God’s Will and the Ocean: Episode 23

God’s Will and the Ocean
True Father Speaks on: The Founding of Ocean Church, page 65-69
October 1, 1980, Morning Garden

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Expanding the Foundation

So far, we have only discussed the primary industry. What about the secondary industry such as boat equipment? This means lines, nets, engine parts, electronics and whatever the boat requires to fish successfully. There is a whole area of secondary industries to support the primary one. All this has to be researched. We also have to develop all these areas. The government has been concerned about the declining fishing industry, but they haven't been able to do so much. Once they see us moving ahead and really making substantial progress in this area, they will want to help us as well. This is one thing that America must do right away. If they don't do something about it, there will be trouble from such nations as Russia, Norway, Japan and others who want to fish in the 200 mile limit. They see that America is not utilizing these fishing areas and they desperately want to use them for their markets. Eventually, there will be no way to keep these boats out of American waters. If we are catching the fish, we can respond to the pressure by selling large quantities of fish to them at a good price. Since they won't have to travel all the distance to get the fish that they need, they will be happy to buy it, and America makes a good profit. There is nothing wrong with that.

However, if we don't catch the fish, they will keep coming in to fish and they will complain about not being able to feed their people. Their complaint against America will be right in that sense. However, with God's help, we shall go out and make this foundation. Then, great changes will occur in the fishing industry. We are not just thinking about it. It is all well underway, even as I am speaking to you. Once you get the feeling for the ocean, you will never want to give it up. That's the fastest way to get close to the heart of fishing. You have to just go out and do it. The tuna is the greatest of fish. The whale is actually much larger, but it is not a fish; it is entirely something else. But tuna is a fish, so we can say that it is the "king"of all fish.

In other parts of the world, we already have four long-range tuna boats in operation. These boats are fishing in Africa. They are about 150 feet long. Along with that, we are operating ten shrimp boats in South America. In their first year of operation they were able to regain their entire capital investment. Everyone down there is talking about us and calling it a miracle. And they are right.

Once you get accustomed to it, there is no reason why you should stick to the land. There is more opportunity on the ocean, more to be done and more to be made there than on the land. This is really the case. Would any of our wives leave because their husband stays out for six months? Or, would the husbands leave if their wives are out there? Nor will we be stuck with the fish if we bring them in, because we will have our own sales network. Likewise, the sales people won't be stuck if the fishermen come in and refuse to sell to them because they are Moonies. We will catch the fish, sell the fish and go on from there. First we need training.

We have members from all over the world. We can make branches in Germany, France, England, Japan and all over the world. We can process the fish so that it is really fresh and of good quality. Americans don't like herring and its price is always at the bottom. However, in Germany the price begins at $1.00 per pound because they really like that species.

To produce 300 boats in one year is no small operation. It is likely that the Mako company doesn't produce that many boats in one year. In the future, if one of you is an enterprising person, you can open up your own branch boat building company. There is nothing to it.

You start from the mold. Once you have the mold, you buy some fiberglass and resin and you apply it until you have the proper thickness. That becomes your hull. Then you have the deck. This is the same procedure. Finally, you assemble it together. It's not that difficult if you are quick to learn things.

Your church mission is one thing and you can be anything, CARP leader or state leader, while your business can be something else. So, why not build boats, or fish the trawler, or sell fish by van? Why not? If your state leader understands this, they will move the state center from the middle of the state to the seashore.

How good a fishing boat is the Good Go? It is really very good. The number one fisherman amongst the members this year was Gerhard and he had One Hope 2. It's a pretty good boat. It's our first boat and he drove it. At first, Gerhard didn't think we were capable of building such a beautiful and strong boat. It's beautiful like a woman, isn't it? The difference between the One Hope boat and other boats is like night and day.

Gerhard Peemoeller's Testimony of the One Hope Boat

"This boat is very special. Father is the true man and this boat is very much like Father. I call this boat the ’messiah' boat. It is really like the true boat. When I saw the boat go in the water, I was very surprised. I first drove the boat at night time; I couldn't believe how well it handled. Compared to the Mako, which is a similar size, this boat is much more stable in the water.

"This boat is something else. When you are out on the ocean and the waves are coming to a small boat, you really hit into that wave and it's quite rough. But this boat is amazing. It goes into the wave and cuts into the wave. The water splashes way out away from the boat. It almost doesn't hit into the wave at all, but just cuts smooth and soft through it. This boat is about 2,000 pounds heavier than the Mako. That means it is 2,000 pounds more stable and solid. Considering that, and then knowing it has the same engine as the Mako has and yet doesn't burn any more fuel than the Mako, makes you wonder what the secret is.

"Even though this boat is twice as heavy as the Mako and has the same engine, it doesn't burn twice as much gas. It burns a little bit more, but not so much. It is almost the same. There is something special about this boat; the way it is designed has a certain impact. On or out of the water, people look at it and they really know it is a very remarkable boat. Driving the boat in water is a wonderful experience. It is much more stable than anything comparable.

"This boat cannot be compared to any other boat in its class and size right now. It's stable in the water. Anyone who has ever been out in the water in a Mako or something comparable can immediately find out the difference. The entire boat itself, how it is designed and how it fits together is just a total experience. Many fishermen have been coming around and looking at it and asking if they could buy it. These boats could be sold so easily. It is really the ’true’ boat."

When I hear Gerhard talk about the One Hope boat, it reminds me of the expression, "love at first sight." Once you see this boat you will understand this. Especially when it is running, it presents such a beautiful profile. There is no question as to what a beautiful boat it is. Imagine, this fiberglass boat will last and last. No boat has lasted long enough. In the future, the lower the number is, the more valuable it will be. One Hope 4 or 10 will be far more valuable than One Hope 3,000. So, if you take good care of your boat, in forty or fifty years it will be extremely valuable. It will be the pride of your entire state.

People will look at this boat and you won't have to tell them to believe in the Unification Church. They will just believe it by themselves. Do you understand how that could happen? Every house would want to buy one of these boats. Living in a house that has such a boat will be more prideful than living in any mansion. You should sleep and live right on the boat, and create a wonderful history for it.

Every Unification family should buy one of these boats. That is how historical and precious they are. Those who want to own a boat like that, raise your hands. If you are persuaded simply by my talking to you and Gerhard's introduction of it, then wait until you see it with your own eyes. Wait until we produce everything, the boat, the trailer, the van, the engines, everything with our own hands. Do you believe it? Those who feel really excited by the whole idea and want to go into it with all your effort, raise your hands.

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