition of heart can take root both vertically and horizontally under the standard of high noon settlement.

Third, you have all received the benefit of being tribal messiahs. You need to work to fulfill that mission and responsibility until the time Cheon Il Guk is completed on earth. Tribal messiahship is the greatest of all blessings given to you by True Parents. Fallen people could not be blessed, and appointed tribal messiahs were it not for True Parents’ foundation of victory in the providence of restoration through indemnity. That is why True Parents have consistently emphasized the tribal messiah mission during their lifelong governance of the providence.

The physical and spiritual completion of Cheon Il Guk on earth becomes possible when tribal messiahs fulfill their mission: conveying the Word to each of their clans, officiating in the Blessing of their clans, all the while practicing living for the sake of others. Your clans will thereby establish the sovereignty of goodness and realize a world of peace, one great human family. A victorious foundation established in each clan will automatically bring about the establishment of the Abel UN and complete the sovereignty of goodness.

Fourth, all of us need to create a community based on the culture of heart and characterized by harmony and unity, centered on True Parents and the True Family. Each of you, without exception, found the path of God’s Will because you were chosen by Heaven, based on the merits of your ancestors, and because of your own character. You faced immeasurable persecution in order to follow True Parents until entering this realm of victory today.

That makes us all a part of a single family, a community of heart, centered on the one True Parents. Division and conflict continue to afflict the world, yet because we are one with True Parents, the Unification family can be brothers and sisters who can easily transcend race, national borders, and any other barrier.

If you can live an exemplary life of giving and living for the sake of others, this dream will surely come true. Especially as we are in this time of great transition in the providence, I ask that you bear this in mind and engrave in your hearts that we must become one with True Parents.

Our resolution for the victory of Foundation Day

Respected peace-loving leaders and beloved members of the Unification family, True Father in the spirit world, is always with us. Existing without corporeal form, he is at our side, and will never leave us even for a moment. What do you think he desires from us at this time? It is to march forward without pausing. God’s providence will continue until all people are centered on True Parents, and a culture of heart takes root overflowing with love and peace, thereby establishing a new order. Let us advance further based on the victory of Foundation Day. The hope it brings is so great that it will continue far into the future, so let us instill this great hope in the world and offer great glory to Heaven and True Parents.

Beloved members, I shall be faithful to True Father’s life and tradition. He set the example for us and led by example his entire life, doing his absolute best to achieve victory in the providence. The requests I have conveyed to you today are True Father’s last words as he was departing for the spirit world. I sincerely pray that you will engrave them deeply in your heart and that you will all become victorious.

I pray that God’s blessings and love will be forever with you, your families, and your nations.

Thank you very much.

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