Mother of Peace: Episode 70

Mother of Peace: And God Shall Wipe Away All Tears from Their Eyes
A Memoir by Hak Ja Han Moon
Chapter 11: The Restoration Of Canaan In Heaven And On Earth, pg 341-347

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“We held two Blessings in South Africa this year alone,” said Prophet Radebe. “In June, during a national Blessing Ceremony attended by more than 60,000 people, True Mother offered a prayer to liberate the young people who sacrificed their lives to fight against suppression and injustice. Following this, on December 7 at the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg, we held a Blessing Ceremony for 200,000 on the continental scale, and proclaimed Heavenly Africa. Africa is now a God-centered Africa.”

Bishop Noel Jones then testified, “True Mother has given a special vision, not only to the American clergy but to all of us. Who can realize such a profound vision?”

On this foundation, I delivered my message. “Christians should not have put their focus only on the Second Coming of Christ but also on his bride, the only begotten Daughter. Heaven chose the Korean people at this historical time and brought forth not just the birth of Father Moon in 1920 but the birth of Mother Moon, the only begotten Daughter, in 1943. We must know that the Blessing officiated today by the only begotten Daughter, True Mother, is humanity’s long-awaited dream of 6,000 years and the wish of our Heavenly Parent.” As I uttered those words, I wept. The hearts of all those in attendance felt those tears.

At that event, many members of the clergy discarded their preconceived notions of our movement. I believe that Heaven can accept this one minister’s words to represent all Christianity: “Through this event, I’ve found that the rumors about the Unification Church are far from the truth. I realize that I have blocked my eyes and ears to the truth of this group, having heard it was a ‘cult’ or ‘heretical.’ But when I listened to the introduction to the Family Federation, I received the powerful inspiration that without Heaven’s guidance Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon could not have carried out such miraculous work.”

Others shared similar words:

“Now my religious views have changed; I feel like a newborn Christian.”

“Why did I oppose them? I regret opposing them without truly knowing who they are.”

“I have been touched. I know that the Unification movement is doing the work of God, and from now on I will sincerely help in their activities.”

“I was moved by the realization that Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon is the only begotten Daughter, and the promise to build the pure Garden of Eden through the principles of true family.”

My husband, Father Moon, and I love America with our whole hearts and we live for its salvation. This love enabled us to endure years of criticism and persecution, including Father Moon’s very unfair imprisonment, and offer it all for the sake of Heavenly Parent and humankind.

* * *

After True Father’s Holy Ascension in 2012, I took upon myself a great responsibility. God led me through difficult circumstances and painful trials. I have now completed the seven-year course seeking the restoration of nations to God’s embrace. The final 40-day course, at the end of 2019, was a path through a wilderness, uncharted in heaven and on earth. My objective was to settle God’s kingdom of Cheon Il Guk in the worldwide Canaan. This path of restoration history was completed at the Vision 2020 Global Summit in Korea, February 2020, which was a beacon of hope lit on the eve of a global transformation. 

Giving birth to the Heavenly World

Over the decades, I have kept a particular photograph close to my heart. When I close my eyes, I can clearly see it. It is of a woman, with a little girl on her back, holding the Korean flag. It was taken in the market of Anju, my hometown. The woman’s face is flush with desperation, and it looks as if she wants to grab onto someone and plead her difficult situation

The image is of my maternal grandmother, Jo Won-mo, carrying her daughter—my mother Hong Soon-ae—on her back, as she took part in the independence movement on the first day of March in 1919. My maternal uncle used to tell me stories as we looked at that photo. Unfortunately, we did not bring it with us when we fled the North. It is probably safe, somewhere in my hometown.

And there was a very similar photograph of grandmother Jo waving the Korean flag. But this one was taken August 15, 1945, and in that photo it is me she is carrying on her back. This time, her face is filled with joy, and she looks ready to embrace everyone she meets. Her expressions in those two photos contrast the sorrow of losing one’s nation with the joy of gaining it back. Our sorrow over having lost God’s world is soon to transform into the joy of gaining it back. 

