God’s Will and the Ocean: Episode 92

God’s Will and the Ocean
Excerpts from Published Speeches, page 303-306

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You should not just know these things, but take up the responsibility for them. Even more than I, you have got to go and awaken these people and turn this nation back to God. I am determined to train young people to become responsible for this country. For example, I am now training the seminarians; they are making a new fishing net now, and I have had them fishing in the icy water of the Hudson River to see what kind of young men and women they are. They are not making nets and fishing for the sake of making money, but to build their own iron will and to become determined young leaders who cannot be stopped by anything.

I do not only deliver sermons to you. When I get down to action, I can do anything, and do it better than anyone. Those seminarians are really rediscovering me, finding out that I do not just have theories, but that I have the kind of knowledge which can only come from experience. I have studied fishing and designed several patented tools for fishing. For instance, sometimes the hook gets caught in the fish's mouth, and the fishermen have an awful time getting the hook out. I have invented a small tool to push the barb through and get the hook out easily.

One member saw me cutting the metal to make this tool myself, and he said, "Father, why do you work so hard? Why don't you just go to a tackle shop and buy one?" I told him, "America doesn't have such a tool; if I could buy this kind of tool, then why should I make it?" I invented a new net at Barrytown, one you have never seen. It is a one-way-street net and once the fish goes into the net, there is no way it can turn around.

Yesterday, I had an appointment with the Belvedere people, but I had a new inspiration for the net and got caught up in directing the seminarians about how to make it. We worked very hard all night, and I could not get there on time.

Twenty-third Anniversary of the Unification Church
May 1,1977

I frequently go out to sea because the future economy of the world will depend upon the vast resources of the sea. The future will belong to the person who pays more attention to the oceans of the world. In addition, many people throughout history have died at sea in war or tragic accidents, and I want to comfort those people and pay indemnity for them. Sometimes, when I hear that a dangerous storm is coming, I purposely go out to sea.

Many people think I go out only for pleasure, but going out in such weather is a desperate battle, not a pleasure. I must do these things to liberate the many people who died under such circumstances. In 1975, I had a special ceremony at sea with Mother and one of our daughters, for the sake of people who died at sea. Even my own captain did not know what kind of ceremony was being held at that time.

Things That Belong to God and to Man
May 15,1977

In leading the fishing expeditions at Barrytown, where many hundreds of carp were caught, I thought very much about the universal principle of creation being killed to become food for man. Six big turtles lost their home as we dredged the Barrytown lake to accommodate more carp. I felt sorry for them and had them put in the Hudson River, thinking, "You turtles go and live in the wide world."

When I go fishing, I send the first fish back to its home. Even a lowly creature like a carp appreciates love, and when someone appreciates their purpose for being what they are, they even want to die for that person. In that sense, the carp are not a sacrifice as they give themselves for the person who loves them. This was God's idea for creation. By being loved and appreciated by the Unification Church members, all these creatures will be thankful and proud of living and dying for the purpose for which they were created.

Love is supreme. Living for love and dying in love always brings happiness. When the moment of your death comes, you will be smiling as you think about your love, and it will be your joy at that moment to be embraced by the one you love.

Suppose someone said, "I understand that Reverend Moon caught a lot of carp in the Hudson River. I'm sure those fish just curse him as they die." How would you answer? Before hearing my explanation, I'm sure you would have been confused, but now you know how carp have a perfected life if they can die for the sake of God's purpose, becoming the flesh and blood of God-centered people. Is there any more precious cause carp could pursue? There is a difference of heaven and earth in your actions, depending on how you are motivated.

This principle applies the same way both to a carp and to a man. The ultimate question we have to ask ourselves then is, "Am I ready to die for the love of God?" What is your answer? If your answer is "yes", then your death is not death. Your flesh and your spirit become the spirit and flesh of all mankind and of all the universe. When you center your life on a higher level, you will live for eternity.

Let Us Thank God
May 29,1977

Yesterday, I saw a member who has a Masters degree scrubbing the floors in the Manhattan Center. Do you hate to do such jobs, or do you do any work with appreciation? I am never ashamed of anything I am doing. At Barrytown, I taught the students how to make fishing nets. Even our professors were amazed. At that time, a theologian's conference was going on and the visiting scholars never expected to see me at Barrytown. They sneaked in to take a look at what I was doing with the students and were amazed and impressed to see me doing such humble, menial work. You have no excuses to make to me because I have done everything before you, even the most humble labor.

God Depends on Us Alone
June 1, 1977

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