God’s Will and the Ocean: Episode 85

God’s Will and the Ocean
True Father Speaks on: “The Heart and Spirit of Fishing,” page 278-281
July 3, 1986, Morning Garden
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The Kind of Men and Women We Must Become

Even when I went to Danbury, I was not defeated by this country, but fought against the injustice. When I came out, I was acknowledged for my fight. We need guts. We must stand tall and say, "No matter how fierce the wind blows, no matter how much the storm comes, I will stand here and never stop." Several years ago, there was a storm warning in Gloucester and the radio announcer told everyone to stay at home. Then, at 1:00 a.m., I said, "Let's go." The wind was blowing so hard that everyone knew the danger involved. In spite of that, I said, "March." And out into that storm we went.

I like that kind of man. Any kind of woman likes that kind of man. How about you? Do you like that kind of man? Or, do you just like a disco dancing man? What kind of man are you? Are you a Reverend Moon style of man? I am a very tough man. At the same time, I must follow the spiritual direction. Do you know what I mean? This is the kind of spirit we must have, saying, "Until I have finally closed my eyes, no one will open my fist. I will grab this way as strong as I can and never let go."

In general, the American people do not have a strong tradition, only 200 years of history. A small country like Korea has almost 5,000 years of history. This means you only have 1/25 of the time on earth as Korea. In comparison, you have very little tradition. Americans tend to follow the wind. If it blows east, you go east. If it blows west, you go west. For example, because you lack tradition here, men are saying, "Well, I don't need women. I will just live with other men." The women are saying, "We don't need men either, we will just love each other." If this kind of phenomena continues for another century, the American people will simply disappear.

Think about it. Maybe the Black people and the native Indian people are saying, "Well, you White people just keep on going like that. In another hundred years, we can have our country back; we can take care of this nation without you." ITs really a shameful thing. Young people in this nation do not have the concept of shame. They think that free sex is just natural, but Moonies must be different from these kinds of people, not just in quantity, but in quality. Your quality must be such that even if someone wanted to trade the entire population of America, 240 million people, for your spiritual life, you would not be swayed by that.

If there are two types of people living together, the stronger of the two will survive. Whoever puts more effort into something will become the subject and whoever works less will become the object. For example, Japanese people work almost twenty-four hours a day and they work seven days a week. On the other hand, American people work only a few hours a day and just part of the week. Who will be the owner in the future? Who comes out ahead? The hard worker or the easy going worker? Yes, the hard worker.

That's why, when I came to America, I looked around and found who was working hard. I said, "If you are working ten hours a day, I will work twenty hours. If you take twenty years to lay the foundation, I will take only ten years." That was my determination and it remains my determination. Those who don't want to inherit that spirit from me can raise your hands. It's easy to hear and understand these words, but if you try to practice this and apply it in your daily life, you will turn your head from it and say, "I can't go on."

Here you are getting up at four o'clock in the morning and there is no light. I can hear you saying, "Oh, this Moonie tradition, I don't like it at all. There's too much to do all the time. This is a problem for me." No! This is a problem for ME! For me, that kind of person presents a problem. Our situation is that we are in a difficult world. As we progress, it gets more difficult. You think about our ideology. We can unify the world. That is our concept; that is our possibility. How will we do it? How difficult has it been for you? From now on it becomes even more difficult. This is our conclusion.

Early in the morning you think, "Oh, this is crazy to live like this. This is Oriental tradition, this is a Korean system. I don't like this!" I know this point. Do you think I am just a Korean guy? For forty years, since the end of World War II, I always took the different way. Even in Korea they said, "This is a crazy guy, something is wrong with his brain." I did everything the difficult way. Not even in Korea did they want to do it this way. This is not the Korean way, not the oriental way! Why were they against Reverend Moon in Korea? Why were they against me in Japan? Why were they against me in this country? Because this way of life is God's way. God knows what I have done. I have done everything the way that God instructed. God doesn't go the way of the handsome guy, the easy way. No! God's way is the most difficult way. I have always compared two ways and gone the more difficult one, no matter what.

Why? Because I am so concerned about how to make the shortest course possible. I want to go the distance in the quickest way. No one wants to go that kind of way. However, God insisted I go that way, so I have always gone that way. Now, the spiritual world and the Unification world have to go that way. This way is different from America's way of doing things. That is why the young Moonie doesn't like the Unification way of doing things. Your concepts make it difficult for you, not the way itself. Do you understand this point?

Who can represent the Unification way? You? Or you? I have always thought about the future, about the entire world. You never thought about that so much. Why do you cling to doing things the American way? You say, "Oh, America is the number one country, the leading nation of the world, the champion of the free world. We are the first in everything." And you wonder, "Why should we follow this Oriental system from Reverend Moon?" Either go this way or don't. The Bible says, "Be cold or hot." God doesn't like someone in between. Even Satan doesn't like that kind of person. How about you? You are hot to go this way? Hot water or hot Moonie? What are you? Those who consider yourselves different from the people I just described, raise your hands. What do you think of my response? Am I giving you a good smile or a suspicious smile? Make a new determination in yourself. With your stomach, with your guts make a new determination. This is why I came to speak to you today. It is my sole reason. Let me ask you one more time. Do you want to follow this way?

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