Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 07

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 1: The Principles of True Peace
Speech 2: God’s Hope for Humanity, Pg 34-36

Human beings are God incarnate

If there is a God of love, life, and ideals, and that God does not manifest all these qualities in human beings as His object partners, then God has defeated the very purpose of creating. God either projected God’s own full value in the object of creation or created nothing at all. God is the subject partner to human beings, and we are the object partners to God. An object partner is the full reflection of the subject partner. So we are the visible form of God, and God is our invisible form. Subject and object partners are one in essence. God and human beings are one. Human beings are God incarnate. Otherwise, we would not be able to reflect God’s full image. God could not realize joy, the purpose of the creation. When we as object partners are not perfect as God is perfect, we cannot reflect the full love, life, and ideal of God. So human beings, the object partners of God, are as important in value as God

If I made excited gestures and shouted to an empty auditorium, I am sure that anyone who saw me would wonder, “Is that man crazy?” Although if there were someone listening and responding, some object partner there to receive my words, even one small child in front of me, and I poured out my heart and soul to that person, then I would be considered normal. The sole difference is the presence of a person as an object partner.

What I am trying to illustrate is the value of an object partner. As we are the object partners to God, we are placed in a position equal to God. Thus, people share the same value as God and are just as important as God. Even though God is most high, and noble and mighty, God too has to have an object partner. Otherwise, God feels no joy. Joy comes when you receive stimulation from the object partner. Not even God can be joyful alone. Please realize that God created us and the universe for joy. However, God’s joy remains dormant until God gives and receives with an object partner.

Until now, through Christianity, we placed God so high up in heaven and pushed people so low in hell that there has been an unbridgeable gap between us. A wide and raging river has separated us from God. We do not dare to reach out to God as a living reality. We have been unable to realize that God is so close, so real, and so approachable that we can even dwell with God. We are supposed to be the living temples of God. Yet conventional Christianity has been unable to make that a reality.

No matter how wealthy and famous you may be, unless you have someone with whom to give and receive so that you can share your joy, your sorrow, your opinions, and your ideals, you are just a poor person.

We feel joy and sadness because God’s heart can feel joy and sadness. Not until this time in history did we ever believe that God could feel sorrow. And God can feel excitement and indignation, just as we can. We, the object partners of God, have this ability to experience emotion because our subject partner, God, has the same capacity for emotion. God is the first personality, and human personality comes from God. How then can we become true object partners to God? By our efforts and hard work alone? No. There is but one way to come together in oneness with God. That way is through love, through oneness in love with God.

Let me illustrate. Suppose there is a famous man. Opposite him is a woman who is unassuming and meek and without beauty or education. However, once this great man and this humble woman establish a circuit of giving and receiving in love, she will immediately achieve his level of prestige. Let’s say the man’s name is Jones and he falls in love with this woman and marries her. She then becomes Mrs. Jones and returns his love with all her heart. Whatever power, authority, and prestige Mr. Jones enjoys, Mrs. Jones would share in every respect. Now, what does this teach us? Once we have a relationship of love with God and become one with God, our value increases instantly to the level of God’s value. And love such as this is everlasting, unchanging, and unique.

The alpha and the omega

Now is the time when we have to fulfill this fundamental relationship between God and humankind. The subject and object partners must be one just as cause and effect are one. Therefore, the Bible says, “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.” (Rev. 22:13) Within God, two are one. God is the beginning, and we are the end. He is the first, and we are the last. And the relationship between God and humankind is a circuit because the beginning and the end come together in oneness.

Peace, happiness, and joy are the fruits of harmony in love. Therefore, in God’s ideal of creation, the relationship between God and human beings was planned to be one of harmony in love, harmony in life, and harmony in ideal.

Thus we know that God is the subject partner, and we are the object partners. We also know that the object partner is just as important as the subject partner. We now want to know precisely what our position as God’s object partner means.

When God created human beings, God gave us wisdom and ambition. Wisdom gives us the power to compare, and ambition gives us the power to strive for the best. If there are two choices before us, A and B, we will automatically compare them to determine which is better. Our human desire leads us to choose, and our ambition does not let us rest until we have attained ultimate fulfillment.

Let me make another analogy. Let’s say there is a most handsome man and most beautiful woman. They are not only attractive but also all-powerful and all-wise. You would be anxious to have some kind of personal relationship with this great man and woman. What would you want it to be? Would you like to be their servant? No, in your heart, you know there is a position better than that of servant. Would you like to be their friend? No, you would still not be happy. Would you like to be their adopted child? Will this position bring you complete happiness? No, I don’t think so. You would still crave a closer position. There is one relationship beyond which there is nothing more intimate. That is to become a true son or daughter of this man and woman. With this relationship, you will have reached the ultimate fulfillment, and you cannot desire anything more.

Why, then, do we want to become true sons and daughters? It is because that is the position in which we receive this man and woman’s love most fully. There is no closer or deeper relationship in human society than that between the parents and children. Once you have your parents’ love, you possess everything they have. Every joy of the father, all the power of the mother, all their skill, wisdom, ambition, and desire will be yours. In receiving the love of a father and mother, there is no procedure; there is no paperwork or ceremony necessary to grant those things to their son and daughter. The parents and children are automatically one. This principle applies throughout humankind, and it applies between God and us.

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