God’s Will and the Ocean: Episode 42

God’s Will and the Ocean
True Father Speaks on: Why We Have an Ocean Church, page 129-132
September 5, 1982, East Garden

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Why We Have an Ocean Church

September 5, 1982, East Garden

THOSE WHO do not wish to continue in the Ocean Church mission, please raise your hands. I would like to speak about the ocean providence today. Until June 1981, Master Marine built 150 boats, and when they finish building 300 of these, the factory can move to Alabama. Once it moves to Alabama, it will make small and major fishing vessels in the fiberglass division. In the future, boats up to 100 and 120 feet will be built, the basic plan being to create a boat that can take Alaskan waters. This boat would have the fundamental design for other boats that could fish in Southern or Eastern waters.

At the same time, we originally planned to create thirty OceanChurch centers along the coastline of the United States. Then, thirty major boats, each something like a "mothership," could have been sent to each center. In one year's time you should have gained enough experience to captain those boats. On October 1, 1980, I gathered all the members in Gloucester and gave the details of the vision of Ocean Church. Were you there? The original plan was for you to go to a major port and begin training young people. Each One Hope boat was to be used to interest young people in the vision of fishing and the ocean. If they were responsible, we could have even turned over the boat to them, a minimum of five young people per boat.

The initial stage or foundation was for each center to utilize and be responsible for ten boats. With five youths per boat, you should be training fifty young people by now and they could have been working with Ocean Church members. Our plan was not just for fishing, but to create a network of people with a vision for the ocean. The problem has been our understanding of Ocean Church. Why do we add the word "church" after "ocean"? Ocean Church is a church movement because it is founded upon and guided by a belief. That belief is a philosophy, meaning that our main concern is internal or spiritual. That is the essence of Ocean Church. The future is for those who develop their spirit; they are the ones who can truly take care of creation, of the world.

Basic Structure of the American Movement

I designed the basic route for the core of our movement who come through the Seminary at Barrytown. After graduation, they should first go to CARP and train on the campus. Then, automatically they should come to Ocean Church. That is the plan for educating the leadership of our movement: from UTS to CARP to Ocean Church. After that kind of well-rounded training, the seminarian should go on to state leadership. Every state must have that kind of leader.

Anyone who wants to qualify in the future for state leadership must first qualify for leadership in CARP and Ocean Church. The movement is growing beyond the level of the present state leadership. So far, no matter how clear and creative the directions were, they have not been digested and accepted. The message dwindled with each step, from the leadership to the members, until it no longer made sense when it got to the members. However, the leader who moves from CARP to Ocean Church and then to state leadership can understand and respond to my direction. They will be like a special task force, ready to respond and go whenever they hear new directions.

In the future, the Unification Church hierarchy, or means of leadership and direction, will be on the state level. It will not be a strict federal system, but more a state system. Each state will become a strong unit able to take care of its own situation and create its own direction. For example, there is a federal government in America, but each state has its own government as well. This is a source of strength for America. I would like to emulate that system in our movement. We will group together the states into regions of five states, which together would form one group. Therefore, we would have ten regions and each region would have its own director helping each state leader. All that would be needed then, would be a good connection between headquarters and the regions. The mission of headquarters should be small. There isn't so much needed by the central point, except to gather information from the local centers and be able to understand the whole picture. Then, headquarters can give general directions centered upon the work of each region. Each region would have an IW who would go to each state and see exactly what is going on, what is good, what needs changing, etc. They would report directly and only to headquarters. The IW should be connected with me and know about our tradition and way of life, as well as church administration. The mission of the IW is to go to each state so that the members are educated directly. In this way they can give guidance and counseling to all the members.

This is how a unified system can unfold across the country, even though each state takes the major burden of responsibility for itself. What shall our education center upon? Tradition. And what is that tradition? That tradition will include CARP tradition, Ocean Church tradition and state leadership tradition. We will educate members to become well-rounded and capable of taking care of others in any situation.

Why am I interested in that kind of organization? There are three categories into which people fit in this country: those who live inland; those who live on the coast; and those who are young, the next generation. The young generation includes high school and college students. Thus we need to have both a campus (CARP) and a high school (HARP) movement.

It's not possible to deal with those who are old-minded, who are so set in their way of life that they don't want to move and change. We have to pioneer a new world with young people who look to the future and are excited by adventure. Young people are the most creative and productive group in the world. However, there is division there. There are those who are serious and those who are turning to free sex, drugs and all kinds of self indulgence.

We are dedicated to creating young people who are morally clear. We have to clean them up and challenge them and channel their resources. That is CARP'S mission. From 1978 on, there was almost no focus on state level church activities. CARP members were pushed so hard to create a strong CARP movement. CARP members have many enemies who are strong and willing to face them. In almost every college in America there have been strong Communist and leftist groups actively at work for many years. I knew there would be angry confrontations. On many campuses the leftist and more violent organizations almost took over. It has been and continues to be a real problem. The members of CARP have to confront that and show a winning spirit over the ideology and tactics of communist-related groups on the college campus. In 1978, CARP was initiated in America, however, real activities on campus didn't begin until a year later. Before we set up our national network, we have to create a solid tradition of victory. The goal for CARP by the end of 1982 is to pioneer 300 campuses. I want to save your country. How about you? If we save America, the entire world can be saved. America is the microcosm and the world still looks to America and follows its example.

Since 1978, we have confronted many Communist groups on the campus and many of them have retreated. I am absolutely sure they can be won over. The first step is the university campus, for it is in the universities, where future leaders are being prepared, that one can begin to approach any nation. From America, the CARP movement will grow all around the world. I would really like to see CARP expand, especially in Germany. The greatest sight would be to see young people in CARP come together and break down the Berlin wall and re-unite the country in true peace. I would truly like to see this accomplished through what I call the "women's force." Women are the spearhead; when women move forward, the opposition cannot stand. That is vision. Can you understand?

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