God’s Will and the Ocean: Episode 51

God’s Will and the Ocean
True Father Speaks on: The Ocean Church Foundation, page 160-164
June 10, 1983, Gloucester

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1: Witness to others (and create yourself) When you are witnessing to others you are also creating yourself. As you educate others, you are also educating yourself. Therefore, in order for you to reach your own perfection, you must raise others up along the way. If you bring 100 people and educate all of them, you become the person who can manage 100 people. You will grow and create yourself by that same amount. Membership is the foundation. From there you can raise funds for your programs and develop your programs. Without membership, you cannot do much of anything.

2: Teach the future plan clearly

Make this your motto, "Let us prosper together, you and I." You have to clearly teach the vision for the future and share it with your members.

3: Move towards the great promise of the fishing industry

I have already explained the tremendous potential and future of the fishing industry in America. You have to develop it at all costs.

4: Create the local support group

Create the five member group for each boat and form a committee organization that will guide the ocean related interests of your coastal city.


L: Create the sponsorship to restore your city

Find at least one good civic leader who will sponsor your committee and support it. Unless you create that kind of sponsorship you cannot give away the boats and let them be used for the public purpose. The restoration of such people, your mayor and local leaders, is very important for the restoration of your coastal cities.

2: Re-develop the coastal city itself

3: Educate those who follow

4: Bring Unification to your city

Prevent divisions in your city. Unite those who care about the future of your city. Especially prevent the use of your city as a port for illegal smuggling.

5: Education and Fishing business

One supports the other. Ocean Church members, you have to eat don't you? Your programs cannot be successful without economic support of some kind. You have to create that support. 


1: Import and Export

Study the relationships involved in import and export. You don't know much about this area, but it is very important.

2: Process factory

Study about process factories and the fish processing industry.

3: Other related industries

Learn about ocean related industries and equipment, such as net-making, tackle and fishing gear in general.

4: Research Institute

Ocean Church should develop a research institute. You have to use the boats, take them out and accomplish something with them. That is your foundation. Unless you follow this direction, you cannot fulfill my idea for your future. You really have to study the different ways of fishing, such as long-lining. Check into the kinds of baskets you have to use. Study the lines and hooks. You have to check and study and learn everything. Then improve the system.

Although I made the course for UTS graduates to go first to CARP, Ocean Church and then state leadership, those graduates who have special desire and ability can settle down in Ocean Church. This is how serious I am for the success of Ocean Church. I want the kind of member who is deeply interested in the ocean.

These are my specific instructions. I am serious about all these things and want you also to be serious with me. Use the boats for which you have been given responsibility. Go to sea. This is the only way you will make your foundation. I have given you my direct instructions, but you have to think about, find out and create ways to catch fish. You have to learn about long-lining, gill-netting, and all different kinds of fishing. You have to practice and find out.

If you are in Ocean Church, that must be your focus. If you come to Ocean Church, that is your primary concern and mission. Don't go the complicated way in life. If you have more than one mission, you have to put them in order of priority. Move quickly between two or more projects. Make sure, though, that you accomplish your major goal. I want to establish a clear tradition for the graduates of the PhD program. When they finish their studies, they should come and experience Ocean Church.

They can go to the local cities and meet the Mayor and civic leaders with the members. I am concerned that Ocean Church not only be a fishing project, but a religious movement as well. The PhD graduates have studied theology and can explain our ideas in a clear and precise manner. However, in order to become a true PhD in the spiritual sense, you have to go through many, many experiences. So, think of yourself as going through my own special school. This is my intensive course for the spiritual PhD.

I have a special PhD program for you. For everyone. You have to pass that program before you are qualified to be a church leader. You may have a PhD, but that is just external knowledge. You have to also learn internal knowledge. You at least have to pass through the ocean-going experience. This course doesn't just apply to you, but to anyone who wants to teach, lecture, or guide others in spiritual life. There are many graduate students in other church departments and they have important roles, but if necessary, I would take them out of their positions and put them in a boat. We should witness to professors in those areas and let them take on the responsibility.

I am sending many PhD students to work in New ERA while they are still studying, but the first one to graduate from the doctorate course is our example today. It's important to understand the core point. He should go to the local cities and witness with the members of the leaders of that city. Now, it should be clear that I want to make Tyler into a great person. He isn't such a tough kind of man, so he needs to go to the ocean. From now on he has to learn everything that the members already know.

However, he is worried because he also has to teach at UTS and he has responsibilities with New ERA. Why should he worry? Don't worry! It's simple. You know you have to go fishing this summer, so just go out. Don't be so complicated. Only ride on the boat, only catch the fish. That's all! Ocean Church is not so difficult. I myself have many responsibilities, so I understand how this brother feels, and I know how you feel when you receive so many detailed instructions. However, please use your time on the ocean. It is necessary. Otherwise, why would I do it myself? I am making a point to all these departments, such as New ERA and ICUS. I am making a point to the PhD graduates. The point is to focus on the present task and work really hard. 

I have many different and difficult situations to deal with right now. So, I'm worried about all these problems. I know your situation very well. The question is, how quickly can each of you be developed into real leaders. That's a real problem. Ocean Church, you have to encourage and advertise about the summer program. Then, many people will want to come for the summer program. The summer program is a core training program. If the Ocean Church members, if your own manpower cannot do it, then I will organize the sisters, woman power. At the same time, I am preparing and thinking about a boat run by computerized electronics. It isn't any problem. Physical power is not important. Dedication is important. You can make up for power in many ways. So, if you cannot accomplish it, I will find other members who will.

Some of the most famous fishermen in the world are Koreans. The Japanese are very good too, but they don't take many chances. Koreans love adventure. What ordinary people would never try, Koreans gladly do. Thus, the Korean fisherman has earned respect throughout the world today. Many fishermen are trained in Korea. They come from all over the world to be trained by Korean fishermen. Do you think you can do it? I am serious when I ask you this. I am not only asking about this summer. I am asking about your whole life. Can you do this with your whole heart? Can you do it? Will you do it? Your answer encourages me. Let us go forward. Let us pray.

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