God’s Will and the Ocean: Episode 45

God’s Will and the Ocean
True Father Speaks on: Why We Have an Ocean Church, page 139-144
September 5, 1982, East Garden

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Testing Ground for Future Leadership

Ocean Church and CARP are a testing ground. I am looking for future leaders here. When you prove yourselves, you will then have to take care of international things. No one else is doing this with the youth of the world. In Russia and Red China there are already newspapers which have criticized me, so I know that I am making an impact. I know that they are even afraid of me if that is their reaction. Do I look fearful to you? Then why do the Communists fear me? To you, I am like a father, but to them I am a fearless and relentless fighter.

I want to design a martial arts program which is so tough that when members go through it, they will beg to come to Ocean Church. Then, when they leave martial arts and arrive on the boats, I will request that the same program be taught on the boats! They will be so shocked and want to jump into the ocean, but there will be a welcoming guest there: the shark. The shark can take care of you very well. No problem. Then, what would you do? Would you jump in, or would you survive and really learn martial arts once and for all? That's the kind of training I want you to have in life.

Cuba is right around the corner. Ocean Church may have a confrontation with them. You may be harassed by them. You have to be prepared for that. In Japan, when we made a declaration against communism we also prepared thirty gun shops around the country. We gave them a direct message. "If you come out to fight we will defend ourselves." These guns are just air rifles, but they can at least stop someone if need be. We had to do at least that, otherwise the Communists would resort to violence.

Anyone can buy these rifles and have them in their homes. The Japanese government was really worried that open fighting would come about, but our goal is not to come out in violence. Our goal is to overcome the ideology of communism. However, people have to have self-defense if they are ever attacked. This makes the Communists think very hard. They didn't dare to come out in violence, not even one time. Finally, the police in Japan said, "Reverend Moon is a wise man. He made a great strategy to stop the Communists from street violence."

In the meantime, we have been making an ideological offensive against communism in every CARP campus. Communist theory has no comparison with Unification teaching. They tried to win on the Japanese college campuses by debating, but they lost to the point of humiliation. Our truth was so compelling and so clearly beyond theirs. Also, our Japanese members worked so much harder than they did. Finally, they could only resort to their own bottom line. They came at us with violence. They wanted to take to the streets and fight and intimidate us. Often they charged and attacked our CARP members. We stood up to that. We never wanted to attack first, but absolutely we defended against their attack. The Japanese CARP members studied the best Korean martial arts and they were ready to die. Many of them were attacked, but they defended themselves.

Don't you think that American CARP needs that? Wherever you go, communism is the same. If you aren't prepared they will attack you and hurt you. Don't wait until then to say, "Oh, we should have been ready." Then it's too late. Without a deep resolve, you cannot fight for the sake of God's will. This is what I am teaching the members. Look at us: only one theological school is teaching martial arts and that is our own theological school at Barrytown.

You cannot go on unless you realize that this is a life and death matter. The American government is pushing me down. Fine, let them try. The time will come when the senators and governors will convey their deepest apologies to me. I am going on in spite of everything they do to me. No matter what hits me, I go on and even grow larger and larger. This is true of the Unification Church. No matter what, it will never be crushed. Do you have that inner resolve? If so, the Unification Church will go on forever.

The Era of Video Education

This summer, the Blessing for 2,100 couples occurred. I want every couple to be a success, a champion for God. Should you follow me or ignore me? If you don't go this way, who will suffer? I am not going to be the one to suffer in the ultimate sense. However, you will suffer greatly if you don't fulfill. I know that so well and that is why I am so serious to instruct you about the Blessing. Anyone who doesn't take me seriously will end up following those who do. I am not a "maybe" person. There is no such thing with me. as "maybe so." I am the truth. You have to clearly know that.

In Madison Square Garden, there were more than 2,000 couples, more than 4,000 people walking upon the platform and dedicating themselves. These people were not brainwashed; they were intelligent and serious people. What can America think about me? They have to consider me more seriously; they have to consider us more seriously. Actually that battle is over. People can see so clearly that our ideal is truly great. Our marriages have a serious responsibility to uphold this ideal. When people watched the Madison Square Garden event they were deeply moved; they felt something great had happened. We can put that on tape and show it without sound. People can watch in silence. I think that will be more effective. Just by watching our marriage, people can understand what we are all about. You don't need to explain what is going on, if they are sensitive people. You Blessed couples should have a tape of this wedding in your Home Church home. You can show this tape to everyone in your area. They will watch and look at you very differently after that. You can become very popular and in demand. People will even want to pay you to see the video.

American people will view that tape and become so intoxicated that they will feel as if they are living in a dream. When they finish watching, they will wake up from that beautiful dream and they will become positive towards you. They will think, "What wonderful people these young Moonies are. They are the hope of the world." You should keep a video of your wedding at least for your own sake and for your children's sake.

Apart from theology, this is a great gift to America. Everyone who finds out that you are a Moonie will want to see the tape of your wedding. They will be so curious. Then, they will see you, your spouse and your family and when they see how you began they will have tears in their eyes. Their own families will be in such a state. You know, almost one half of American families are breaking apart. They will see your family and want to stay with you.

The Moonie couple will be the showcase of the model family. In front of every Moonie home should be a big flagpole with a flag twice the size of a normal American flag saying, "Moonie couple lives here." The pro-Moonie relatives will have a flagpole too saying, "Moonie relatives live here." Then, when people come to visit you, you can first show them your wedding tape. After they are completely intoxicated, they will just sit there. Then you can show them a six-hour tape with all the contents of Divine Principle.

People are so curious in Japan about what the Moonies are doing that they now pay to come to our video centers. Most of them are young people and intelligent college students. They know that the future is vital, so they want to study a new idea and see if it is connected to the future. We made over 1,200 tapes and these can be watched at any time. Every month, over 100 people are signing membership. I want this to increase ten-fold, so the Japanese members are making 12,000 tapes and showing them all day and night.

When this project first began, Mr. Furuta, who was then the president of Happy World said to me, "It's impossible and will cost millions of dollars." Then I said, "Do it!" Somehow they found a way to do it, and after trying it for one year, Mr. Furuta came back to me and said, "You were absolutely right and now we are gaining 100 members each month."

Ocean Church you have to realize how to do this. All you have to do is set the tradition. Once there is a foundation, anyone can inherit the way to success. CARP members, you should create video centers with an entire curriculum. Great teachers and artists will come to us and we will help them express their ideas on tape. We can get the highest quality people and create an entire curriculum from them; we can educate young people in America in every field...business and philosophy, music and religion; any field. 

Japan has shown the way. We will do this in America and then take it to Germany, England and all over the world. People can educate themselves in any area of their interest. The top scholars can teach any interested person directly. Even poor people can get a degree from a university. After taking a video course, they can go to the university and take an exam and earn their degree that way.

In order to do that, we have to create cable and broadcast television. Through satellite courses we can educate anyone in the world. Initially it may be hard to attract attention to this kind of education, but eventually people will line up to come. We can serve the entire world in this way. Thousands of people can earn their degrees this way, satellite degrees.

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