* * * 

From the moment I could understand speech, my maternal grandmother told me, “God is your Father.” Her words formed the core of my faith. They set me on the course I had to walk. My husband, Father Sun Myung Moon, and I have lived our whole lives for the liberation of God’s homeland. We have nothing to be ashamed of, nothing to hide. I have never looked back, nor to the left or the right; I have only looked at the path ahead. I never became attached to my circumstances. Night or day, there has never been a moment that I did not keep Heavenly Parent with me. In the Kremlin, we said to the leaders that they should remove the statues of Lenin and accept God. In the presidential residence in North Korea, we spoke out. On that foundation, President Mikhail Gorbachev and Chairman Kim Il Sung opened their hearts. We never wavered for the sake of the liberation of God’s homeland. Whenever crises arose, Heavenly Parent guided us with pillars of fire and cloud.

Standing before True Father’s holy body in 2012, I promised in tears, “By the end of my days, I will absolutely bring about the settlement of Cheon Il Guk on this earth!” Whenever the opportunity arises, I repeat these words. After True Father’s ascension, I set forth like a female Don Quixote spreading our teachings and embracing the world. I have lived every day with my promise to Father Moon in mind. 

* * *

The Republic of Korea did not honor True Father at his Seonghwa Ceremony. That is why I publicly committed to restore seven nations by 2020 and open the new Cheon Il Guk as a gift to True Father. With that accomplished, the providential opportunity has returned to Korea. The call of the Pacific hyojeong culture of giving and giving again must take root and show visible fruit in this nation. This door will not remain open forever.

In 2018 on New Year’s Eve, members from all over Korea gathered at the Cheongshim Peace World Center to pray for the Settlement of the Era of a Unified Heavenly Korea. From the evening until the small hours in the morning of the new year, 2019, we beseeched God in tears to restore the Korean nation and liberate our Heavenly Parent’s homeland.

That winter and spring I addressed five Rallies of Hope in South Korea. In Seoul, 100,000 people attended. We promoted the unification of North and South Korea under the theme, “Inherit Heavenly Fortune, Bring National Unity.” We also held a rally in honor of the United Nations troops that came to Korea’s aid during the Korean War. In Chungcheong Province, our rally was themed, “The 100th Anniversary of the March First Movement and the Movement for Peace between Korea and Japan.” In Gyeongsang Province, we held a “Rally for Town and Community Leaders,” and in the Honam region, the rally theme was, “New Life Centering on True Mother and the Settlement of the Era of the Pacific Civilization.”

In Gangjin County, there were villages that had not heard the cries of new babies for many years. It is like that in all farming areas in Korea, because young women have moved to the cities. We held the “Gangjin County Rally of Hope for Childbirth and True Families” and conducted the Blessing Ceremony in three villages. The whole of Gangjin County was filled with a festive atmosphere. I sent holy robes that I had treasured as a gift to a slightly older couple that had been one of the representative couples during one of the Blessing Ceremonies. I later received a note of thanks: After wearing the robes, they had given birth—to twins! Amazingly, three couples that attended those Blessing Ceremonies gave birth to twins. In addition, as if caught up in the spirit, a local farmer’s cow gave birth to twin calves.

The governor of the area sent a video of himself bowing to express his thanks. He said that Korea is on a demographic cliff—there have been too few marriages and births, and now the workforce is shrinking. He said that the Family Federation’s Blessing Ceremony is the path of true patriotism, for only it can save the nation.

* * *

Sometimes I ask myself, “What will save the world for the sake of our Heavenly Parent?” Korea is not alone on the demographic cliff. Japan, China, Europe, Russia—the birthrate is in decline in many countries. The only solution is to bring joy through the Blessing of marriages in harmony with Heavenly Parent. The Blessing will bring peace within ourselves, within our families and communities, nation and world, heaven and earth—Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community.

One hundred years ago, for the liberation of her homeland, my maternal grandmother waved the Korean flag that she had hidden in her bosom. Now, for the liberation of our global family’s homeland, we must raise the Heavenly Parent flag that we have hidden in our bosom. Just like her, we must passionately live for God’s kingdom of Cheon Il Guk.

The dawn of a new history is growing brighter. Through the manifestation of the only begotten Daughter in the providence of restoration, humanity has new hope. We are completing heaven’s providence, reaching our global village with the message of the Mother of peace. Vision 2020 brought us to the mountain top. Now let us greet the rising sun with all our hearts. Let us advance together into the bright, new, hopeful era of the settlement of God’s kingdom, Cheon Il Guk.

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