God’s Will and the Ocean: Episode 98

God’s Will and the Ocean
Excerpts from Published Speeches, page 324-326

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Look at how dark my skin is. I did not lie in the sun on a relaxing vacation. I am fighting on the ocean and enduring every day, leading Ocean Church. There has been no master, no caretaker of the ocean; no hope in the ocean. I want to harness the ocean and bring young people to the ocean so that its resources can be harvested. The ocean has been abandoned. Look at what is happening in South America, in Central America. All the countries there have become isolated, with the ocean being given away.

Look at the American seashores, east, west and south. Those sea coast towns and ocean ports have become desolate ghost towns. All have been given away to the refugees from South America with many becoming routes of Communist infiltration. Those people are harnessing the resources from the ocean. They use them as a staging area for drugs as, for example, with the Mafia who use those ports to bring in drugs that are corrupting American youth. The Coast Guard and police alone become helpless unless each citizen is willing to participate in a great crusade in order to prevent America from being turned over to communism. Somebody must defend this country. No one is really doing it; no one is risking their life to do it. While I am doing it, the local governments persecute me instead of helping me. No tuna fishing season is a fun time, but a war time. I knew the experience of catching a giant tuna would be one that members could not forget for the rest of their lives. Everybody is looking for an opportunity to fish for tuna; they look forward to it, hoping I will invite them again. In order to make American young people pay attention to the ocean, I studied how tuna fishing could be made more interesting and exciting. I am a champion of tuna fishing around the world. I discovered the "Reverend Moon" system. People observed my way of doing it and now they try to imitate me. In fact, one fishing shop sells "Moonie" fishing gear. Whatever I use, they want to buy. Everybody is following me.

Usually, during the tuna season, rich people would go out at ten in the morning and come back at two or three in the afternoon. I changed that tradition; I left at two in the morning and came back at ten at night. Now, everybody who fishes for tuna in Provincetown knows that when the tuna season comes, they have to get up at two in the morning. No one can deny that Reverend Moon is the pace setter.

You think fishing is where you spend hours and hours doing nothing. No, you must always be alert. It is a master technique which I cannot explain (you must experience it). It's the black belt technique. For example, when a fish is coming, I know without looking directly at the fish, that the fish is ready to bite. There is a teasing game; if you pull in too wildly, you lose the moment. You just need to pull, pull a little bit, then the fish is so interested, coming at you and ready to bite. At that moment, you pull hard, double level, second level, two levels pulling. Who knows such things? Who even bothers to figure out such timing? I am researching and studying all things. You have to go through certain levels of instruction: level one, two, three-even more levels to go. If it's raining, do you think we should stop and go back? Mother always thinks that I should come back a little early, that it's not good for my health to stay out so late. However, I must go on; I must finish! I am just intoxicated in teaching the members. I have to study more. How can I come in early? The future economy of the world, the food problem of the world, the survival of mankind will be solved by the ocean. This time of study can determine the future life or death of mankind.

In the future seafood industry, Reverend Moon and his determination, his world view and ideology of fishing will go on. When I am suntanned to an incredible degree, is it a shame or pride? By doing the most incredible work for the sake of humanity and the future of this country, I am going to develop a way of catching different species of fish. Each fish requires special treatment and a special secret to catch it. I develop techniques and at the same time, I can teach those techniques. When you apply those techniques, you become an economically viable fisherman. Then, you will think about moving into higher level fishing.

This nation of America is God's blessed nation. Abundant material blessing has been given, but this belongs to God. We are the custodians or stewards of this property. No matter what, we have to do it. Organize! We have to win over all the God-given blessings. I laid the foundation. I will set the tradition in America. If you succeed in following that tradition, you can inherit the rest of the world. That is what you will do.

This is a new chapter, a new era, a new history. You are the master of this new history. In order to do that, you must have determination. Without that determination, you will not even get near it. With the determination to give up your life, you can separate yourself from Satan; Satan will have no business with you anymore. Don't try to survive. Go to the land of death. That means that God will take your sacrifice, and God will never let you die. That is the Principle. That is my life exactly! I have always been ready to die. This tradition goes down from me to you, from you to all others. As long as you are alive, as long as you are breathing, you cannot complain because you have already made that resolution; you are ready to die, but you have not died yet. You can say, "I am still alive! I have to go on, more and more. I am not yet dying, that means I can still go further. Thank God!"

My leg is not just muscle, it is always swollen for some reason. Even with the overuse of my legs from standing on the deck so long, I say, "Thank God! I have not yet died; I am still breathing. God, I can go on." One night there was an accident and I collapsed in the bathroom. Mother does not know, but I fainted. I got up and the first words I spoke were, "Thank God, I have not died. I can go on and on and on." That is the kind of tradition I laid in the Unification Church. How can we complain? If we disregard this tradition, America will become a very dismal and tragic country. When you inherit this tradition, America will be glorious and prosperous. Everlasting blessings will come if you inherit this.

Leaders' Conference
June 27, 1983

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