God’s Will and the Ocean: Episode 08

God’s Will and the Ocean
True Father Speaks on: The Founding of Ocean Church, page 19-21
October 1, 1980, Morning Garden

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God created in such a scientific way; God is really the greatest scientist. Look at water. When water starts freezing, it also expands. Look at the pine seed that lies within the hard shell protecting it. The shell also has some moisture and when it becomes cold and freezes, this causes it to expand until after several times, it finally cracks. Likewise, you Unification members have to be very strong, very tight and in one piece. Then, you have to go and confront communism, or what we can call, "winterism." And then, your outer shell will crack open and you will start growing. Finally, when spring really comes, you will start to grow and you will be able to meet the springtime in full. You will be like the flower that can open fully and spread all its leaves and its glory. This is what we are looking towards.

Then starts an eternal blossoming of a new civilization, the springtime civilization. This may have been loosely explained, the reasoning may not have been so exact, but nature is not that difficult to see and understand. You can see the logic of the seed in nature, and if this was God's way of beginning things in nature, it was also to be God's original point of beginning the history of mankind.

Everything else was leading up to that point. When the original seed was lost, mankind had to go through a complete cycle again until the Second Advent could occur. This is the meaning of the Second Advent and from this, the eternal flourishing of mankind will begin. If communism is truly the winter civilization, it must precede the springtime civilization. Unificationism is that springtime civilization. It brings everything into oneness and harmony. For example, the hot weather of springtime is not too hot and the cold weather is not too cold. It is just like the temperature of the human being, thirty-five to thirty-eight degrees centigrade. In this temperature range, all the cells and life forms start to flourish. This is the Kingdom of Heaven or what we like to term, "The Ideal World." If you can understand this and give the correct image of it, you can give a full explanation of the entire human history—where it started and why, where it ends and how.

The Communists are typical of the cold weather. They will just storm against others, hit them and try to knock them down completely. But our way is to make peace everywhere and melt every-thing down, even the coldest ice. Even though everything melts, it will go on and on so that life will flourish.

That's idealism. Where should that idealism start? It must begin from man and woman. Unfortunately, in the original Garden of Eden, the original man and woman could not start the Ideal World. Isn't it wonderful and significant then, when we bow to the East? It reminds us of the original starting point for civilization, and denotes that man's destiny should be noble and eternal. East represents glory and North represents authority. The sun rises in the East, bringing glory to each day, and the North is the highest point, which is a point of honor and authority. When you bow in these directions, you are saying that man should have glory and authority.

Authority goes higher and higher, reaching for the highest point which is God. Glory moves from East to West, moving horizontally, so glory is always expanding. North is vertical and East is horizontal. These directions meet in man. However, the fall changed all these things. In the fall, man became one with woman, instead of woman becoming one with man. But now, we are going back and restoring the original positions, thus, the woman becomes one with man. When this happens, all the vertical and horizontal relationships can be restored. The husband and wife bow down together. That is the meaning of this.

Ideally, a couple bows down to Heaven and to each other. Then, the man sits down and the woman bows to the man. After that, they both sit down, side by side. In this, the woman is saying that she will not be a fallen Eve and the man is saying that he will not be a fallen Adam. Such is the meaning of the morning Pledge Service, especially in this way of bowing down. After that, all the children will come down and offer the same bow. The parents will sit in the parents position and receive their bow. In other words, the children express their relationship to their parents and to God. The children are saying that unlike Cain and Abel in the past, they are not going to be in conflict. Instead they will be in peace and harmony and will cooperate within the four-position foundation. When that is done, the whole family will come into unity and express their one heart.

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