God’s Will and the Ocean: Episode 64

God’s Will and the Ocean
True Father Speaks on: Why We Have Ocean Training, page 208-210
July 2, 1984, Morning Garden

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The ocean is a very difficult place. Always follow all the safety procedures on your boat. It's important to know how to swim. If you don't, you must always wear a life jacket. You will see many different things on the ocean. Sometimes a huge whale will come by your boat and mess up your lines. You are students and you will have to learn all kinds of things this summer. You will learn about fishing, but you will also learn about life as well. Think about the future, about the past, about the people around you. Think about your life of faith and why you joined.

Don't be anxious. Take your time. Don't try to get a PhD while you are still in elementary school. Those who are PhD's may look at you "greenhorns" and think, "Oh, when are they going to have experience with things like me." We must understand that there are many unexplored areas in the ocean. We are going to discover things in the ocean that others never even dreamed about. Such things will come to pass. I am serious about developing a submarine which will explore deep underneath the water.

I am also extremely serious about building a marine college here in Gloucester. We bought the land to build that college, but the community became scared and cried out, "Oh, Reverend Moon is going to take over and exercise some kind of tyranny." Well, now they know that this just isn't true and they are beginning to accept us. Someday we will make the marine college come true. Imagine, America is such a developed country, a nation that honors God and is a first rate nation in the world. However, this beautiful house was closed to us for four years. They didn't allow one person to come in. They said, "The Catholic Church was okay, but the Unification Church—no!" Is there any other nation in the world that has freedom of religion like the United States? We had to fight back and claim our rights. We had to threaten to sue them in order to use the Gloucester property. They thought about it and realized in the long run that they were going to lose. Our motivation was not to fight, but we had to challenge such an unrighteous act.

Now we are to begin our training and this is a new era for the ocean. A new age is beginning. This is a truly historical happening in which you are now participating. Why? Because someday in the future, all the people in this area will know clearly about the Unification Church. And many of them will join. Don't you believe that? There will be millions and millions of people who will join from all around the world.

They will come here to this very port of Gloucester, to this very house in Gloucester where you were able to hear from me personally about the meaning of this training program. You, the class of 1984, just seventy-six members will be considered the "Pilgrim Fathers" of this new age. Now, you have responsibility for a Good Go boat all your own during this summer. In the future, people will have to be selected. Maybe only one out of one hundred thousand can be selected and only seventy or eighty people can come here and be allocated a Good Go boat. Today, you can train to be a captain for a boat without much competition. Those of you who came here and are already complaining about the long hours and hard work, raise up your hands and tell me, "I want to miss this chance to pioneer and be the forefather of Ocean Church." You are free to leave. If you have no vision of what it will be like ten years from now or twenty years from now, you can go. You must realize that this is a historical moment we are in.

Each year that I came fishing here, every single fishing day, I went to the boat, whether there was a storm or good weather. No matter how late we had gone to bed the night before and how early we had to rise, I went to the boat. But now, it is not as safe for me to go about freely. This is a reality that I have to contend with. I am making a firm stand against atheism, against communism and many of them would like to strike me down. It is difficult for me to be with you every day as I have done in the past ten years.

I expect you to be autonomous. You must become independent and pioneer your own way, especially this year. Otherwise, how will you become a self-supporting person? How will you support others on your way? Each and every one of you has to understand the meaning of this training period and live up to its standard during the next two months. If you experience how difficult it is to go out on a boat every day, think about my experience on the New Hope for the past ten years. Never once during any of those ten seasons, did I lay down and sleep on the boat. I put my entire will power and whole heart into this training. Every moment while I was on the boat, during the long tedious wait for the tuna, I was always praying to commit myself even more for the sake of God and mankind. That is what I want you to inherit here.
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